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So this is New Years, and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun.

If I had to categorize 2014, for myself and everything I’ve seen, it was the year that started off shit and we won…but not really.

I started out the year unemployed and crippled. Now I am no longer crippled by migraines, but depression has taken it’s place. I have two jobs…but still cannot always meet all my ends. I started the year single, but I laid low my enemy and reclaimed my lost love…only to lose her again. The ending was…better, but not by much.

To the world I look and see much the same story. We started the year with depression and sessions, but we reclaimed all the jobs we had lost. But in that time, millions more have come of working age to find only desolation. We recovered our losses, but lost our profits.

We saw the rise of ISIS, laying claim to the title of caliphate and succeeding. We rose up, bloodied, bruised, and disheartened to smite them. We slowed their spread…but did not destroy them. Nor have we rescued the thousands of young women they have enslaved, nor avenged the thousands they have slaughtered. We saw Rotterham come to light, striking a blow to end the rape and sedition in that town…but at the realization that our leaders had let it happen for 20 years, to 1400 girls…and that pretty much every British town with a major Muslim population had similar gangs about which nothing was being done.

We saw a much needed discussion about police brutality and armament arise, only to be highjacked by race and the families of criminals making saints of sinners, and demons of those who protect us. Racial tensions are at their worst in decades, and the media going so far as supporting them to the point CNN reported a young man’s suicide as a lynching. The Riots are still on going, cops are being executed, and ultimately it looks more like those fabled race wars might yet come to be. The issues of black lives vs all lives has torn apart communities as those who hold all life to be sacred are attacked by those who preach that only certain lives matter due to the privileges of an accident of birth that may not in fact exist. Brother has attacked brother, and only ruin come.

Time after time, issue after issue, I see only Pyrrhic victories about me this year. We win…but at such cost as to make defeat the same.