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You know, I have read only two pieces by Peter Dybing to my knowledge. The first one was him “calling in” DuPree over having dared to allow Barrett to have a voice in a discussion that involved Barrett’s religious views about Trans-sexuality. In which Dybing flat out insisted that DuPree denounce Barrett as a seductress whore who had seduced him into believing she had a right to free speech and freedom of religion, and committ fully to Social Justice and Trans-Activism. And burn any woman who dared disagree with transgenderism, because that’s what Feminism apparently teaches.

Which, I’ll be honest, was bad enough. But then apparently Dybing has decided to way in on the recent mass shooting in Dallas, where I believe 12-13 people were shot and I’ve heard 5-6 people were killed…with all the dead being police officers. And what can we expect from our Social Justice worshiping Dybing? Why, an article entitled: A Lack of Empathy In the Face of Violence

And I’ll give Dybing this…he’s being completely honest with this title. He has absolutely no empathy in the face of this violence. I will warn you, before we start, please obtain throw-up trays, air-sick bags, and pillows for beating the shit out of. This one…it’s rough.

It has taken me some time to process my feelings about the events in Dallas. As a life long Firefighter / EMT who proudly wore a badge, most would suspect that I would have an empathetic reaction to the murder of police officers; that I would join millions of Americans in shock and dismay at the clearly horrifying violence…

Well, that would indeed be a reasonable assumption. Police officers, firefighters, and EMT people are all “First responders” to situations and to my understanding tend to have a very close relationship with each other. Indeed, few other professions are so tightly linked and even reliant on each other. How many cops have been saved by EMTs and Firefighters, and how many EMTs and Firefighters have been protected by the flesh and blood wall of the police in violent emergencies?

So, one would expect that an EMT/Firefighter who probably owes his life to several cops, and who has probably saved the lives of several more, would have some empathy for a near dozen cops gunned down by a sniper while shielding the very people protesting their profession and even their very existence.


…Of course, I do oppose violence, and believe that the shooting’s are wrong, but here is the rub; in truth I don’t feel a thing…

Sad-X-All-The-YI wasn’t kidding about the lack of empathy.

…I watch and ponder the incredible complexity of events that have lead to this moment in history and wonder how so many now grieve when these same people ignore the deaths of so many people of color at the hands of the police.

Oh, that’s easy Dybing. Here’s the “complex series of events” that have led to this moment.

1) Black kid attempt to kill a police officer, gets killed in self defense

2) Black people, eager to feel special, lie about the entire thing, paint all cops as racist killers, proceed to list any time a black person dies at the hands of a cop as a racist killing.

3) Turns out, some black people do stupid shit and threaten other people’s lives and force the cops to kill them. Then, regardless of who they were hurting at the time, they’re now “victims” of “police brutality.”

4) BLM starts insisting that black people need to “rise up” and start “taking back the streets” and “killing cops.” The Black President, Black head of the DoJ, and a shit ton of white social justice warriors respond by supporting BLM, denouncing “police violence,” and completely forgiving any violent, unlawful, and unconstitutional actions said movement takes.

5) Some black kid, fed a narrative of racism, hatred, bigotry, and violence, decides he needs to get woke, and make the night lit by gunning down cops at a BLM protest.

And now we’re left with 5 or 6 dead cops who were completely innocent of racially motivated violence or even the shooting of “unarmed” black people, that died protecting the very people protesting their existence, because a bunch of idiots see a power grab to be had on the dead bodies of dead criminals and dead cops.

good cop meme 2

Clearly there is only one person responsible for these violent actions, the shooter him self. This person robbed six families of dear loved ones. Responsibility being assigned to this one obviously extremist individual however, is only a minor piece of the puzzle that makes up this complex situation.

You know, it’s funny. If this had been a white shooter who sniped a bunch of black protesters…instead of a black sniper who killed a bunch of cops who were mostly white…I suspect Dybing would have a much, much different take on this whole situation.

Still, it is a complex situation, so I’ll put up a video that talks about it:

For years now the African American community has been seeking legitimate redress for the pattern of violence by police towards people of color. At every turn, our nation has responded with distraction, white washing and blatant increased oppression in the face of the message of Black Lives Matter.

Uh huh.

Look, I’ve talked about this a lot, and I really just need to make a page I can link to for this shit. But back before BLM stopped listing names of “unarmed” black people killed by cops, I used to look them up as new ones happened.

But it all started with the grand marshal, Michael Brown, killed as he tried to murder a cop.

The guy in NYC, who died as a result of the physical exertions he committed violently resisting SIX officers.

The lady shot outside a Home Depot as she tried to carjack the car of another woman, who I think had a child in the back seat.

