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So I went and saw the Lone Ranger on weds with my family. It was a family dinner that decided to run for a show and I have to say that I’m really happy we did. While I won’t say that the Lone Ranger is the Best Movie that came out this year (Star Trek gets that one) it is one of the best. Depp and Hammer are excellent actors and both play their characters to a T.

Tanto is probably one of the more entertaining characters to come out, and certainly one of the most complex. Nothing like seeming an over spiritual Native American, while at the same time being a very broken character who uses his mystic knowledge to try and deal with the horrible things that have happened to him in his life. The Lone Ranger isn’t far behind, as we get to watch him go from a man who believes completely and utterly in the system to watching his world end repeatedly as he loses family, and the laws he believes in a pursuit of justice.

Of course, not all are thrilled with the movie. One group, you can of course guess, is the religious Christian community.

‘Lone Ranger’ Film ‘Pagan,’ ‘Anti-Christian,’ Betrayal of Hero’s Character, Say Reviewers

The main complaint? Seems that Tanto viewed the world in terms of Native American Mysticism (he believed his enemies to be Wendigo, beasts that were once men who ate the flesh of other men). As he’s a central character, his view gets a lot of time. Of course, the other Indians pretty much come right and say “He’s a crazy little boy who couldn’t handle what he did.” This, combined with the fact that everyone else, including all the bad guys were Christians means they’re getting their knickers in a twist. They’re complaining about how the Christians were portrayed, but for the most part I haven’t’ seen anything historically inaccurate in the stuff they were talking about. There’s one part where a group of Presbyterians are riding on the train, praying and singing hymns. Given that this was a pretty common practice by religious groups traveling  in large numbers, and your train ride across the west could take you a few days in a time when people didn’t have mp3s, dvds, and most couldn’t read or afford books…yeah. I don’t want to hear it.

Personally I like the movie. I’m going to try and see it again here soon as I can with some more friends. It’s hilarious and thought provoking, two things I really like. And they use the original theme from the radio show to great effect. 😀

Five Hammers for this film!