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Sorry for the break in articles. This stuff was actually supposed to go up sooner, but work gets in the way of things. This isn’t going to be very much, but it is related to two previous posts about sex capable robots.

robot sexIn case you don’t want to enlarge the picture enough to see who the writer is, her name is Julie Bindel. She’s a very prominent feminist who has written and appeared on some of the UK’s biggest news sites and shows. One source said she’s written almost 170 articles for the Guardian alone (which I think is equivalent to the New York Times over there).

Now, most are looking at that and saying, it’s a fair point. And even I will admit, I can see her logic. “Men see women as sex objects, so they will make sex objects to look like women.”  I do sometimes wish twitter would not count punctuation marks in their character limit, though, because there can be some confusion here. “Women as sub human, sex robots would not exist” or “women as sub human sex, robots would not exist.” Though her meaning is fairly clear.

However as I went over in my two posts, it’s not that women are a “sub human sex” as the reason that sex capable robots are being created. It’s really because, well, men are the “sub human sex.” I think I commented once on someone saying it was disgusting that men were using pick up tricks to get women into bed that, well, it really said something about women that the only way they’d sleep with a man was if he tricked them. Now, I’m no fan of PUA or their stuff, but on an anthropological, historical, and evolutionary level…they’re not different from any other male doing a ritual to mate.

The fact though, that more and more men are finding it harder and harder to find a woman (and there’s plenty of articles to write or go over on that subject, so I won’t on this one) doesn’t make me surprised that the “sex” that isn’t getting any would try and come up with a modicum of a solution for that problem.

But what I really wanted to do was look at the person who made this tweet. Because when I saw it, the name looked familiar. And then I found a video and realized why the name was familiar.

Now remember, this woman is a major contributor to some of the biggest news sites and channels on the UK. So these following quotes…which come from the linked article, are not in jest. She is serious.

bindel kamps

bindel hetro death

bindel men aint human

Men should be in camps. Heterosexuality should end. Men are not even human beings.

There’s really a lot I could say here. I could rant for hours about this. But I won’t. The woman who thinks men view women as a sub human sex, and that is the motivation for the development of sex capable robots, sees men as a sub human sex that should be segregated, controlled, and purged from society. It is not surprising at all that a women who thinks men should be locked up and denied porn, their only entertainment being to “ride around in cars,” would have an issue with them having a robot. But then, I wonder, who is really the monster here.

The men who want to build robots for love and pleasure.

Or the women who would go complete Nazi the pursuit of cleansing society of the sub humans.

Because Bendil is not alone. She is allowed a voice in major publications and has many, many avid readers, and many who look up to her and agree with her.

I leave you to decide.