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So, we’ve been hearing (and talking) about something happening in Oaxaca, Mexico, but who really know what it is? I mean, Rhyd made a giant post about how Liberal Democracies were dying and mentioned Oaxaca as an example/symptom, but he didn’t explain what was happening down there. No, he spent most of his time lying about what Liberal Democracies are and calling the UK racist.

But thankfully, someone has heard the cries of the masses and decided to enlighten us about what Oaxaca is! The Gods be praised, for they have given us the Radical Sean Donahue, who will tell us all about it in: Oaxaca’s Emergency, Oaxaca’s Example

While in the global North, markets and international alliances  are being shaken by the aftermath of Brexit, and people and communities are being terrorized by the same kind of racist and xenophobic anti-immigrant movements that drove English and Welsh majorities to vote for the United (for the moment) Kingdom to leave the European Union, to our South, in Oaxaca, the resurgence of a liberation movement “from below and to the left,” on the tenth anniversary of the state’s last uprising, Oaxaca has a lot to teach those of us who are dedicated to the end of capitalism and the re-enchantment of the world.

So the UK decides to leave the EU to preserve their culture and identity from the imperialistic colonization of an authoritarian Pan-European force seeking to colonize them…and they’re bad, evil racists whose communities are now terrorized by anti-immigrant xenophobes…

But Oaxaca is revolting again against to preserve their culture and identity from the imperialistic colonization of the authoritarian Pan-Mexican government which seeks to force them to adopt Mexican Uberculture…and they’re valiant heroes despite the fact their lands are now terrorized by armed conflict.

irony priateStill, I’m sure that judging these self same actions by the lens of G&R will prove enlightening.

Oaxaca has a long history of struggle. The Zapotec people fiercely defended their sovereignty from the Aztec empire for centuries before they faced Spain’s genocidal invasion – and they continue to resist attempts at eradication and assimilation today…

How positively racist, anti-immigrant, and xenophobic of them.

Frankly, it sounds like these Zapotec peoples are rife with fascist ideals. Clearly bigoted with their non-acceptance of immigrants from the Aztec peoples, and the Spanish peoples. Or even their fellow Mexican peoples in the present day. Why, I bet they spread vicious lies about how the Mexican government want to wipe out their people’s identity and culture with some sort of “Zapotec Genocide.” Probably even told stories about Aztec and Spanish immigrants, fleeing the conflict of their homelands, were doing nothing but bringing their violence with them and raping Zapotec women.

Frankly, I am ashamed to see a writer for G&R espousing, nay, supporting such bigotry and racism as these Zapotec people are clearly showing now and have shown in history.

shame 1

…Oaxaca was also the home to the Magón brothers, anarchists who organized a movement that helped spark the Mexican Revolution. For at least seven hundred years, Oaxacans have risen up repeatedly against outside forces trying to impose control.

So not only are they xenophobic bigots who spread vicious and racist lies about immigrants, they’ve also famous for a pair of terrorist brothers who rose up and led the downfall of the Mexican Empire, one of the premier political powers on the Continent and turned what was once a proud and wealthy nation into a third world hellhole that Mexicans fight every day to leave?

According to Sean here, the Oaxaca people are so racist and xenophobic they will literally engender coups outside their lands against foreign peoples just because they hate them so much. Repeatedly. I mean, apparently there’s a history of racist, anti-immigrant bigotry here that they meet repeatedly with violence.

shame racoonRhyd, someone, Help! I thought you were supposed to fight against fascist ideas like being anti-immigrant and xenophobic! Why are you doing this? Why are you praising these people, these racists!!!

A decade ago, Oaxaca’s revolution briefly held the attention of people around the world.

In 2006, Mexico had been living with a decade and a half of the devastation brought on by NAFTA . NAFTA dumped cheap  genetically modified corn mass (produced in the U.S. midwest with massive government subsidies and tremendous infusions of petrochemicals) on rural markets in the mountains where the world’s first corn was grown. It also accelerated the privatization and breakup of the ejidos, the collective plots tended by communities for centuries.  This latter part was a repetition of what wealthy Europeans did to their own countries’ rural poor centuries earlier during the enclosures: driven then by a demand for land ownership by people made rich when Spain repaid its debts with looted Mexican gold, and now by logging and mining operations and Americans’ desire for cheap retirement homes.

