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So, as I mentioned before I’ve started studying what most people call shamanism, or what my people called Seidr. It’s been slow to start, being busy gets in the way of learning as always. Still, some progress has been made.

One of the things I hear (and have seen some) is people going into trances or having deities and spirits “possessing” them and speaking and acting through their bodies. I can’t say that it’s something I’ve exactly wanted to happen to me, but I’ll admit some academic curiosity as to the process. Some people call it playing “Horse” which I think comes from the Voodoo/Vodou tradition, from when one of their holy people play host to the loa.

Without going into too many details about what was happening, I did something halfway like it. While I remained alone in my head, a being did end up speaking through my voice. I can’t say if the spirit controlled my body at all, but I was kind of doing a dancing thing (which I’ve heard is common among shamans and seidr workers). This is conjecture from what I’ve read, but I think the dancing thing helps align the spirit and the shaman. It was a unique experience that my throat is still a little rough from. I can’t say it wasn’t unpleasant, if a bit odd.

End result, I think I’m one step closer to being a seidrmann, or vard-lokkur, or shaman, or whatever you want to call me. Or I want to call me. Don’t know yet, but it’s a step that tells me I’m at least learning and hopefully in the right direction.

Now I just have to master not sliding into that headspace/channel path again. Or at least get a few more going so I can slip into one or the other as I choose, rather than just the one. Means a bit more research and talking with my spirit allies.

Please allow me to introduce myself….