Chaos Thorrdóttir's Thoughts on Their Spritiual Bloodline

Sometimes the drama llamas and misinformation I see on the internet regarding the Gods and relationships with them, just makes my head hurt. I thought it might be beneficial to just say a few things to many of the newer faces we have among us. (And well met you are!)

When it comes to connecting with Loki or any other deity, there’s 2 easy things you can do to start that relationship off.

1) set up an altar, interact and engage with it regularly. (Dusting/cleaning, putting things on it that remind you of the deity, place offerings on it, burn candles, etc.)

2) Pray. Prayer is communication, it includes just talking, it doesn’t necessarily have to be praise, or a plea for help. Though sometimes that is what it is. Remember, that just as in your daily lives you have friends, relations, classmates, coworkers, neighbors, team members, etc. You…

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