Glad to see I’m not the only pagan waking up to what RFA laws do for us, and what the GLBT+ community has done by throwing us under the bus for “their rights.”

Witch, in the Big City

This will be one of those posts that I don’t like writing but a blogger made me realize that my rights have just been thrown away like their nothing. As a witch I demand the right to practice my spirituality as a Hellenist I demand the right to practice my religion. I don’t want some nuts to tell me that my rights mean nothing. When Indiana passed their Freedom Restoration Act it was a green light for us to be able to practice our religion and not have to worry about being arrested. If I’m smoking weed as part of a shamanic ritual then I won’t have to worry about being arrested.

However it’s been all about the LGBT community and not about people that actually benefit from this law. People like me, a pagan, witch, Hellenist, Heathen and United Stated Citizen. I demand that my religion not be attacked…

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