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In Nietzschian philosophy, there are two ends of the spectrum. The Apollonian, which is about logic and reason, and the Dionysian, which is about the primal madness. In each person, there lives the Apollonian Heights and the Dionysian Depths.

If these sound familiar, it is because Nietzsche named them for Apollo and Dionysus. The God of the Sun and the God of Madness, respectively (if simply).

Recently, I have had pause to wonder over the last several months of my writing. Well, to be honest, the last year or so of my writing. Ostensibly, as a God of Helheim, more specifically of Law, Justice, and Retribution under Hela, my job is supposed to be pretty basic. Tend to the dead, see that they are respected as is their due, possibly avenge any wrongs that they have suffered at their deaths or desecration done upon their souls/graves/bodies. In a much simpler time, this would have involved traveling around, tending to graves, repairing damages, seeing to offerings, and occasionally killing someone who had slighted the dead or was acting as a necromancer of the kind that forces spirits to their will.

Yeah, I know, job description at least a few hundred years out of date. But hey, the gods are timeless beings who know that what was will come again, and that this present “civilization” will probably fall apart at some point to where everyone is once again living with a sword in their hand. Which I’m fine with, because as much as I might like Star Trek…we’re probably never going to get to that world. And I was always more of a Star Wars fan (at least until Disney bought it out and killed everything).

But what can you do, when you’re in love and your wife asks you to become a god to help restore some of the balance of the world?

Still, as I look over things this last year…there’s not much of me doing that. Well, I’ve defended the honor of the dead to be sure (even if I haven’t killed anyone for that honor). But most of my time and practice as far as this blog has gone has been…defending the rights and honor of the living.

Bloody Hela, but that was no where in the job description. From mass murdering religious radicals and the near Vichi collaborators who excuse all their actions, to atheists who feel that god worship pagans need to shut up, marxists who want to take away everyone’s rights in the name of Eutopia, to people so caught up in their gender identities that they’ll annihilate anyone who doesn’t capitulate. All these things and more I find myself drawn to, sometimes compelled to, stand against.

And I’m someone who for most of his demonic existence planned on being a mass murdering super villain intent on global domination, because dear gods is Humanity filled right to the brim with a bunch of fucktards whose existence makes me want to wipe out the planet and maybe start over again. And that was before I learned the full extent of human extremisms. So yeah…I’m honestly a bit confused how I ended up standing up and defending people sometimes.

But it does make me wonder…what happened to make the guy with illusions of planetary destruction suddenly start being the voice of reason. I literally threw myself into the Dionysian Abyss and came out the other side a veritable monster. And yet some how I manage to be the voice of Apollonian reason most of the time, insisting that one should not run roughshod over the rights of one’s fellow man simply because they do not ken to your personal morality, be it Marxist, Transgenderist, or Islamist?

I do not want to have to defend the living. I do not want to have to be the voice of reason. I am tired of everyone slandering the dead for their own gain, or creating new dead to get their way. I do not want to be the Apollonian.

So for the love of the Gods, shape up, start respecting each other, and stop this authoritarian, totalitarian, “we must destroy the “New Right”/Infidel/insertappropriategrouphere” shit…or fucking stop being cowards and just go full on balls to the wall so I can show you what lies in the abyss with the dead. As they say in Zombieland: “Nut up or shut up.”

Cause I’m getting real tired of your weaksauce. You ain’t badasses, you ain’t warrior, you ain’t heroes, you ain’t anything but a bunch of self entitled brats and while I’m happy to wait till you’re all dead to tear your souls a new one (and believe me, a lot of you are headed to Helheim like it or not), I cannot stress how sick I am of your extremism and your lies.

Because when the madmen are the voices of reason in this world…you dun fucked up.

Svartwulf þola