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It’s not always that cinema has a direct connection to what is happening in life. It does happen, of course. But generally that which goes on in movies doesn’t always reflect what goes on in life. We like it that way, for the escapism. But when it does come together, there’s some valuable lessons in life to be learned.

Captain America: Civil War suddenly became one of those for Paganism, and maybe even the world at large.


The movie, and the comics it’s based on, also called Civil War, break down into two sides. “Team” Ironman, the side that feels regulation is needed because the damage done by people who are unregulated and acting by their own morality is “too great.” the other is “Team” Captain, the side which feels that a persons freedoms to act how they feel morally responsible to a situation should not be limited or regulated by any authority other than that person.

I will admit, that’s a bit of an over simplification, and both sides do have valid points against each other. However, depending on which side of the debate you fall on a person’s actions can be viewed differently…even for the exact same action.

Hero or vigilant?

Defender or assailant?

Champions  or Tyrants?

Protectors or Racists?

The reason I bring this up is an article Upsal shared on facebook and that I got sent from someone else at the same time. Namely, this article:

Soldiers of Odin Plan Meet-Up in Lodi Lake, CA on April 30th

Despite the title, this is not a post by the group “Soldiers of Odin,” to let people know of a meet up. No, this post is by an “anti-fascist” group who is trying to gather up support to go and “protest” this meeting. A meeting, which the writers admit, is not a public speaking event, but a private get together for members.

It’s a lot like if a gang of KKK members decided to go crash the family reunion of some black family because they didn’t like them getting together in one place.

“But Lucius!” I metaphorically hear, “I don’t know who these Soldiers of Odin are, why is this a problem?” Or “I heard they were a bunch of racists, what’s the problem?”

Well, the problem arises really from the creation of the Soldiers of Odin themselves. Anyone who follows my blog knows I talk about Islam a fair bit, and about the things some Muslims do over in Europe. Things like murder artists in the street, create grooming gangs that in a single town can repeatedly rape over a thousand girls, basically lock off parts of cities as “sharia law” zones where only Muslim law is allowed or practiced, and of course I’m sure everyone’s heard by now the mass sexual assalt and theft crimewave that happened across many European nations on New Years Eve 2016. Some of you, readers or non-readers, may also know already that this kind of stuff has been going on at the hands of Muslims against Europeans in the European’s own native countries for going on 20, even 30 years now.

wait whatOh, by the way, if you didn’t know, this kind of stuff has been going on for almost 30 years, and it’s only been getting worse. And I’ve barely mentioned a fraction of it. Or the fact that most of the Governments in Europe actually actively cover up everything they can (like Germany tried to and Rotterham did), or will actively censor and even arrest those people who speak out against it (looking at you Sweden).

So given over 20 years of rape, murder, assault, theft, and their own law enforcement doing absolutely nothing to stop it, and quite a few things to protect it, promote it, and bus it into the country, private citizens decided to step up and protect themselves.

As per usual, any group that stepped up to do this was automatically labeled a racist organization and its members as racist organizations. Now, to be fair some were, but some weren’t. However, all things being equal, most of these groups stopped caring if you called them racists and really seem to have stopped caring if you’re a racist when you join them. Mostly because the amount of crime and violence has gotten so bad that any soldier on the wall is accepted because every soldier is needed on the wall.

And then the Syrian civil war started.

Now, Muslim immigration over the last several decades was perhaps not as rapid into Europe as it is now, but it did create entire areas where Muslims created isolationist and even supremacist communities, not to mention the massive amounts of crime and rape that followed. But suddenly, “Syrian refugees” were flooding in from everywhere. And I do mean everywhere, that’s why I put “Syrian Refugees” in quotation marks. Because suddenly there were refugees from all different places across Africa and the Middle East, including places that had absolutely no wars what so ever.

And European leaders started busing them in, in the hundreds of thousands, (The UN has registered about 1.6 million, and that’s not counting the unregistered, and they’re projecting almost 4 million or more by the end at present rates). Dumping exponentially larger numbers into Muslim communities with almost no financial system to support them both short term and long term. Sweden, refugee haven (and rape capital of the world) has had to turn them away.

There’s even reports of at least one village which have a population of 5,000 native people, being ordered to take in 1,000 refugees. Meaning, 1/6 of that village would now be made up of people who a) do not speak the language, b) do not know the laws, c) have nothing to give in return for their suddenly taking a vast share of the limited resources of that island, d) have a completely different culture and cultural views about absolutely everything, and e) are part of a religious group known to engage in violent crimes and massive sexual assaults.

