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So I hope every one had a good Easter. Hopefully, you all had a heathen one, but we shall not quible. I didn’t manage to do much spiritually that day, or religiously, but I spend some of it with family and with us, that’s part of it. Hel was with me, so at least one God got some attention that day. πŸ™‚

I do wish to apologize for the lack of updates, life got in the way again, but hopefully I will be able to get more of the Getting Started series out there for you folks as I write them. Easter would have been a wonderful chance, but alas. 😦

Anyways, since I took my Oath to Hel, I’ve been working on different things. A symbol of faith was made before the Oath, but I am finally going to show it to you all. Hel likes to garden, and for me her holy symbols are derived from flowers (especially the Hel Orcid, more on that later). And thanks to an idea my GF had, which she got from the Dresden files (and I feel bad I didn’t run with this sooner) I have made a small box of runes to carry with myself at all times that I might have their power ready, since I can’t always lug around paper and pen thanks to my job.

Lastly, I was going to get a tattoo to mark my dedication to Hel, but ended up finding something today that I had to snatch up (I was compelled, I tell you! She wanted it! There was squee!) that has put that on hold. Namely, a new idol in the form of a statue of Death (by Neil Gaimon) that I found at the comic book shop. A gracious discount was offered unto me, and I could not deny the divine providence of payday and discount.

So here they are below, the box and runes, symbol, and idol. πŸ™‚