Oh my god, Sean, no!

Racism, xenophobia, bigotry, and now insisting that even foreign goods and labor is destroying the local markets and way of life? That the solution to the problem is even more xeonophobia? Now the foreigner’s food is evil too? And the Mexican government is evil for trying to feed it’s people with cheaper grains? And this further xenophobia against Spanish immigrants who merely wanted to make better lives for their families back home?

Oh Rhyd, how could you let someone so bigoted and vile onto your glorious site? You were the chosen one Rhyd, you were meant to purify the world…not destroy it with bigotry and racism…

sad owl

Almost an entire generation of young Oaxacans had been forced to migrate north to work in sweatshops along the U.S. border, or to cross the border to find work in the U.S. or Canada…

Now, these people with a long history of xenophobia and bigotry towards immigrants are made to immigrate themselves, and know the pain and suffering of displaced peoples like those they violently and racistly kept from their lands.

Knowing the immigrants’ pain, the healing can finally begin.

…Teachers were among the last young adults left in many Oaxacan communities.   That spring, they went on strike, as much because the children they wanted to be in solidarity with their students who had little or nothing to eat and walked for miles to school with no shoes as because they needed to be paid a living wage — a focus consistent with the values and worldview of Indigenous culturse, where, in the words of Oaxacan social critic and philosopher, Gustavo Esteva “the we is the first layer of your being.”

Or not! Look at these teachers, preaching their xenophobia and racism to these children!

I mean, really, enforcing a tribalist identity onto these young people, pushing them to believe that they must keep themselves seperate and pure from those other peoples! What Bigotry! Why, this is no different from the Folkish Heathens who preach that their ways should be preserved and that hardwork is pleasing to their Gods! These tribalist and racist world views only breed racism and ignorance! And now, they breed violence, as these teachers and their students rise up and demand that other people in their nation furnish them with special treatment. Because why should they have to walk far and work hard like every other citizen in Mexico! Damn it, the Oaxacan communities are special, deserving of special treatment in keeping with their ancient tribal culture!

What privilege!!!!!

I mean seriously, this is no different than that xenophobic bigotry the Brits are doing by insisting they be allowed to make their own laws and govern their own nation, unlike everyone else in the EU. God damn it, but this racism, bigotry, and fascism makes me sick!


On June 14, 2006, Oaxaca’s Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz ordered police to break-up the teacher’s encampment in the Zocalo, the central square of the capitol city, Oaxaca de Juarez.   The raid came in the dead of night, and when the people heard the screams coming from the Zocalo, they grabbed rocks and boards and frying pans and rushed out into the streets, driving back the police and taking control of the city…

Well I am happy to see the government willing to stand up to fascists and take a hard stand on such privileged bigots and try to force their xenophobia off the streets. There is no place for racism like that in today’s society.

But what’s this? The racist bigots have driven back the police and proceeded to terrorize the city in what can only be described as unrestrained fascist, bigoted violence! These teachers have managed to motivate the people into embracing their fascist ideals and taking over, no doubt violently attacking and killing immigrants to their city!

It seems tolerance, diversity, and equality have been indeed dealt a harsh blow.

make it not so

…Community by community followed suit across the state.   And for five months — twice as long as the Paris Commune, the people of Oaxaca managed to create an independent, autonomous society with neighborhoods and villages organizing their own trash pick up, schools, health clinics, radio stations, and security in the face of raids by right wing paramilitary groups allied with the government.

It spread!!!!!!

These fascist teachers and their students managed to take over an entire area?! How was this allowed to happen? The terror and violence the poor immigrants peoples in that area must have faced as they were all brutally murdered in their beds. All those poor Mexicans. Gods, we must weep for their children. We need a hashtag for this.