The list goes on, and on, and on. I looked up every name. I researched multiple news sites for each one I could find. And time and time again, they were killed as a result of taking lethally violent actions against cops, violent actions against innocent civilians, or in a couple cases, by being a complete dumb ass and looking like they were about to gun the cops down. Heck, I read the day I’m writing this, that the one of the “unarmed” black men whose deaths were being protested at the Dallas event…was in fact armed and that his girlfriend who “narrated” the entire attack was lying her ass off the entire time. I’m still waiting on confirmation, but I heard it from several sources that generally pull through for being true.

At which point I have to ask “what is legitimate redress?” The black people killed by the police have, as a rule, been acting in a violently criminal manner and refused to stop all the way up to being shot. Should black people now be allowed to commit crimes that no other ethnic group is allowed to, because it is “racist” to demand they obey the same laws that all other people are held to regardless of their races?

I’m not saying cops don’t go too far sometimes, but when every single case I have researched with my own eyes was literally the black person’s own fault for being killed, and were generally killed as an act of defense, I have to ask what the fuck is going on with the black community insisting that these people were the victims and the cops who in some cases were saving their lives or the lives of others…are the villains?

These events brought to mind a line from the Declaration of Independence:

“In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

Welp, Dybing just tried to use the Declaration of Independence to…basically justify armed rebellion by Black people against the police and the government. And he wonders why some BLM supporting, black supremacist nationalist went off and shot up a bunch of cops. Because time and again, people like Dybing justify the violence against cops that BLM constantly calls for. It’s just that this time, it got a bit more public than other BLM inspired cop killings.

But let’s think about this. The Founding Fathers who wrote the DoI were doing so because for years they had protested the fact that they and their peoples were taxed without representation in the English government. And all their protests were met with harsher taxes and sometimes martial violence. The rebellion started because law abiding citizens were being denied a voice in their governance and were met with violence when they insisted it was their right as citizens.

On the other hand BLM have been protesting the fact that they and “their people” are being killed by Cops…despite the fact that black people are cops and are completely represented in both law enforcement and the government. That the black people killed were not, in the vast majority of cases, law abiding citizens at all…but rather criminals acting in such a violent manner that it necessitated their being killed for the safety of civilians and officers. Black people, as a whole are invested and enfranchised with all the same rights as everyone within our governance…and yet they protest the killing of their criminal element as unjust, regardless of how violent that element was being.

No other group does this. Latinos as a rule are not running around screaming #LatinoLivesMatter when members of the Hispanic community are killed by cops. Members of the white community are not doing it, despite the fact that twice as many white people are killed by cops as black people are. Asians aren’t. Native Americans aren’t. Hell, even the Muslims aren’t. That is a question for the ages, isn’t it?

What has been eating at me is not responsibility for the single act of violence but the issue of complicity. What societal actions and conditions lead to an extremist picking up a gun to commit violence? The only reasonable answer is ongoing and unaddressed oppression

Actually, the only reasonable answer is the ongoing and unaddressed racism and calls for violent killing of cops by BLM protestors, which have received tacit permission to carry on without consequence from the federal government and department of justice.

But there I go again, getting Truths on people’s narratives.

son of hel deal with it

People of Color are being killed by police at a rate that is many times the rate of police shooting white people. Today I am considering the complex network of complicity in this violence.

Well, I hope your “complex network of complicity” includes the black community. Because, I’ll be honest…Black people are being killed at a rate by police that is many times higher than every other ethnic group out there. I mean, fucking hela, the Hispanic community has the Cartels to deal with and even they do not get gunned down by cops like what is apparently happening with Black people.

And of course, there is the whole 80% of black people are killed by black people thing. Which, I wonder if BLM is ever going to address the number of “unarmed” black people killed by cops who were in the process of trying to kill another black person. Frankly that would be a number I’m much interested in. But of course, black people killing black people isn’t the problem. It’s when them damn dirty crackers decide to kill black people as they’re trying to hurt everyone else.

dindu nuffin 2

To those who have supported the “white washing” and dilution of the message of Black Lives Matter with the slogan #alllivesmatter, you are complicit in the murder of these police officers.

Remember, All Lives Don’t Matter.

Hispanic lives don’t matter. Asian lives don’t matter. Native American Lives don’t matter. Middle Eastern lives don’t matter. White lives don’t matter. Jew lives don’t matter.

Only Black Lives Matter.

And if you believe that all life is precious…then you’re responsible for a black supremacist gunning down cops and civilians, because you wouldn’t support his message of racial superiority and right to racial violence.


To those who benefit from the abusive cycle of “revenue policing”, which disproportionately traps poor people of color in a pattern of fines, job loss, jail and the disability of criminal history. You are complicit in the murder of these police officers.

