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There are many who use the term justice. Some cry out for justice, some seek their own justice, some believe it is a force all its own. Some say the Law is Justice, or that the Law comes from Justice, or that Justice comes from the Law.

Some seek true Justice where accounts are settled between people. Some seek Social Justice, in which the wrongs of society are made right regardless of how those wrongs came into being, or the innocence of those punished to make society just. Some have forgotten what justice even is, lost behind curtains of legal proceedings, corporations, lawsuits, and government interference.

So what is Justice? It a mere concept, an idea with no real existence. It often feels that way. Often those most often calling for Justice are in fact pushing an agenda. They are not interested in Justice, only Power.

So is Justice, in fact, only Power? No. Justice can be brought about by power, and those with power have an easier time seeking Justice, but Justice is not the realm of Power. Justice is the realm of accountability and equality.

Not, mind you, the kind of equality most people speak of. Justice has nothing to do with race, economics, or things like that. Justice at its heart is part of the Social Contract.

We should stop putting women in jail. For anything.