We need to end the violence and the racism people. We need to call these xenophobic bigots out. Why, look at them, they managed to take over all their society and run it with clockwork precision. I bet even the trains ran on time. Those Nazis.

Let us all say a few prayers for those brave freedom fighters who tried to liberate their homes from these Fascist bigots as well. I mean, look at that. They take over the communities and institute armed forces to keep immigrants from getting in to their nation. Bigots, bigots all of them.


That all ended on October 27, when the paramilitaries murdered American activist and journalist, Brad Will.  The Mexican government used the death of an American to justify sending in the Federal Police, essentially a military force with domestic jurisdiction,- to crush the uprising — despite the fact that the video Will recorded of his own murder revealed that he was killed by forces loyal to Ruiz.. .

Oh man, and these fascist murdered an American Journalist after forcing him to blame the Mexican Government’s forces! Such vile, dishonorable actions! What tortures he must have suffered at these Fascists’ hands!

But thank the Gods, the Mexican government was able to enact some form of justice here and put an end to this fascist, bigoted uprising. At last, the immigrants can be safe from the terrorism of their xenophobic neighbors. Hopefully, those left alive can return to some semblance of a normal life.

Still, I think we need to help build a monument to the fallen immigrants who died to this Fascist Oaxacan state, however brief it was. Perhaps we can make a museum at one of the mass graves? It was a fitting memorial to the holocaust, and we must never forget, no matter where it happens in this world, that Fascism, Bigotry, and Xenophobia are no excuse to attack non-native citizens in your nation. Never Again.

sad computer

In the weeks that followed, many were killed or disappeared and thousands were imprisoned and tortured.  During that time, human rights activist Miguel Angel Vasquez said:

“There are legends in Oaxaca of people hiding beneath the rocks, and then coming back as animals. So maybe that’s what’s happening right now, people are hiding during this incredible strife that is happening right now. But perhaps they will return.”

As I suspect will be the fate of all Trump supporting Fascists after he is defeated! Such is the righteous fate of fascists, bigots, and racists! They should be hunted down, they have no place in a good, liberal, tolerant, diverse society!

But I see that like all fascists, these Oaxacans are no different. Oh, they may hide their bigotry and racism, but they’re just waiting until we’re tolerant and equal in our society so they can use enteryism to once again try and take over our society!

We must be ever vigilant, my Radical friends, in the face of fascist infiltration and their bigoted ideals of self preservation, nationalism, self determination, and anti-immigration xenophobia!

proud dog

Now, ten years later, Oaxaca is the site of demonstrations and rolling road blockades by teachers who are once again on strike, not only for their right to fair wages, but for the survival of their culture…

What did I tell you! A mere ten years, and these fascist students have grown up to be fascist teachers, indoctrinating a new generation with their hatred and xenophobia! And all in the name of self determination and the survival of their bigoted, misogynistic, anti-immigrant culture!




…The federal government has imposed a harsh package of “education reforms”, at the urging of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a policy arm of the many-armed creature that is the network of global capitalist financial institutions. Education will no longer be funded by taxes, but rather by bonds sold on the global market, making the educational system accountable to investors rather than to the community. In order to prove that education bonds are a good investment, the federal government is also pushing changes that make it easier to dismiss teachers, subject teachers to a standardized evaluations, and homogenize the curriculum. Oaxaca has long been the site of innovative community-based education that incorporates Indigenous perspectives and knowledge, and the freedom to continue to teach in ways that promote cultural revitalization is greatly compromised by the new education policies. Many of Oaxaca’s teachers see their strike as a struggle for cultural survival.

Well, look at this.

The Mexican government is trying to improve the educational system of their country. Get it good funding, standardize the curriculum, and make sure they have competent, professional, and no doubt diverse teachers to educate the students on the values of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance…

Something that would only ever improve the lives of the children of Mexico.


rage islamic

On June 19, while he was enjoying a wedding reception, Oaxaca’s Governor Gabino Cue ordered police, armed with tear gas and guns, to take down the teachers’ blockade at Nochixtlan. The police killed nine people, injured 100, and arrested dozens. 23 people disappeared.

