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Definitely worth reading. He is absolutely right that this HAS to be confronted. A LOT of violence has been caused by this and most people ignore it. The recent election exacerbated the problem to an extreme level.

These are words (or words to their effect) which I suppose I have been seeing more and more. “This needs to be confronted.” “Bad things will happen if we don’t confront this.” “We need to confront this issue at all cost.”

Of course, when people say things like “we need to confront this” it typically can be translated to “I dislike this behavior and I want it stopped, NOW!”


autistic-screechingBecause whoever is doing the call for “confronting” is, of course, the absolute moral authority by whom all actions should be judged and allowed/disallowed. Never mind why a thing is happening, of if it is happening for a good reason, or even if it is just happening because one group is now mimicking (however slightly) the actions of another group who has done something.

So what is this thing that we’re supposed to read, and then confront based upon the reading? Well…

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Radicalization of Whites? by Johnny Silvercloud.

Featured Image -- 3758Of course….

Many of my white friends have become Radicalized

What do white people got to be so angry about? ~ Chris Rock

Well, I suspect White People get angry about many of the same things as everyone else. I mean, White People are People, and everyone has problems. Oh, wait…there’s this idea that White People are privileged, and that means that nothing bad ever happens in their life and everything is handed to them on a silver platter carried on the backs of Black people, because the year is 1835 and everyone lives in Gone With the Wind and there is no economic or political poverty for any white person ever.

car into houseWew Lad.

A while back ago I spoke in great pain on how I’m losing friends fighting racism.  I talked about how one can have friends (white) who will invite you (black person) to a Christmas dinner, but will engage in vehicular manslaughter when it comes to Black Lives Matter protesters.  What I didn’t really discuss was this radicalization process among the white community in America which makes such violent ideas possible.

To be fair, I don’t know of any BLM protestor who has actually been run down by anyone. That being said, I have heard talk like this myself. Generally from people who are barely making ends meet, cannot afford to lose hours, much less their job, because a bunch of people decided the best way to protest their lot in life was to stand in the middle of the street and try to prevent hard working people (of every race) from getting to their jobs.

Honestly, I’d probably try and run them down too, if my car could achieve speeds beyond turtle.

But oh look, white people trying to get to work to keep from losing their jobs, thereby losing their homes and having to let their children starve in the elements because they have neither shelter and food is “radicalizing them.”

Congratulations Johnny, you have, in fact, answered your own question. If you could but see the writing on the wall.

get woke

Radicalization?  You probably never really took a look at it. You’re probably wondering what am I talking about.  Radicalization?  What radicalization?

Actually, I did take a look at it. And…it is Radicalization. But is not a strictly white phenomenon, and in fact can be traced back as a response to the Radicalization of other groups. But I’m sure we’ll get to that shortly.

Radicalization of the White American


To the left is a photograph I took of a white woman, bowing down to Donald Trump during the Tucson Trump rally in March 2016.


As one should, when it comes to the God Emperor of Mankind. :^)

Also, since Johnny supposedly took a the picture himself, I will note that for venturing into a den of “radicalized white people” he certainly seems to have made it out alive and unscathed. A far cry from what happens when White people get caught up in, say, a BLM protest.

The put this into perspective, I do a lot of political/protest rallies as a street photographer.  Out of the thousands of photos I’ve ever taken, I never seen anything like this in a political rally before in my life.  The crazy thing about this photo is the fact that it was difficult to get anything like this.  You see, the photography is tightly controlled in a Trump rally.  They are NOT media friendly.  The bigger take away here is the fact that this is is categorically odd to capture at a political rally.

Well, to be fair, Trump is something categorically odd when it comes to Politics. Period.

I mean, we are talking about a man who shitposted his way into the white house, made famous by dank memes, and ran with a Populist platform that was all about putting American citizens, their safety, and their economic well being above everything else…including politics. We’re talking about a man who deflected all the attacks of the media with the skill and grace of a Jedi Master…attacks that individually would have spelled the absolute death of anyone else’s career.

I mean, we’re talking about a man the media went after for saying “grab them by the pussy” and instead of it being a career ending move, “grab X by the pussy” almost became a life motto (much in the same way ‘grab life by the balls’ did).”

