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You know what’s fun? Extra judicial justice.

lynching_party1930You know, when you and your friends just go off and decide that “Hey, you know what? I know we got courts, and laws, and judges, and lawyers, but that son o’ a bitch over there isn’t suffering “justice” enough for my tastes. So fuck the lawyers, fuck the judges, fuck the courts, and fuck the laws, I’mma go get me some god damn justice.”

And, as is all to often the case, the person going to get themselves some “god damn justice” is, in fact, no way related to the “injustice” at hand.

Now don’t get me wrong, the desire to punish the guilty is a very human emotion and a very useful emotion at times. I live not far from where the Christian-Newsom murders happened and after hearing the details, I’ll be honest. I thought about signing up with the KKK and riding for justice (the crimes were that horrific in nature, as I usually despise the KKK). Hel, after Orlando’s massacre, I well understand the desire to “hat up” and go after the Muslim community (I haven’t though, because that was an act of war by an enemy state practicing Islamic law, and thus justly the target to go after is ISIS and Islamic Ideology).

But there is a time for vengance, and a time for peace. Still, not everyone agrees with that So let’s look at someone who has decided that “fuck the law, I’mma get me some justice” and their rational of it with ‘s Why Hexing Brock Turner is an Act of the Goddess

And what do you know, I might actually get to talk about “religiously excused violence” with out having to directly talk about Islam for once!

Last summer I sat at the feet of teacher and elder, Byron Ballard. She taught a workshop “The Art of Bane.” She spoke freely, direct, and to the point, with out hesitation, about right and responsibility of magical people about what she calls the “Tower Times” we live in. These tower times, called such after the tarot card is a time when the world is in upheaval.  She spoke of a need for magic workers to be agents of justice for the disenfranchised, the poor and those in need, to be empower through the art of bane magic; the bind, the curse, and the hex.

Okay, I’m going to start by admiting a bit of a bias here. I do not feel that Magic is all that much a “supernatural force.” I believe magic is real, I believe magic can do a lot of things, but I also believe that Magic must be treated with the same care and ethics as any other “physical” object.

But, as I will not assume people instantly get what I’m talking about, I’m going to rephrase part of this here:

“…She spoke of a need for believers to be agents of justice for the disenfranchised, the poor and those in need, to be empower through the art of war; the gun, the bomb, and the flame.”

Before anyone attempt to claim I’m taking this out of context, stop. “Bane Magic” is about “binding,” “Cursing,” and “hexing.”

My understanding of “Binding” is to put a person in Magical Chains, a compulsion that prevents them from enacting their own will and forcing them to obey your will in some (or depending on scope, all) regards. This is done either via mental magics to psychically enforce your will, or physical magics to do the same. In other words, no different then either mind raping someone into obedience or chaining them up in your basement

Cursing and Hexing, are to my knowledge, much the same thing. But generally involves twisting the universe about so that bad, malicious, painful, and otherwise harmful things happen to the person Cursed/Hexed. The impetus for the hex comes from the Caster, who feels they have either been wronged or are acting as an agent of Justice…rarely is a Curse/Hex in my experience cast in such a way that the factual innocence or guilt of the target ever come into play.

It’s a lot like being able to accuse someone of a crime without fear of being punished should you have accused an innocent person.

These then, are acts of religious violence, taken on behalf of the believer, against the “sinful person” or, if you will, the “infidel.”


Some may be questioning the moral equivocation of hexing? While I appreciate those for whom hexing is not part of their traditions and lineage, the “harm none” or those who wonder about a karmic return or ‘three fold law”, I am not of those traditions…

Neither am I, truth be told. I’ve done my fair share of “hexes and curses” but only against 1) someone who had done me a personal wrong that violated the laws of my religion which they had sworn to abide by, and 2) only with the express permission of my Gods and the effects of my hexes and curses taking effect if my Gods deemed it Lawfully So.

And my concern with the author’s position has nothing to do with “it harm none,” because, I’ll be honest, I don’t care if your magic harms someone…so long as that harm is Lawfully Just. For example, if a bunch of people wanted to get together and make a massive hex that attacked ISIS and it’s agents, I’ll probably sign up for that. Heck, we almost had that happen in one of the Cultus groups I follow on facebook.

