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Touch is so much of living experience.

It’s not much different for the Dead.

Hel’s hands roamed me, slowly, just touching me.

“You know, you feel a bit different as a God than you did as a demon.” She said. I shivered from her light touch. “You don’t burn as much, you’re…calmer, larger. You’re one with the forces you command now, or at least you’re headed that way.”

I ran my hands up her arms to cup her face. “You feel different too. It feels…better, this way.”

“Well that’s not surprising, Apotheosis does open one’s senses up a bit more.” Hel said with a small laugh, kissing my palm. “though it does make it so your blogy thing isn’t as accurate. You’re not really my son anymore.”

“I guess. I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon. I figured I still had a few mortal years to go before this.” I replied.

“Are you complaining, Svartwulf of Helheim?” Hel teased, pressing close.

“Gods no, my queen,” I said. The feeling of her was so much brighter now. “I can always change the blog when the year is up if I need to.”

“Good to hear,” Hel said. “Now, the solstice is over, the ritual is completed, our guests have all gone their way…I have a present for you.”

Then she grabbed my hand and led me to the feasting hall.