And no, Trump rallies are not “media friendly” in the slightest. But given that the media has a long history of manipulation, out right lying for the sake of its narrative, and labeling anyone who is even near anything Trump or White as RACISTS!!!!!, well, most people can be forgiven for not wanting to be around a group that makes it their business to lie, defame, and vilify them.

But is Trump and the political shift that he brought with him truly a Radicalization? Certainly, it got a lot of people motivated, but Trump was merely a symptom (and an outcome) of something much, much larger.

As Donald Trump continued to validate the claims of white supremacists, Americanized Nazis, and other racists, I always think of this photo.  When Richard Spencer held an Americanized Nazi rally in Washington D.C. and mainstream (whitestream?) media attempted to romanticize the alt-right, I thought of this photo.

Thank you for perfectly illustrating my point, Johnny.

Calling someone a Nazi is just about the worst thing you can call someone. Well, it used to be, until a Nazi was anyone who was A) white, B) not self-flagellatingly ashamed of that fact, C) concerned about their condition in life, and D) actually starting to play the game of Identity Politics for their own ends…much like Black people have been doing for decades now.

Now, I would like to take a moment and think of how “Trump validated the claims of White Supremacists.” I followed the campaigns pretty well, and Trumps campaign broke down into three top main things. 1) The Government has fucked the people with bad trade deals, which have cost Americans their jobs. 2) Illegal Immigration is a problem that must be resolved for the safety and economic security of the American People. 3) We need to prevent terrorists and criminal refugees from doing in the US what they are doing in Europe.

thinking 1Well, I think the answer lies not in Trump…but in the Government and especially the Media. Why?

What was the #1 response when people brought up Illegal Immigration?

That’s right: RACIST!!!!!

What was the #1 response when people brought up Islamic based Terrorism, or Islamic based sexual assaults or other crimes?

That’s right: RACIST!!!!!!!

And what was the #1 response when people brought up that all the good paying jobs were being shipped off overseas to be done for a fraction of the price, leaving Millions and Millions of Americans without work?


So…I suppose Trump did “legitimize” white supremacy. So long as you consider people complaining about real, difficult issues that are actually hurting people “white supremacy.”

I think of this photo a lot.  As a black abolitionist, I never really stop to think about what does white supremacist ideologies and propaganda feels like to a white person.  When it comes to that question this photo says plenty.

I’ll be honest, I had to look up what a “black abolitionist” was. My first result was from History.com…which was all about the abolition of slavery from the 1800s. As Blacks have not been slaves for about 100 years or more, I don’t think that’s what Johnny is talking about. In fact, all the top results have to do with the abolition of slavery, which is no longer an issue. So either Johnny is engaged in something really, really out of date, or black abolitionism is something else. Which meant I went to youtube. Which was…less than helpful. The best my skills could find linked it to things like BLM.

Still, Johnny says something interesting. As a “Black Abolitionist he doesn’t think about what ‘white supremacist ideologies feel like to white people.”

Now, I am going to go a bit further out on a limb here than I normally like. But he considers Trump a White Supremacist. Trump is this because he addresses the issues of “White People” (like Illegal Immigration, Job Flight, and Terrorism, with a word to solving the problems and restoring X to the people). In which case, yes, that photo does say plenty.

It speaks of Hope.

Think about it, “white supremacy” as an ideology was abhorrent to nearly every white person just twenty odd years ago. But now, people are “embracing” it. Why? Why would they turn to something they hated so much?

thinking ironyI mean, look at that woman. She is on her knees, arms raised to the sky. You can literally feel the agony and hopelessness within in her. Begging, pleading to the heavens, for some hope. Some Salvation. Anything to make life better. ANYTHING!

I am but a humble farmer, tending to my memes. But I was one of countless numbers who helped spread the whole “God Emperor” thing in regards to Trump. And yes, I did it like so many others because it’s a) funny and b) you should see people spaz out about it. But underling that, for me at least, there is the mad, suppressed, hope that…he might make things better. Because things are awful for the average person, regardless of their race.

And the one guy who promises to do anything about it…gets labeled a White Supremacist Racist. Because he is promising to do anything about it. The only one who is trying to help you is “literally the most evil thing in the world.” But that doesn’t matter anymore, because for decades you’ve been told that you are “literally the most evil thing in the world” too.

