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With the near legendary accusation that all Heathens are racists, it might surprise people that a Heathen would actually support the Jewish state. Given my mixed history with Judaism as a religion and my record of viciously despising the god of said people (which I don’t know how much that’s really softened when it comes down to it), it might surprise people that I personally support the state of Israel. And with all the reports of Israeli abuse and murder of Palestinians, a lot of people wonder how anyone can support Israel.

While I am prepping a larger article that might go out on this subject, I’m going to make a few brief points to show why I stand where I stand.

1) People like to point at the death counts to show that Israel is the bad guy. As of the last report I heard yesterday morning before work the Israelis stated that only about 50 of their soldiers had died in this current conflict (which I think has lasted a couple weeks this time) while according to the Palestinians hundreds, maybe a thousand, of their civilians have died. Though they won’t let outside observers in to actually do a count, just reporters to take pictures.

Notice that none of their soldiers have apparently died. More on that later

2) Hamas had, at the start of this current conflict, fired I do believe 300 rockets into Israel without warning, targeting primarily civilian areas. Now, depending on the rocket in question (which if anyone can tell me I would appreciate) we can estimate that a shoulder fired could kill on average 5-10 people. Since none of these rockets hit based on Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missle system, I presume that these rockets were much larger, capable of taking out buildings and thus 100-1000 people, depending on the building. Thus Hamas has committed the attempted murder (for without a declaration of war, it can be nothing more than murder) of between 1500 – 300,000 people. Those people only live due to the superior defensive techniques of the Israeli military.

To give some scope of this, in the event of a Nuclear war, America attempted to create a similar system dubbed Star Wars. It was later abandoned because we would never be able to shoot down all the missiles, which probably would have been about 300 or less if I recall correctly.

3) In regards to civilian casualties of the Palestinians, it has long been recorded by both Israeli and American intelligence services that Hamas likes to use homes, schools, hospitals, government buildings, etc, to house their weapons. While most armies house their weapons in armories in an attempt to limit civilian casualties, Hamas is widely recorded to intentionally create armories in civilian targets so that civilians will be killed in the attempt to destroy those stockpiles. Hamas also tends to not wear military uniforms, an act which violates the Laws of War (yes, those exist). Recently, it had been reported in a few news outlets that Hamas will physically prevent Palestinian civilians from leaving an area at gun point so that they will die at Israeli hands for the sake of propaganda.

It is important to note that Israel goes so far as to make personal phone calls to everyone in an area they are about to strike to let people know they need to get out. This is an act unprecedented in any conflict. And they do it with plenty of time for people to get to safety. This isn’t call, then five seconds later, bomb. So unless the Palestinian people have the intelligence of lemmings, I would presume they would have the sense to get away from a bomb. This leads credence to the story that they are being held hostage by Hamas. I lost the link to the original story, I will try to find it at some point.

What Hamas has essentially done is strap women and children to their chests to create bullet proof vests, go charging in shooting, then claimed that when those people they attacked shot the person they strapped on are murderers.

4) Additionally, Hamas has been recently digging tunnels into civilian areas of Israel so they can pop up out of the ground and kill people. Since missiles don’t work, now they try mines (hah). Then when a cease fire was set up, Hamas sent suicide bombers to kill Israeli troops who were trying to remove those tunnels and on CNN a Palestinian official all but declared that the destruction of those tunnels was an Israeli act of war and was what broke the ceasefire, not the suicide bomber.

Please, think about that for a moment. Destroying tunnels to prevent enemy incursion and loss of civilian life was an act of war by Israel.

Conclusion: We have one group that uses their own civilians as hostages, digs tunnels for surprise attacks against civilians, uses missiles to attempt to kill thousands to hundreds of thousands of civilians, never declares its attacks, and whose state motto seems to be “Hitler’s Holocaust was only a good start”, vs a state that calls civilians before every attack (far exceeding the regulations of declaring war), has developed a missile defense system thought impossible to protect its civilians, and who despite dealing with this type of attack for over 70 years since its creation as a state, still tries to make peace and support its Palestinian citizens.

Who else could a man of Honor and Justice support?

Feel free to discuss in the comments.