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So over the last several months, Joseph of Jon Upsal’s Guarden and I have been (at least I think we have been) building a “Blogging Friendship” based on mutual interests, irreverent humor, and having the occasional common “foe.” In response to my response to Beckett, and my respect growing for Abell, he sent me a link to something the Troth published as more of a public statement regarding some of what McNallen said, as opposed to the personal statement by Abell which Beckett took extreme exception to. I get the impression Jo wasn’t as happy with the statement by the Troth, but I read it and there’s a few things I want to comment on.

Now it’s not getting the same extensive treatment that Beckett’s article did because…honestly I don’t feel the need to. This is more my thoughts and knowledge bouncing about around what was said by Mainer, (who might be the same Mainer I wrote about in a different article? Not sure).

Stephen McNallen gives us the following question:

“Germany – that is the German people, not sellout traitors like Merkel – deserve our full support…Where are the Freikorps when we need them?”

I propose to answer this with a quick side step from rhetoric and dogma, and a little trip through fact. Now I was a soldier, which by definition means I am part of the clean up crew. What do we clean up? Failed states stuck cashing cheques written by men with bold words and colourful rhetoric that are paid in blood, suffering, horror, and most of all, waste.

Seems a fair enough opener, all things considered. But there’s a key point here (namely the statement by McNallen) which is going to be important later on. That being said, Mainer proposes to step side from “rhetoric” and then uses the term “ethnic militias” repeatedly which…sounds a bit like rhetoric, but that might just be me.

Freikorps then, and ethnic militia’s in service to many causes today, do what governments cannot get caught publicly doing.  Attrocities.  Murder, arson, rape; all are tools of the ethnic militia to drive out, or wipe out those rival ethnicities they have targeted.  In Germany it began with the Night of Broken Glass, targeting homes and businesses of the German Jews, but we all know it didn’t end there.

Here again, I am going to say this is a fair statement. As a general rule, when we hear about groups which Mainer terms “ethnic militias” we generally hear about them after they have reached this level of violence, and essentially, crime. And again, they do tend to do these things in a cause which, while a government or governmental officials might support, they (the government) cannot get caught doing for various reasons.

There is a flip side to this. Sometimes, often enough, these militias arise to do these things in a cause the government cannot get caught publicly doing, doesn’t want to get caught publicly doing, or will not. \

The reasons McNallen called for a “Freikorps” was because the German Government wouldn’t be caught policing “Refugees.” In fact, the entire reasons McNallen seems to have brought this up is because instead of attempting to police crime, it sought instead to cover up crime by non-citizens against that government’s very own citizens.

Sometimes it’s what a government can’t do. Sometimes it’s what a government won’t do, that causes an “ethnic militia” to arise.

…Yugoslavia was dying, Bosnia, Serbia and the other states to be were tearing themselves from the hide of the dying Yugoslavia.

What to do about those inconvenient ethnic enclaves inside what you are giving such stirring speeches about being the Serbian Heartland? What to do about the Muslim? The Albanian? Well you can’t use your troops to wipe them out or you will have to answer to the UN. Ah, but the Freikorps, the ethnic militia………they will defend the race.

It’s interesting Mainer mentions the whole Yugoslavia thing and its Muslim population. I remember that conflict in the 90’s when we (the USA) sent in troops to stop an “ethnic cleansing” that was going on. Turns out, McNallen himself was in that conflict as a US Soldier and we fought on the side of the Muslims against their Christian neighbors (they were two different ethnicity as well) who were attempting to purge them.

Years later, by his own words McNallen discovered (and I found out from other sources as well) that there had been certain events before the whole conflict and “Ethnic cleansing” that the US went in to stop. Namely that…a fairly large number of that ethnicity who had been Muslim had in fact been doing to their Christian neighbors (the other ethnicity) what the Muslim Refugees were doing on New Years Eve across Europe, as well as (if I recall correctly) grooming gangs like have been found in England, and quite a number of murders and mob attacks. Actions that had been so violent, and gone on so long without governmental interference, that the Christian Ethnicity under attack went, armed themselves, formed an “Ethnic Militia” and went off to “protect their people.” And in turn, the Muslim group supplied their own militia to do the same to the Christians. And so the horrors grow as each tries to defend their own. While that was not the only motives for the conflict, they certainly played a very strong role, if one much covered up.

Mainer is bringing a soldier’s view point to the issue. It is a solid, good view point to have. Soldiers have to go clean up the mess.

But I take a more Historian and Deus view of things. What comes before, what comes during, why, who, what was and wasn’t done. It’s not just the bodies cashing checks for strong words, it’s also bodies cashing checks for the things not said, and the deeds not done, as much as it is what is said, what is done.

We see similar groups in the Taliban, Isis, Hezbollah, and we see the tactics that such groups naturally employ. These are not soldiers operating under the rule of law, these are ethnic militia’s pursuing an agenda based on only one group (their own) having any human rights, and any an all actions taken in the service of that group are justified.

Actually, groups like the Taliban and ISIS are operating under the rule of law, it’s just that law is Sharia Law. And I’m really not sure that ISIS count’s as an Ethnic Militia. Initially it was a terrorist organization based around an ideology, not an ethnicity (they still have members of all ethnicities) and now they’re an actual State (even if no one is officially recognizing them). So…Mainer’s example here is at best weak.

But the “rule of law” thing here is important for what I’m driving at.

