well said, and a good reasoning behind my own actions as well as my views towards the law.

the Dark Fragment

I am often described as being harsh and unforgiving.  I have reasons.

The foundations of justice is that a criminal should give compensation equal to the harm done to the victim.  If the victim loses the ability to work for themselves, then the criminal should provide for that person — here we find the origin of the scales of justice.  For those well versed in the lore of Iceland, you may also recall that a persistent criminal who holds no respect for the laws of the community may be deemed an outlaw.  Outlaws exist outside of the bounds of the law — thus, they exist outside of its restraints and protection.  The common ending for many an Icelandic outlaw was that they were pursued by a mob organised by the victims who were seeking the death of the criminal.  As the criminal was deemed an outlaw, then they were beyond…

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