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voice of my ancestors


“To go to Hel” means to die. Hel is a place, and seen as a figure. In most instances, she is seen as female, but rarely also as neutral. While Oden’s Valkyries take the victorious slain-in-battle, Freyja another portion of the dead, Hel presides over the rest. She is envisioned as a crone-like woman, fierce and dreary with half her face made of flesh and the other half made of darkness. Sometimes she appears in artwork with half her face a skull.

Hel is the unseen, Hel is the dark feminine of the unknown. The realms primordial and mysterious, frightening and yet certain: death comes to all. Whereas Valhal is the place where warriors so certain and confident even in death go, Hel is the resting place for most mortals, it is thought.

For warriors and other mortals alike, death is a certainty, but the human flesh fears what it…

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