The structure and ideologies of white supremacy must be very comfortable.  I would imagine that it feels good to know that you are infinitely above suspicion when it comes to any form of social deviance, including crime.  It probably feels soothing to know that no matter what, a white person will NEVER have to answer for the behavior of other whites.  I’ll go as far as suggesting that white people may get a sad level of satisfaction in hearing non-white people talk, discuss, protest all these things that nonwhites suffer from due to white supremacy…

Actually…it’s the exact opposite of these things, Johnny.

When it comes to being white, not only is one not above suspicion when it comes to any form of social deviance, White people typically live under the onus of the highest social deviance possible: Being Racist.

In fact, there is a special form of crime that only white people can be accused and convicted of: Hate Crime. Crime that is “motivated by racial hatred.”

Hel, we all know it. Back when the BLMKidnappers finally got charged, they were pretty much the first black people I ever heard of getting charged with a hate crime. BUT IT WAS BECAUSE THEIR VICTIM WAS SPECIAL NEEDS. They chose a white man, specifically because of his race…and they were not charged with a hate crime based on that. They were  barely charged with a hate crime at all, it was only due to massive public outcry (no doubt by ‘white supremacist’ according to Johnny) that the court relented…and then shifted it off to being based on a mental condition when the clear motivation was RACE.

It doesn’t matter who you are individually, as a White person, you can always be accused of being a Racist. Most people live their lives in fear of being labeled a Racist, because to be labeled as such means complete social ostracism and often the lost of ones job.

Not only that, white people are always aware of the fact that they will be judged for the behavior of other whites, even when that judgment is beyond all reason. For example, there was that shooting by Roof a while back, and because he was a racist, any white person could be connected to him was also a racist, and it even went so far as to insist that a cultural icon of his State was removed because it was tied to “white people and racism.”

Hel, I’ll give a personal example. I’m a Heathen, which means I practice a form of the old Germanic and Scandinavian religion of my ancestors. A lot of the iconography for Heathenism is the same iconography that was used by the Nazis. Now, Heathenism as a whole doesn’t really share that much ideologically with the tenants of National Socialism, and in fact predates Nazism by thousands of years, but because of the iconography, I and every other Heathen out there, constantly faces accusations of racism and bigotry…even when our respective paths and religions have nothing racist or bigoted within their theologies.

But it’s that last line that is pretty relevant: “I’ll go as far as suggesting that white people may get a sad level of satisfaction in hearing non-white people talk, discuss, protest all these things that nonwhites suffer from due to white supremacy…”

Actually, Johnny, it’s the complete opposite. It’s not a sad level of satisfaction that “white people feel.” It’s the other way around. It’s Anger.

Anger that “nonwhites” can go around rioting, burning, and stealing in the name of their suffering, and the Media and Government will just flutter their hands with “well, they’re oppressed, so its okay.” When white people know that if we did half, no, even a quarter of the destructive protesting and assaults that say “Black Lives Matter” does, we would be thrown in jail, charged with hate crimes, and reviled around the world as a bunch of “white supremacist racists who need to fucking die.”

Hel, most of us are getting to see in real time that we’re a bunch of “white supremacist racist who need to fucking die”…because we did something as peaceful as VOTE. We didn’t do anything criminal, we didn’t do anything violent. We simply went to the voting booth like we have for hundreds of years, and now we apparently deserve to get punched in the street, beaten up, and treated as everything evil in the world.

To hear that for example, people in Africa and Asia engage in skin bleaching to look like you — the white person — may be the source of a sick level of pride.  Yes, we never think of it as people of color.  But the notion that people in Asia actually go through elective surgery and cut their eyes open to look more white probably fuels a cold-blooded smirk of satisfaction inside of many white people as a whole.

Actually, I can’t think of any white person who…actually give a fuck about that. It means nothing. The people who do that…do it because they want to. Hel, there’s white people who darken their skin, die their hair, and do all sorts of things to look like “nonwhites.”

Rachel Dolezal, formerly of the NAACP, who tried to not be white and found out she couldn't be black either.

Rachel Dolezal, formerly of the NAACP, who tried to not be white and found out she couldn’t be black either.