And I’m not concerned about the “Three fold law of Karmic returns” or however that goes. If you choose to engage in violence, do not be concerned about violence coming for you. It will. Just be sure you’re willing to face the consequences of your violent actions.

No, my problem here is the fact that this is Extrajudicial Religious Violence. Morally, it is no different than a Muslim shooting up a gay club because they “create an injustice against Allah,” or a christian shooting up an abortion clinic because they “create a sin against God.” The only difference is instead of a Gun, the author uses Magic…which most people have even less ability to defend themselves against. You can at least attempt to dodge a bullet.

king arthur

…In fact quite the opposite. As a feminist magic maker, I have empowered examples like Zsusanna Budapest for leadership guidance. She famously gathered her coven to hex the “Freeway Rapist” in Southern California in 1974, David Duke in New Orleans, the Trailside Killer in the Bay Area in 1980, and most recently hexed a gang of rapists in Richmond, CA, who brutally beat and raped a woman leaving her to die of exposure and injuries in the dead of winter (2008).

Z. Budapest as a moral authority.

Oh boy.

I’ve defended the Dianic’s right to free religious practice in the past, in the face of transgender violence against them. But I don’t think I’ve ever said Z. Budapest was a moral authority I ever respected. And of these examples given…I’m pretty sure that the Law was working to catch and punish the killer.

But, I think I’m starting to see a trend here. Feminists hexing Rapists.

sure kid, sure.

The Hexing of Brock Turner is wider than myself, it was an invitation extended to many via Facebook, and became a viral event being covered by The Wild Hunt and other media outlets.  Why it is so important has less to do with Brock Turner and more to do with Pagans coming together with collective agency to unite for change.

Right, Brock Turner. I don’t know much about this case except that he apparently raped someone, got convicted, and…maybe isn’t serving as much time as is standard for men who rape. Something like what, six months with half of it served? Which, if I recall correctly, is about what a woman who engages in statutory rape gets when she rapes a young man.

So…hurray for gender equality?

good jobOf course, most laws say that women can’t even rape men, so it’s hard to get a true comparison of what gender neutral sentencing would be in this case. But apparently, people are not happy that Brock is not getting punished enough for…what ever reason it was.

But I wanna do some rephrasing again here:

“Why it is so important has less to do with this particular Nigger and more to do with White Folks coming together with collective agency to unite for change.”


“Why it is so important has less to do with homosexuality and more to do with Muslims coming together with collective agency to unite for change.”

Huh, well, it certainly doesn’t sound any more just or lawful. It’s not even about punishing a guilty person, for being guilty, it’s about believers coming together to unite for change in society. Change according not to laws, or justice, or about achieving justice, but about applying their essential morality upon society through mob effort. Via Religious Violence.

…There has been a huge injustice to women with this case, a man being sentenced to six months of jail time, three months served.  This is the perpetuation of rape culture in America.

“There has been a huge injustice to the women in this case…”

Wait..that’s not what they said…

There has been a huge injustice to women with this case…

Huh…so..not only is it “less important” to hex this Rapist because he is the Rapist in this case, the huge injustice has been done to Women as a whole…not to his victim or victims…

But…wasn’t the whole reason to hex this Brock kid because he got such a light sentince and this was a denial of justice? While I will admit, that does seem a bit light for your average rape confiction, the author isn’t even speaking of justice for the victims of Brock…but “justice for women as a whole” becuase “rape culture.”

Rape Culture is a complex set of beliefs that encourage male sexual aggression and supports violence against women…

Except this is not what is happening here. Brock got caught, he got convicted, and he got sentenced. Now, admittedly it’s kinda really small and shitty and I have no idea why he got such a light punishment…but he is being punished. So…this is not encouraging male sexual aggression at all. And even if the legal punishment is light, this dude’s social punishment is just beginning. He is never coming back from this.

There is a domestic terrorist in the United States, that needs dealing with…

I’ll say. Orlando was terrible. What are we at, over fifty dead and as many, if not more, maimed and wounded? We certainly do have domestic terrorists in the USA and they most certainly do need dealing with!

And it wasn’t the first here in the USA, or in Europe, but one of a long chain of violent attacks in the name of religious supremacy and violence as people try to enforce their morality through violence upon the non-believer. Such actions are inexcusable.