People, faced with this kind of reality are not only going to get scared for themselves and their families, they have every right to be scared and try and protect their families when the government that supposedly leads them has a history of letting them be lambs for slaughter.

“Sorry, but when I see a situation headed south, I have to do something,” Captain America.

So groups like the Soldiers of Odin have stepped up. From their wikipedia page (as of 4/26/16).

Soldiers of Odin (SOO) is an international anti-immigrant street patrol group founded in Kemi, Finland in October of 2015.[1][2] The group was established as a response to thousands of asylum seekers arriving in Finland amid European migrant crisis.[3] SOO has indicated a desire to improve people’s sense of security, if necessary, by intervening in threatening situations, and by reporting incidents to the police. Their stated purpose is to protect people, especially women, from criminal immigrants, but also “to help everyone regardless of their ethnic background”.

SOO has denied being a racist or neo-Nazi group in interviews and on their public Facebook page.[3] However, the group’s founder, Mika Ranta, has connections to far-right Finnish Resistance Movement[3] and a criminal conviction stemming from a racially motivated assault in 2005.[4][5] According to Yle, a restricted Facebook page for selected members of SOO suggests that racism and Nazi sympathies are rampant among its higher rank members.[3] The group’s nature has raised concerns of anti-immigrant vigilantism.[2]

So right there we have a stated goal, and of course some people saying bad things about them. Now, I am not going to come down on either side of if SOO is a racist organization or not. Not my place to do that with the information I have at this time. But regardless, they are a group with the stated intent of protecting their people from crime in the fact of a long history of governments failing to do so based on the race or religion of the attacking party.

However, SOO is not really the issue here. Every man is free to believe as he will, regardless of if I find it acceptable or offensive. It is not my place to just a person or people’s beliefs. Only their actions. So far as I know, the actions of the SOO have been largely as they state, defensive actions to prevent harm to those under their protection. What motivates them isn’t really a concern of mine at the moment.

No, my grater concern is the actions of the anti-fascist group who got their information from everyone favorite heathen group, HUAR (Heathens United Against Racism). See, the anti-fascists (and member of HUAR) are going to go to California and aggressively attempt to disrupt the private meeting of SOO members. Because they find that meeting and that group’s existence “offensive.”

Basically, the Anti-fascists and HUAR are going to go do to the SOO what they insist the SOO do to refuges (violently harass them). For the exact same reasons they insist SOO does this to refugees (They find their beliefs, actions, and existence offensive).

And then the antifascists wonder why everyone else considered them the most fascist people on the planet.

imageNow here’s where it gets really interesting. Supposedly HUAR did a bunch of the research for the anti-fascist’s article. What kind of research does this include? Oh, not much really, mostly stuff that it seems you could find on wikipedia and facebook.

Like member’s names and profiles, completely uncensored.

anti fascist vs sooNow, I’ve done the semi-decent thing and taken the image at a resolution you can’t automatically see the names and pictures, but you can go to the site, click those pictures, and they have a whole gallary where you can see and read all the names and images perfectly.

That’s right, they basically doxed people as “Racists.” “Name and Shame” is the word of the game today people. Now, I don’t know if it was AFN who did this or HUAR, but yeah. Why? Because they find it offensive that these people would want to feel safe in the face of massive immigration of a population known for members who engage in rampant criminality, rape, and even terrorism.

In an effort to call attention to the racial violence that is embedded in the Soldiers of Odin project, as well as to demoralize their plans, this would be a great event to have an anti-fascist contingent attempt to attend and counter-protest.  If you would like to go under the radar, you could also attend and send in a report back that could further aid anti-fascist counter organizers to give inside information on plans, specific organizers, and hard information.

Shame!!!!! (warning, nudity), cries the Anti-Fascist.

“Forget the lawful right of freedom of belief.

Forget the lawful right of freedom of assembly.

Forget the lawful right of self defense.

Forget everything, except what we tell you.

Fuck their rights, we’re in the right.”

They want to regulate what people can believe, say, and do on the grounds that they find it offensive. They want to forbid people getting together to defend themselves based on who they are. They want to go and harass people at a private meeting simply because they think that meeting should never occur, because they find it morally offensive.

Now…who does that make you think of?



Bellona Invicta