It’s good to see that enlightened leaders know there is no resting when racism and fascism are about. Not even a wedding, one of the most sacred times, is an excuse to let fascists run wild with their racism and bigotry.

And if Chris and other Anti-Fascists have taught me anything, it’s that a few fascists being killed, or arrested, is a price well worth paying. It preserves our tolerant and diverse society.

Oaxacans have responded with marches and more blockades. The blockades have spread to the neighboring state of Chiapas, where the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) has again declared its solidarity with the teachers’ struggle. This week brought the murder of 27 year old community journalist and Mixteca sovereignty activist, Salvador Olmos Garcia, by police. The people have come out from beneath the stones.

Well, amazing. The fascists are protesting their suppression and engaging in more fascism! More fascist, xenophobic violence by these anti-immigrant nationalists! And it’s spreading to this Chiapas place. And this Zapatista army is clearly Nationalist in nature and if Militant Nationalists are joining in with these anti-immigrant, self deterministic nationalists, well.

That’s only further proof of their fascist guilt.

doom face

From after that point in the article, Sean proceeds to…make the entire rest of the article about himself, how the revolts made him feel, and talk about Brad Will.

Even though he starts off saying he doesn’t want to do that. And I swear, just skimming over it the part about him is as long, if not longer, than the part about Oaxaca’s struggle. It’s all very self reflective, talks about when he went down there and helped some people. It’s a nice, personal story that humanizes the struggle of the people as they fight to maintain their self determination, their inherent culture, and their native ways.

Not unlike my own sympathies with the plight of the British and other European peoples in their own attempts to maintain their self determination, their inherent cultures, and their native ways. After witnessing account after account of mass gang rape, mass sexual assaults, mass crime waves, and other forms of violence brought about by a globalist culture intent on assimilating everyone into its existence at the cost of native identities and cultures.

No doubt, if Sean reads this post of mine, he will be enraged and insulted. How dare I compare the struggle of his beloved and respected Oaxacan’s to the racist bigotry of the UK. Still, it is my hope that he, or at least someone out there, will realize that the struggle of one of these peoples is indeed the same struggle of the other.

It can be painted as from the left, or the right, but left and right do not matter. What motivates people isn’t as important as what they do. A Leftist Nationalism is not better than a Rightist Nationalism. They are both Nationalism. To say that one is better than the other is to say that a goose is better than a duck…but they are both birds in equal measure.

Self determination is a right all people have. Self preservation is a right all people have. Sometimes you have to defend that right with a vote. Sometimes you have to defend that right with a gun. The Oaxacan defended their rights with a Gun. The UK defended their rights with a vote.

Both peoples want to keep their native ways in their Native homelands.

Both people want to prevent violence and colonization from outside forces who seek to undo their ancestral ways.

The Oaxacan are good to Sean because he knows them, he relates to them. He has seen their suffering.

The UK is good to me because I know them, I relate to them. I have seen their suffering.

As I demonstrated with extreme satire above…all the actions the Oaxacan are taking and their motivations can be viewed as racist, fascist, xenophobic, terroristic, bigoted, and every other slur one has heard about the Leave people of the UK. With complete validity, from a certain point of view. Every good and noble thing I’ve said about the Mexican government is something you could apply to the EU and any actions they might take against the peoples of Britannia, or any self deterministic group of any European nation, for attempting to leave. Again, with complete validity, from a certain point of view.

What is good for one person, must be good for all people. That is equality.

What is bad for one person, must be bad for all people. That is equality.

Because if it is good for one person, or one group of people, and bad for another, that is an act of discrimination, of racism. To say that one “race” may have a right that another “Race” may not is to claim that one race is superior to the other, that it should have privileges above another race.

So I ask you…

Is this desire for self determination and ethnic integrity good?

Or is it bad?

Are the Oaxacans fascist, racist, anti-immigrant bigots.


Are the peoples of the UK just another group of people resisting colonization and imperialism?

You get to pick. And you get to pick in such a way that either you’re a Racist…

Or your not.


Hela Bless