…That terrorist is Rape Culture…

wutI know this post about Hexing Brock got published before Orlando happened (at least, I think it did) but still…damn.

We have literal terrorists going around blowing people up, killing people in clubs, in newspaper offices, etc..but no, Rape Culture is the real terrorist.

And you know what, hel, I’d give our author a bit of credit for doing this…if he wasn’t going after a white kid whose already going to prison. I mean, fucking Hel, if our author was talking about Hexing the shit out of the Grooming Gangs that plague England (like the one they found in Rotherham, where Islamic men gang raped 1200+ underaged girls for 20 years and the cops did nothing), I might be willing to agree to”Rape Culture Terrorist.” Or even the mass sex assaults that have been sweeping Europe since new Years, or that have turned Sweden in to the Rape capital of the world, if our author was talking about any of that as a Terrorist Rape Culture, you know, rapes engaged in to cause Terror, sure.

But this ain’t “Hexing Mohamed,” or “Hex Rotherham,” or anything like that. No, this is about coming together to hex some kid because “Women” and “rape culture” not because “he did bad” and “his actual victims need justice.”

…The tower times are now!  To quote Yeshe Mathews, “When the Goddess abandons herself, the universe is plunged into chaos.” We are in chaos, there is an assault on women and it is unmitigated it the brazen terror. The terror that continues to harm, and tells victims they are at fault when left unconscious and unable to defend themselves, at the mercy of two passerby’s to notice them behind dumpsters. That is the chaos of a world spun out of control, a spiral that is no longer dancing; but rather waging a wars.

You know, I get it. I honestly do. It must be completley daunting to face an actual rape culture and not know how to deal with it. To have to figure out how to hex an unknown percentage of Muslim Refugees and immigrants who are going about committing mass rapes against women because their culture says it’s good an acceptable to do so.

I mean, your friends will no doubt call you a racist because the Rapist happens to have darker skin than his victim. And you can’t be sure who is and isn’t until it’s over, and even then the Cops will probably try to cover it up because the Governments don’t want to look bad about bringing this new problem into nations were a woman would walk down the street in a bikini and largely go unharmed.

But all this post seems to be is dodging an actual rape culture to attack a largely fictitious (and demonstrably false) rape culture by attacking a dude because he happens to be a dude convicted and not even for the sake of his victims but because the author wants to feel like they’re doing something for “all women.”

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised at a feminist doing the equivalent of complaining about an image of a woman in a bikini being sexist while ignoring women being gang raped.


So what can magic makers do? We could write blogs and speak out, and many do.  Or we can act! As several did last night. We can use our collective power to bind rapists to have their monikers of “rapist” to be held over them for the duration of their lives. Let them feel the confinement of their crime. Their right to sovereign hood taken from them and replaced with menial employment, doors closed, and opportunities lost like fulfilling relationships, joy, and peace of mind.

burn picardSo…exactly what was going to happen to him even if you didn’t Hex him?

Look, his crime is inexcusable and he is never going to be excused by society. This Brock kid is going to be known as a rapist for the rest of his life. He’s never going to find a good job (if he finds one at all), he’s always going to be haunted by his conviction (and have to admit it on every job application, college application, etc), and he’s probably not going to have much in the way of friends or relationship etc…and that was all going to happen naturally.

Fucking Hel, the kid’s probably going to suicide in a few years anyways.

So what was the bloody hel point in that hex? You’ve done nothing. You’ve engaged in religious violence against another human being, you engaged in extrajudicial violence, surpassing the bounds of law and violating the social contract between all peoples….to do something with absolutely no effect what so ever.

17394_948210818545375_7178869635832127962_nThis is practically like a suicide bomber going into a government building and blowing it up…except the building was already abandoned and slated for demolition in six months. Hooray, you got your message across in an entirely pointless act of petulant violence!


For the apologists who make egregious statements, we can curse upon them that they know the burden of impotence for their ignorance.  These young men are not  “promising and full of potential” but rather full of rage, power, and anger. It is the fault of systems broken, parenting that doesn’t teach boys to respect women, and caters towards the privileged class instead of seeing equality.

