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I think, with their protests of the RFA laws, the LGBT+ community has ultimately shot itself in the foot. True, they are at the moment winning a resounding victory. They have, ultimately won the culture war. If someone discriminates against a gay person or couple, regardless of the state’s own discrimination law status, a GLBT+ person is likely to win their case. Gay marriage is, at this point, looking like an inevitability, 66% of the nation believes that GLBT+ should have full rights, and 33% of people believe the only right that should be denied to gays is that of religious marriage.

However, Indiana has taught me many lessons with its RFRA law. Not that bigotry is alive and well, we all knew that about both sides. No, if it taught me anything it is that the GLBT+ community is willing to throw its allies under the bus, but also that they are literally willing to scorch the proverbial earth when it comes to people who dare to decent and stand up to them.

There’s an older video game I play called Total War. I have the 2nd medieval edition, and one of the things it teaches you in the combat portion is you always leave the enemy a route to escape. Because if you surround them, you will kill them to the last man, but they will fight to the death and that’s going to cost you. A man who has nothing left to lose is a man willing to make you lose everything to kill him.

Well, what we are seeing in Indiana is the proverbial “shooting of prisoners.” Not only are you not allowed to deny a GLBT+ anything, you are not allowed to have any sort of protections that could potentially allow you to deny a GLBT+ person anything…even if those protections are largely for protecting actions far removed from discrimination, and indeed are protections to end discrimination for non-GLBT+ people.

But let’s look at the idea here, as sold by the GLBT+ community. The RFA law allows a Christian shop owner the legal right to defend themselves and their beliefs if sued by a Gay couple should they refuse service for a religious ritual. The fact that it has become universally acknowledge that an attempt need to be made to try and protect a Christina business owner from the inevitable lawsuit and loss of their life’s work and business should they stand by what they believe is heinous. What does it say about the GLBT+ community that they believe they have the right to destroy anyone who disagrees with them to that degree?

I am completely against discrimination. I’m a minority too, and I don’t want to be discriminated against. But maybe it’s because I’m religious, I also do not want to force someone to violate their moral beliefs. Not like that anyways.

I mean, what we’re saying is that people should be forced to serve people and their desires even if it violates every moral fiber of that person’s being. So let’s say we go down to Starbucks and make them cater a wedding for NAMBLA. I mean, you know, why not. Discrimination is bad, and just because you object to a person’s sexual practices is no reason discriminate or deny them services.

I mean, sure, NAMBLA is a bunch of pedos who want to love underage young boys, but hey…discrimination is bad, and having a moral objection to an action is no reason for you not support it with your labor. So, you know, let’s just punish anyone who doesn’t want to serve pedos because it violates our “moral consciousness.”

I mean, it’s not like the LGBT+ might have thrown pedos under the bus

Huh, oh wait, kinda looks like they did. I guess they couldn’t take an affront to their “morals.” I guess discrimination is okay.

Not to mention the hypocrisy of all those major businesses “supporting” the gay rights activists in Indiana and other states putting forth RFA laws. Pull your business from those states, will you? But let’s keep trying to increase business with all those Muslim nations who still EXECUTE THEIR GAY PEOPLE! Gods forbid a gay man can’t buy a cake, but it’s okay if he loses his head to Allah. Maybe Christians need to get a Muslim bakery as their poster child. Apparently it’s okay if they kill gays, they shouldn’t have any problems not selling them cakes, at least according to Apple and Walmart.

In the USA, there is the idea that you have a right to be “wrong.” That you do not have to agree with the majority and you should not be forced to be silent or obedient because the majority does not agree with  you. That’s how the gay community managed to exist, much less rise to the present political power their insanely small numbers have. When a people who I believe are outnumbered as a population by the Jews, can crush an entire state under their boot heel, and are more than happy to do so because someone dares stand up to them, that speaks to me of tyranny. And if there’s one thing Americans are good at, it’s fighting tyrannies.

The GLBT+ community has shown they are taking no prisoners. They have shown that they are repeatedly willing to throw their allies under the bus. They did it with Nambla, they did it with the Dianics, they did it with the Larger Pagan community, and I’m sure there are others they have thrown under the bus. A group willing to crush its enemies and its allies quickly finds itself bereft of the latter, and overwhelmed with the former. The Christian Right now has a resounding rallying cry that can give them a line in stone to stand upon, but which even moderates on both sides of the aisle can be drawn to. And any religious minority out there, regardless of their stance on homosexuality, now sees that the GLBT+ has no interest in their ally-ship, which if those religions want their rights, they now have to ally with their traditional enemy, the Christian Right, who is more willing to protect their rights.

A man without mercy finds none for himself. This is a lesson the GLBT+ community is likely to learn in the years to come.