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You have an altar, you have a foundation, you’ve read lore, and you’ve made you’re first call. Thanks to the Lore, you’ve got and idea of the players, but polytheism isn’t like monotheism. There’s a lot of Gods and Goddesses, and it’s hard to remember who everyone is and what they rule over.

So here’s a handy dandy cheat sheet to help. It’s not complete either, but it will work. Wikipedia also has a fairly good section about the different gods and goddesses.

Aegir – God of the sea, the wind and waves.

Angrboda -The mother of Fenris the wolf, Jormagandr the worlds snake, and Hela the goddess of hell. A Jotun, rarely worshiped as a goddess.

Audhumla -The first cow, who came out of the ice and nourished Ymir, the frost giant.

Balder / Baldur -A god of light and beauty, son of Odin and Frigg/Frigga. Killed at some point in time (past or future) by his brother Hodr via a trick of Loki.

Bragi -God of poetry, wit and cunning, he was the son of Odin and Frigg.

Freyja / Freya -The Vanic Goddess of Sorcerery, fertility, beauty, sex, and war. She takes first pick of the fallen warriors and takes them to her hall Folkvangr.

Freyr -The Vanic God of Harvests, fertility, forests. Had a magic sword, but lost it in the pursuit of his wife Gerd.

Frigg -Odins wife and queen, she rules over Asgard with him. Her areas tend to be the home, magic, love, and knowledge.

Heimdall -The watcher god, guardian of the rainbow bridge. He was born of nine mothers. He can hear wool and grass grow a country over and see even further. One day he will blow his horn and it shall sound the start of Ragnarok.

Hela/Hel -Goddess of death and the underworld, she appears as a beautiful woman  who is half pale, and half blue/black. The daughter of Loki, Odin placed her as ruler of Helheim to keep watch over the dead who did not die in battle, and to punish those who went beyond dishonor.

Hermod -The messenger of the gods, and fastest of the Norse. He was Odin’s son and is associated with bravery and honour.

Hodur / Hothr -The god of winter and darkness who became blind, he was the son of Odin and Frigg. He kills Baldr via a trick of Loki.

Iduna / Idunn -Goddess of renewal and eternal youth, she was the keeper of the apples of youth.

Loki -The trickster god, blood brother of Odin, and a Jotun, he is associated with lies and trickery. One of his tricks kills Baldr, and eventually leads to Ragnarok.

Mimir -The guardian (possibly a Jotun) of the well of knowledge, associated with lakes and pools.

Mordgud -A Jotun Goddess who guards the bridge to the underworld, keeping the dead in and those who would steal them out. A Goddess to guardians.

Nanna -The consort of Balder.

Njord -The Vanic god of the sea, winds and fire. Married Skadi, but they divorced.

Norns -The three fates, the root of the Weird sisters. Verdandi, Skuld, and Urd.

Odin -Lord of the Aesir, god of wisdom, frenzy, poetry, magic, and kingship. Has two ravens, Hunin and Munin, through which he sees and knows all that go on in the Nine Worlds.

Ran -A sea goddess.

Sif -Wife of Thor the thunder god, an Aesir earth goddess associated with the harvest.

Skadi -Goddess of winter who was a Jotun that sought vengeance for her father. In the end she married Njordr, but being a Goddess of mountains, she couldn’t stand the sea, and He being an ocean God, couldn’t take the mountains, so they separated.

Skuld -A Norn sister who rules over the future.

Thor -Aesir god of thunder and storms, fertility, and protection. Carries mighty Mjolnir, which flighs like lightning.

Tyr -The one handed Aesir God of Justice, balance, and law. Lost his hand to Fenrir, who was his friend, when he helped the Aesir bind the wolf as it grew too dangerous.

Urd -A Norn sister who rules over the Past.

Vali -A son of Odin who killed Hodr for slaying Baldr. A god of vengeance.

Valkyries -The choosers of the slain men and women, who direct the course of battles. They answer to Odin.

Verdandi – A Norn sister who rules over the present.

Volund (Weyland/Weland/Wieland) -God of the smiths, shapeshifter, metalworking, and other crafting work.

Ymir -the First Jotun, from which all other Jotun are sprung. He was slain by Odin and his brothers, who then shaped the body to become Midgard.

These are not all of the Gods and Goddesess, not by far. But these and Wikipedia can get you started. Try speaking out to some of the lesser known Gods and Goddesses that you find on the Wikipedia list. You may have more luck attracting someone to talk to you faster. 🙂