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So as anyone who has followed this blog for a while might have guessed…I’m pretty “amoral.” I suppose that could be due to the fact that during my formative years, I read a story called “Never Cut Twice” which was a Naruto fanfic that addressed how one could become disillusioned with one’s people, especially upon realizing that everything that made your enemies “Bad” was often enough the exact same behaviors that made your people “good” when they did them.

It’s a lesson I learned that has proven itself true time and time again. Often enough, the very actions that make your enemies bad are the same actions that make you and yours good. And often enough when an enemy does an action it is bad, but that action becomes good when “you” do it. Not unlike how in the recent months’ discussion of Fascims vs Marxism coming into Paganism, being a collectivist group who uses pre-existing traditions to pull religions in their directions or violently rioting in the streets is bad when the facists do it, but it is totally good when the Marxists do it.

Another part to this “Amorality” is that I came to paganism originally through Alchemy, which is a very scientific and rational way of looking at the world, it simply includes the “supernatural” as part of that natural world. So I often tend to come from a rather “alchemical” or “Scientific” mindset. Part of this is that I cannot scientifically prove that the Gods (all, in part, or not at all) exist. I believe they exist, I have faith that they exist. I’ve talked to them, built relationships with them, married one of them, become one of them, but I cannot scientifically in a labratory prove that they exist. And since I cannot prove which, if any, exist scientifically I am also left in a place where I cannot prove that any moralitiest put forth by those Gods’ religions are “scientifically” True.

For all I know, the morality of ISIS is the fundamentally true morality for the universe, and they rest of us have just buggered it all up, like their God claims. Or the morality of the Heathen Gods is the true one, and everyone else has buggered it up. Or all the moralities are true. Don’t know, can’t prove it. I can only abide by the one I choose to embrace. But even as I embrace the morality of my Heathen Gods and their people, I do hold in my mind that there could be another morality that is the “Truth.” Even if I don’t embrace it or wouldn’t embrace it, should it be found.

I suppose this is why I have been labeled a lot of mean things behind my back (and too my face) by certain people. I do not embrace their morality, I often times reject their morality, but at the same time I do not even hold to a morality that they might define and refute. And I also am open minded to certain “moralities” which they find horribly offensive for…various reasons according to their moralities.

Like what apparently has happened with the AFA…again.

asatru war 1Now, I get the impression reading the AFA post by Matt Flavel that something might have happened to spark this post. What it is, I don’t know, but from the sound of what he’s saying I could guess it goes along the lines of someone was accusing the AFA of being homophobic or transphobic (or possibly just doing to them what happened with the Dianics where there was this whole thing about bio-centric ideals of womanhood vs trans-centric ideals of womanhood). At which point Flavel (who I am guessing by the amout of stuff before the term gothi is fairly high ranking (no I cannot be arsed to research it right now)) decided to come out and say “we like our women to be women, our men to be men, and our children to be of our folk for that is how we have a future.”

And of course HUAR has to jump on this like an addict on dirty crack and croak about how “look how racist the AFA is!!!!!” Because when you’re about three dudes and a facebook page, you don’t look like jealous cunts when you decide to defame an organization of thousands of members who just built their own temple. In the real world, by the way, not virtually.

Now, I’m not part of the AFA, and I don’t agree with all their views, but those are their views and they have a right to have them. And I cannot, objectively, prove that their morality is incorrect. I know that this presented morality is socially incorrect, but then I can also remember when homosexuality and transsexuality were socially incorrect moralities, or that racism was a socially correct morality, or that paganism as a whole was a socially incorrect morality that could get you burned alive.

And really, even going by socially accepted moralities…I can’t really be arsed to find fault with them. Heathenism has always been a very tribal religion, and even in the most “diverse and inclusive” heathen groups there is a great deal of tribalism. HUAR is nothing more than a tribe of “anti-racist” heathens who consider theirs the only true tribe worshiping the gods in the only true way, and they prove this by acting in tribalistic warfare against other heathen groups/tribes. The fact that the HUAR tribe is…all but dead, is socially ostracized by pretty much every other tribe of heathens out there, and is left to beat a dead horse of attempted validity by attacking far more successful tribes is just a example of this.

And let’s face it, despite all the hate leveled at them by “correctly moralled” individuals and groups, the AFA is the most successful heathen tribe on this planet as far as I can tell. Mostly because instead of screaming at everyone about how “they’re doing it wrong” the AFA seems to have just said, “This is how we do it, now lets get shit done.”

But tribalism is just another form of collectivism, and if recent events have shown me anything, its that a hell of a lot of people consider collectivism to be perfectly moral…when they do it. Black Lives Matter, Marxism, the Transgender/GLBT movement, etc, etc, etc. All groups that define themselves by sex, gender, race, or other forms of “tribe” have come together and started doing everything from online campaigns that cost people their jobs and place in society, to outright riots, looting, and murder. And not only do they do it, they are praised for doing it. After what, four or five years, the transgender pagan community has finally managed the near complete eradication of the Dianic religion as anything other than a secret religion…and they were cheered and abetted by dozens and dozens of people while they did it. I watch the news and the media either cheers or gives lengthy apologetic for the large scale property destruction and theft engaged in by a certain political group.

So clearly, collectivism and tribalism are accepted moralities. And since I am amoral, and an egalitarian, that which is good for one man must be good for all men. And if a black man is good for engaging in tribalism collectivism for the sake of his people, then I cannot deny that same right to a white man. IF it is good for the transperson, it must also be good for the bioperson. Etc, etc, etc.

Flavel is being a collectivist and a tribalist. These things have been judged “morally good” by society. Condemn him and the AFA if you wish, but remember that the next time you consider making excuses for other tribalist groups based on “what tribe they are.”

After all, the very things that make him evil could very well be the qualities that make you good.

Hela Bless