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My polytheism isn’t trendy and doesn’t come with a hashtag;
it is a thing of darkness and death, peaceful yet unyielding.
It is the emptiness and the dream, the past and the future.
it is coldly calculating, weighing the soul, determining one’s deeds by their own hands.
It is the calm of the grave, the mercy of the afterlife, and the fear of judgement.
it is the everlasting, the dishonored, and the damned.
It is holding a scythe in one hand, and a horn in the other.
it is the fating of wyrd, the consequences of choices made and unmade.
It is it is soil and bone, ancestry and lineage.
it is is the irrational that is rational, the facts making legends.
It demands honor, freedom, authenticity and endurance.
It cares not for politics, hobbies, race, sex, or wealth
– only the inevitable fact that death will come for you, that you will be judged for your deeds, and that the Gods shall hold you to what you have said and what you have done.
My polytheism is not for everyone.
It belongs to the dead, the dead made it, and the dead will keep it.
And it will abide.

Hela Bless

Credit to House of Vines for the inspiration.