“For the Infidels who make egregious statements, we can curse upon them that they know the burden of impotence for their ignorance.  These Sinful Kufar are not  “promising and full of potential” but rather full of rage, power, and anger. It is the fault of systems broken, parenting that doesn’t teach boys to respect women, and caters towards the sinful instead of Allah, (pbuh).”

Huh, what do you know, the language of excused violence really doesn’t change that much.


But most importantly,  The Hex of Brock Turner is the Hex on Rape Culture. The ultimate failure towards the victim, our society at large, and even Brock Turner is the judicial system that continues to fail.  While we can lay claim to one judge who set president that yes continues to say women don’t matter and white men do. This is but one case of many where affluent men make some laws and avoid others. His ilk are the hex. The judicial system that empowers patriarchy and silences women by making women guilty of being empowered about their right to self determination, including the right to say NO!

The judicial system that empowers patriarchy and silences women by making women guilty of being empowered about their right to self determination, including the right to say NO!

I’ve written some awkward stuff, I’ll admit but this bit…

Is the author saying that allowing women agency is something our court systems consider them guilty for? Like, because a woman can say no, she is now guilty of her rape if she doesn’t say no? Is that the argument here?

But hey, let’s just go have ourselves a lynching, because to punish one man is to punish all men! And we need to punish him because the judge didn’t punish him enough, Damn Honky Cracker!

The judicial system, society, the media, is guilty of denying the basic human inherent worth and dignity to women, and thus in turn the Goddess. When you rape women, you rape the Goddess. When you deny women justice, you deny the Goddess.

Feminism is a religion of peace, believe us or we’ll murder you.

I love how there is absolutely no proof or reality to this claim. Clearly, our society doesn’t punish rapists, at all. And women have absolutely no rights in our society, at all. And our base insistence on the occasional amount of scientific evidence before we throw someone in prison is but evidence of our bias and hatred against women. Why, our women are forced to wear black bags that cover their entire bodies and they’re automatically blamed for when they are raped, Hel, we even stone them for committing sex out of wedlock or adultery when they’re raped.


Yet when we seek restorative justice, we seek the Goddess. When we STOP the terrorism, we Invite the Goddess.

Sooo, “Hex Rotherham 2016” is a Go then? You’re going to lay down some Hexes on all the Islamic Men who raped all those young women while the Cops did nothing?

Or maybe something about all the other mass sex attacks?

Or possibly “Hex ISIS” in response to their mass murder of Gay men?

donald_thumbs_upYes, let’s do this! Let’s make Paganism Great Again!

Somewhere in this process is the healing work. The work that brings victim to survivor. The invitation to dialogue and the peace that comes when a woman can feel safe, secure, and supported. However, of the many women I speak and work with; know intimately that moment rarely comes. For those who have been assaulted, it rarely comes. It is from a place of seeking change and betterment for all women that many, hundreds in fact possibly more that black candles and thread came out last night.

Yes, because there is no difference between an assassin and a healer.

You know what would have been a better use of magical resources? Casting a blessing to help victims heal. I mean, I can’t imagine it would have taken all that much effort than doing a hex would have. Probably less, truth be told, for I’m sure that the Goddess (whichever one this is) would be more happy to heal wounds.

But nope, couldn’t cast a healing spell could you. Had to go and get your vengance on, go all Death Wish (or Hex Wish) and mow down rapists and rape culture (while apparently dodging actual rape cultures). Because the gun in your hand feels better than a cup of tea, because giving into your rage feels better than letting someone else weep.

Congratulations, you have discovered the moment when your ego and ideology surpassed your selflessness and humanity.


Last night, I hexed a rapist. It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. And I am not sorry. To stand for justice we must dig deeply into the place that embodies the heart of the matter. It’s time to make change. Now is that time.

WhiteKnightWell done, well done indeed.

Taking the law into your own hands, enacting religious violence against those you feel deserve it for their sinful ways, and justifying it in the name of your Deity.

You, sir, are a hero and a credit to your gender. Why, would that more people thought like you did. Certainly, the world would be a much better place. Indeed, I cannot see why anyone would have a problem with your righteous actions. For truthfully, what could be more righteous, more holy, more desirable than to enact thy God’s Justice upon the sinner?





Hela Bless

(P.s. I really wouldn’t try putting one of your Hexes on me in response to this DuPree, 😉 )