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I never meant to be a god of law. If you’d asked me, even just three years ago, I’d have said “Fuck the law.” I didn’t like the law, didn’t like how it restricted stuff, and didn’t like how it exploited so many things. I was capital E Evil, and I liked it that way.

Then stuff started happening, things that were wrong, but that could not be punished because there was no law against them. And I saw things happening in the world of mortals that showed me what happens when there is no law. In the end though, while I came to respect the necessity of law, I still didn’t want to be part of it.

But sometimes, you have to do what must be done. I set out to protect people, to hunt the darkness and drive it back from those I cared about. I did this as mortal/demon sorcerer and on into godhood. Sometimes the only way to protect people, the only way to stop something, is to make it against the law. Then you can clearly say “this is wrong and must be punished.”

Part of it was because I was promoted when I was due to events going on. The Fox God I have spoken so much about these last few days, a man once my brother, was made a God and chose to become the God of Spies and Highwaymen. He also, unintentionally or intentionally, became the god of thieves.

I’ve spoken before about how Gods are the sources of “natural forces.” That the energies that come from them flow out through the world. With the rise of a “god of thieves” a bounty of such energy came forth into the world. Since he still lives here, more of that energy comes into this world. That this new god did as he pleased and dictated to all the pantheon only further disrupted things. Events like Ferguson and it’s riots, which spread all over the nation, are effects of such rampant energy.

It quickly became apparent that a balance had to be maintained. Another deity, putting out a counter energy was needed. Since I was already adopted by Hel and pretty much a spiritual being, I was told I was a good choice. The fact that the Fox god had wronged Hel’s realm and myself personally, was viewed as a bonus. Who better to counter a god than one who had been wronged by that god? Lucifer and YHVH being a good example.

The thing is though, you have to counter energy carefully. A spy is someone who steals people’s secrets and works. A highway man does much the same. The only difference between pirate and privateer is a slip of paper. A piece of paper that is considered law.

So you create someone who can destroy that piece of paper. You create someone who can punish those who steal. And you create someone who is willing to bring terrible retribution upon those who break the law. So I became that person that was needed.

Because even as I always figured I’d become a God of Evil, or god of evil which destroys evil…I was always the person who did what he had to, sacrificed what he had to, for his kin. So I took that sacrifice. I became a god of law, because that was what my people, my gods needed.

Now that I am, it is here in I become. It will take time, and I don’t know if I can fully counter the effects of the God of Thieves yet. But hopefully, I can bring balance. It’s what Hel and my other kin asked of me. In turn, they give me honor, home, respect, and family. They proved this last night when they decreed that the Fox god, despite all he had done, was banned from Helheim, and that the Nine Realms, his oldest of allies, now would stand beside and aid him no longer. Many connect to the aether may find the tale of his deeds being passed to them from their respective Aether beings as the word is passed around.

Honestly, I don’t think I’m special. I don’t really deserve any special treatment and I don’t ask that any who read this worship or pray or give offerings to me (though if you do, I will try to help you). This is just another part of me doing what I need to, because those I care about need me to.