So…everyone then who is protected by law enforcement and lives in a world where black criminals are not allowed to riot and loot to their little black hearts’ content then? Yeah, okay, everyone.

Dybing has just said that the fact we have police is the reason these cops are dead.

You know, I thought Rhyd had taken the cake when he went with the whole “crimes are a sign of the failures of liberal democracies because they define certain actions as crimes.” But this just takes that cake away from Rhyd and smears itself all over Dybing’s face.

autism 2Congrats Dybing. You have discovered a logical black hole from which I am not sure there is any escape.

To those who have attacked the credibility of Black Lives Matter with false accusations of violence you are complicit in the murders of these police officers.

They’re not false accusations of violence. Especially not now. So…well done, Dybing.

Also, everyone who called out BLM for advocating hatred, racism, and violence…you’re now responsible for that hatred, racism, and violence that you called out.

You know, for such a die hard feminist, Dybing is doing a shit ton of victim blaming in this post….

To those who have supported the criminalization of the Homeless, a population that is disproportionately made up of people of color, you are complicit in the murder of these police officers.

Oh now you’re just reaching, Dybing. This level of desperate rationalization to protect your sacred order is just getting sad.

To those who support the #bluelivesmatter movement, appropriating the language of a social justice movement in order to repress it, you are complicit in the murder of these police officers.

trump enemiesAnd every cop just voted for Trump. And everyone who support cops just voted for Trump.

That’s right people, standing up for Cops and believing their lives matter is making you responsible for these dead cops. If only you hadn’t tried to stand against a racially supremacist hate group who lies whole cloth and makes up accusations about everything under the sun to justify their hatred, bigotry, and racially motivated violence. If only you had obeyed and bent your knees…then this would never have happened.

We need a conversation about police violence in this country, about people of color being the focus of the violence and the sad lack of empathy from white America in the face of an average of 15 people per week being killed by police.

I absolutely agree, Dybing. Let’s have that conversation. Let’s get all the facts, all the evidence, about all these incidents.

And when they show that 90+% of the time, the Cops were in the right and the Black person was breaking the law and violently hurting people…you can take off your underwear and eat it on live camera. Because your precious BLM movement is built on nothing but lies and racism. And the Truth Will Out. Why do you think they stopped giving out the names of their “martyrs.”

When oppression given voice is responded to with minimization, deflection and further oppression the victims will eventually take up arms in their own defense.  It is not a matter of if we support such action, but a question of if we are going to realize the political reality and respond with compassion, open discussion and an adjustment of our national approach in establishing social justice in time to prevent further violence.

Sooo…complete capitulation or we’re going to have a race war on our hands.

race warWell, I’m sure this is only going to cement my apparently ever growing reputation as a Nazi, but if my two options are a) complete capitulation to a racist movement built on lies which believes black criminals have the right to do whatever they want and I’m evil for wanting everyone to obey the same laws, or b) black people rise up and try to kill everyone who isn’t black and everyone who isn’t black has to team up in a diverse collections of different ethnicties and kill all the violent black people…

Fuck it, I will join with my Hispanic and Asian brothers and apparently join in this mortal “good ol’ boy” culture. I mean, I always figured if I burned a cross it would be part of a viking raid against some church as I stole all their gold and beautiful women, but hey, I’m open to trying things from other cultures. I’m not a racist.

nazi smile

Maybe it’s time we again embrace the truth of words of our founding document and find a way to abolish our culture of oppression without further violence; the alternative is unthinkable!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. 


Well, given that this “cultural oppression” is in the form of “everyone is held to obey the laws equally, regardless of their race.” And Dybing and BLM is apparently insisting that we “allow black people to not be held to the same standards of lawful behavior as all other races,” I’m going actually agree with Dybing that we need to embrace the truths of our Founding Fathers:

That all men are crated equal, and thus all men are equally capable of following the law. That they are endowed with certain inalienable rights, the rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,* and that these rights shall be defended and enforced against those who would enact against them by committing crimes upon the innocent.

mike brown memeNow, BLM, Dybing, and everyone else is more than welcome to try and alter or abolish our government as it attempt to enforce the laws equally, even if it means that some people get killed as they attempt to break the law and harm the innocent. OF course, should they ever try to abolish it in a glorified race war, I and many other are also free to put boot to ass, and gun to skull, and defend the rights of the innocent and defend a government that, in this regard at least, has not completely failed me or my fellow citizens.

But hey, go ahead, git rid of all the cops. I’m sure it will solve all of your problems and no black person will every be killed again.

black on black


Well Shit.


Bellona Invicta

*The pursuit of Happiness has not, and never shall, include the right to commit theft or murder, no matter how happy it might make you.