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We’ve gotten you introduced to prayers and offerings, but how can you hear the Gods and Goddesses. Well, it can take a long time for you to open up enough spiritually to actually see and hear the Gods and Goddesses. Well, what do you do in the mean time.

Thankfully, Odin the God of Wisdom, saw too this need and gave our ancestors a very crucial tool called the Runes. Runes translates into Mysteries, and they certainly are that, but they are mysteries of Magic and Divinity. See the Runes allow for communication both between Mortal and God, but also between Mortals.

The Runes….are letters. Letters that have meaning beyond just just sound used for writing.

Found Online

Found Online

Those are the Twenty Four Runes of the Elder Futhark. There’s also the Sixteen of the Younger Futhark, and the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc which has something along the lines of 30 plus, depending on which all you count. I would recommend starting with the Elder, by you may find that one of the others suites you.

You can buy rune sets online for pretty cheap to rather expensive, depending on what you get them made out of. Or you can make your own, all you need is some wooden chips or disks, and either a wood burner or even some paint and clear nail polish to seal it.

The image above should be clear enough to let you see the names, but the meanings are blurred, so I’m posting this from another source I copied down that helped me to learn them all down below. Just go by the names and the image above to see which runes go with which.

The Elder Futhark, which follow is made up of three Aetts, or three sets of eight runes. The first Aett which is dedicated to Freya in some lore, and Frigga (Odin’s Wife) in other lore. Who the second Aett is dedicated tends to be under a bit of dispute, but I tend to side with Hel/Hela. The final Aett is generally given to Tyr as sacred.

These are the Aett of Freya/Frigga.

Fehu: Wealth, success, abundance, Increased income, happiness, Financial gain, possession

Uruz: Wild Bison, Strength, vitality, Good health, power, Healing

Thurisaz: Thor/Thorn, Will, resistance, defense, Breaking down boundaries, Force

Ansuz: Odin/Chieftain, Mind, voice within, signals, Inspiration, true vision, Self-knowledge

Raidho: Journey, Progress, Riding, The right way to proceed, Rationality, growth

Kenaz: Beacon, Creativity, awakening, Growth, opening, Illumination, self-knowledge

Gebo: Gift, Sharing, hospitality, Exchange of oaths, blessings, Personal relationships

Wunjo: Joy, Harmony, joy of life, Prosperity, well-being, Fellowship, self-worth

These are Hel’s Aett.

Hagalaz: Hail, Disruption, wild power, Change, storms, Uncontrolled forces

Nauthiz: Necessity, Constraint, resistance, Need, caution, delays, Conflict, Will to Overcome

Isa: Ice, Frozen in time, stasis, Concentration, standstill, Psychological blocks

Jera: Cycle/Harvest, Reward, gain, fruition, Fruitful season, plenty, Peace and happiness

Eihwaz: Yew Tree, Stability, patience, Perseverance, endurance, Personal power, initiation

Perthro: Vessel/Cup, Change, Hidden information, Truths, secrets

Algiz: Elk, Protection, Awakening, Shield, defense, higher life, Connection with the Gods

Sowilo: Sun, Good guidance, wholeness, Awareness, hope, goals achieved, Individual victory, honor

And finally, Tyr’s Aett.

Teiwaz: Tyr, Leadership, warrior, Balance, self-sacrifice, Logical thought, victory

Berkana: Birch Goddess, Growth, new beginnings, Renewal, spring, fertility, Birth and rebirth

Ehwaz: Horse, Balance, stability, Harmony, teamwork, Trust, loyalty

Mannaz: Mankind, Awareness, the self, knowledge, collective, conscience of humanity

Laguz: Water, Flow, emotions, Water, renewal, Life, energy

Ingwas: Earth God, Fertility, gestation, Internal growth, New life

Dagaz: Day/Dawn, Breakthrough, prosperity, Awakening, awareness, The power to change self

Othala: Property, Inherited property/possessions, aid in physical and spiritual journeys, Ancestral homeland.

This should get you started. I’ll be speaking more in depth about each Rune in the future. For now, learn to listen to them

A good way to use them is to draw between one and three runes, asking a particular God or Goddess you want to get to know what you should be mindful of. Set the runes down, look at their meanings, and then meditate upon what you think that means. Then as you go through your day, look out for things that the runes represent. It will help you to open up, and provide a very real communication for when you’re just starting out. 🙂