The rule of law is what separates us from the failed state. Our economy, our science, our culture, our great works and infrastructure, all these things owe their existence to one thing; the stability that comes from the rule of law. Our law is not perfect, and its enforcement is likewise imperfect. We struggle in every generation to move the balance the right way towards both justice and order, where freedom and security are balanced. Sometimes we get it more right than others.

It is imperfect, there will be people you do not like doing things you do not approve of. Freedom included freedom to wish it was legal to do things we have decided are wrong. As long as you keep wishing and refrain from doing, that is fine. The will of the people determines our laws, and limits the scope of our actions. Considering what some groups want to do, this is a necessary limitation. Again, we balance freedom to do what we choose, against freedom from having others do what they will to us. Some generations get the balance better than others.

And here we come to the crux of it. The Rule of Law, and how it is applied.

When the law is applied fairly and equally, there is no need for militias, ethnic or otherwise. If those who transgress the law are punished for said transgressons, than the people are safe and can trust in their government to protect them by upholding the law.

You never see an “Ethnic” Militia in a place where this is happening.

But you see them everywhere when it doesn’t happen. When the people can no longer trust their government to protect them via upholding the Rule of Law, they form Militias to protect themselves.

When a specific ethnic group cannot trust in their government to uphold the Rule of Law for them, that is when you find Ethnic Militias being formed. The Freikorps formed because they could not trust the German Government to uphold the rule of law and protect them. Same thing with the Serbian and Croatian militias. Same thing with Black Lives Matter, or the KKK back when it got founded. There was not Rule of Law to protect them, so they had to protect themselves.

This also goes a long way to explain the violence and criminal actions that invariably escalate and leave these “ethnic militias” with such horrible legacies. For them, there is no Rule of Law. The law has proven useless, the law has been proven to be impossible to uphold, so there is only the unlawful methods left for them to rely on.

This is not to excuse their actions. Their actions are by definition unlawful, and in most cases, highly immoral (at least as things progressively get worse). But they are also inevitable once the Rule of Law has failed.

And when it comes to the New Years Even incidents, and countless incidents before that which have involved things like large scale rape of European women and girls by Islamic immigrant and refugee men, the sheer amount of cover ups for these Muslim criminals and even punishments given to European Citizens by their own governments for any attempts to defend themselves show quite clearly that Rule of Law has Failed.

In the Rotherham example, victims and their families who came forward were told everything from “there’s no point in pressing charges” to “you will face charges if you move forwards with these allegations.” One father was even arrested for attempting to get his underage daughter out of a house she was being raped in, while she was being raped.

Yeah, the cops arrested him, rather than the guys committing rape.

In the case of the NYE attacks, much the same thing. In fact, there was a girl in the last month I believe who was nearly raped by a Muslim Refugee, but managed to force him off and drive him away by using a personal pepper spray can.

She is now facing criminal fines and punishment for “having and using an illegal weapon.”

At this point, there is no reliable “Rule of Law.” The Governments of many, many European countries have shown repeatedly for the last twenty years, in the face of ever escalating ethnically based violence that they will not only not defend their people, they will punish them for even defending themselves from Islamic attacks.

So at this point, what option do these people have? It is the sovereign, human right of every being to defend itself. As a rule, we trust this defense to our governments and the laws we and those governments lay down. But should a government fail to uphold its end of the bargain and act in the defense of its people, those people still have that Gods Given Right to their own defense. In this case that defense moves from the hands of the Government and the Law, to the people themselves. Those people then, by right, have the right to defend themselves to whatever degree they need in order to see to their defense again.

With luck, this stops somewhere around the voting booth to replace leaders with new ones who will uphold the Law. If that doesn’t work (which it clearly hasn’t after 20 years), there are two next options, often which go together. Remove the offending/invading/attacking group and/or replace the government with a new one that will uphold the rule of law and defense of the people.

Ethnic cleansing and/or Revolution.

Now, it is my very dear hope that the Governments of the various European nations will get the fuck off their asses, start applying the rule of law to criminals, and that be the end of this situation.

Sure, the Muslim community would likely scream about “racism” as they have always done (this is the primary reason most European governments not only do nothing, but actively abet Muslim criminals, for fear of being called racist). But ultimately it would be best for both the Native and Muslim populations of these countries. The natives would not that Rule of Law protects them, and the Muslims would also be protected by the law as criminal elements are removed, freeing the innocent Muslims (which even I will say is probably the “majority) from any need to fear ethnic violence from the native population.

However, if things continue as they have for the last 20 years, the only option for native populations does become the “ethnic militia.” Well, not the only option. The other option is “bend over, take it up the ass, and wait to be exterminated.” But few at the end of the day are willing to accept that.

Right now, we are at the tipping point. It will either be the Law or the Freikorps which will triumph as the solution. But Law, to triumph must be applied equally, regardless of ethnicity. Even if it means that a higher percentage of an ethnicity is punished for wrong doing until such time as criminal behavior is curtailed (gasp, racism, I know).

Restoring the rule of law is not the easy solution, but I will say it is the right solution. But if it is not the solution chosen, then there will be a different solution, the ethnic militia, that will be chosen in its stead. Mainer can feel that this is a horrific, detestable option. And…he’s right. But it has always been the option of any group of people under attack by another group of people, and it always will be, when the Law fails.

Justice: Law or Retribution, it will be upheld. Be it by Iustitia or Nemesis. By Tyr or by Svartwulf.








Hela Bless