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So since I rose to the pantheon, I’ve been spending more time in the aether while I sleep. I don’t always remember what I do (but then I don’t always remember what I do when I’m awake :P) but sometimes things come through before I wake up, or after I wake up.

On 3/20/15, I had one heck of a weird dream. In it, something that kept getting repeated was that one year from that day, the Caliph would return and Muslims would invade Europe. It kept coming through/up, something like five times. All through the dream was a lot of Islamic symbolism and things like that.

Of course, I had also been turned into a teenage girl in the dream, so you can make of it what you will.

Still, it seemed real, like something that could  happen. Of course time is subjective when dealing with dreams and the aether, but part of me thinks it might have been something I’d seen on some God’s desk.

Given the rapid rise of terrorist attacks in the last couple weeks, with ISIS attacking museums, Yemen experiencing a massive terror attack (120 killed as of 3/20, with 300 injured, and numbers likely to grow) and the fact that what was a small but brutal terrorist nation has grown to exist in at least four countries with a “legitimate” Caliph at its head…

Humans may not be as concerned. Humans seem insistent that such violence is not Islam. But among the Gods? There is concern. Paganism and the worship of Pagan Gods is just coming back. That one of the most violent suppressive forces of that worship is suddenly springing up to silence all but Allah’s voice is a concern to Us. While there are matters in the Aether that often require more divine attention in the defense of humanity, the Gods still pay attention to events in Midgard. I would not be surprised if many more Pagans find themselves being called to actions beyond tweeting or sacrificing.

I wonder if they will listen, as I listen, to the pulse underlying the world.

Or perchance this was all a dream?