Shaun King, one of the founders of BLM

Shaun King, one of the founders of BLM. He says he’s African American

Look, people are weird. But that’s not proof of white supremacy.

Sure, to a black person this level of pride is sick and disgusting.  But to a white person, all of this — white supremacy, white privilege, white defaultness — is simply, the way.  All of this is simply the way things are.  While these things are largely invisible in (white) American society, these things are in fact known and understood.

“Being proud of who you are is sick and disgusting.”

Johnny, I doubt you will ever read this, but if you do I want you to take a moment and think about how your own statement would sound if it was applied to Black people. Or Gay people. Or trans people. Hel, you don’t even have to think, because your statement has been applied to those groups and others, and it was deemed “racist” or “Sexist” or “transphobic” or any other number of labels.

And white people have been hearing that statement for years now. “You’re a sick, disgusting creature because you’re white. How dare you have any pride or dignity in who you are.”

Now, how do you think they would react? I mean, what did the black community do when they were told they were “sick, disgusting creatures.” Well….they started taking pride in who you are. Typically, if enough people are abused over something for enough time, and they can band together (or are forced together) because of that hatred, eventually they will stop hating themselves over something they have no control over and start to take pride in it. Regardless of race, gender, or any other criteria, if you abuse a group of people over something long enough for it to become relevant, and even the foundation, of who they are…they will become proud of it. They will revel in the hatred heaped upon them because of it and they will use that hatred as fuel to rise up and strike down their oppressor.

Johnny, if you want to know why white people are radicalizing and why you’re losing friends over this issue…just look at yourself. You’re attacking them for who they are, you are denigrating them because of their race. It was only natural that people would start to band together over the thing you segregated them on.

And then a God Emperor appeared to offer them hope.


Being that these things are understood by white America, imagine if a person comes by who promise to practically, maintain and rejuvenate white supremacy?  What happens when you have websites dedicated to taking the job of J. Edger Hoover, slandering those who are oppressed?  What happens when you have mainstream media forever anglicizing  white criminals, all while demonizing black victims of crime?  What happens when the government who remained callous to minority drug offenders began softening up laws when heroin strikes white neighborhoods?  What happens when whites are allowed to have guns, but nonwhites are not?

Yes, imagine that.

scientology-tom-cruise-laughingImagine what happens when a people who feel abused, maligned, and hated simply because of what they were born finds someone who treats their issues as real, their problems as valid, their treatment as abhorrent, and their plight as deserving of being improved.

Black Lives Matter offered that to the black community. Trump offered it to the White community.

Because as far as “whites” and the media is concerned…the situation has completely been reversed as well: “What happens when you have mainstream media forever anglicizing  black criminals, all while demonizing white victims of crime?  What happens when the government who remained vigilant for minority rape victims began softening up laws when grooming gangs struck “white” neighborhoods?  What happens when criminals are allowed to have guns, but law abiding citizens are not?”

Sometimes, it helps to leave ones echo chamber.

What takes place is a caste system within a society.  Currently, America is NOT one reality for all.  You cannot argue that we live in an equal society if a police officer can murder me and attempt to place false evidence by my body, and not be convicted.

No, you really can’t. You cannot argue that we live in an equal society if a black man can nearly beat a white cop to death, and the cop is charged for a hate crime and denounced as a racist for trying to defend his own life, with his entire city’s police department labeled as racist for him doing so.

The road runs both ways, Johnny. And just as you see black men being gunned down in the street by cops in the name of “white supremacy,” a lot of white people see other whites being beaten down in the streets by black people in the name of “racial justice.”

White Radicalization is a Reality

With an intricate collective of white supremacist websites, blogs, message board forums and conservative pundits, glued together with conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns (which guides stupid whites into kinetic action), we are now facing a moment in modern history where white people are now becoming radicalized into white supremacy at an alarming rate.  Where a man named Barry Goldwater campaigned as a blatant white supremacist and failed, Donald Trump did the same and succeeded.  Nazis think they can wear suits and nice haircuts and do Nazi salutes downtown Washington D.C.

Sure, and it’s in response largely to “Black Radicalization.”

I mean, I can take that statement and do this: With an intricate collective of black supremacist websites, blogs, message board forums and liberal pundits, glued together with conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns (which guides stupid blacks into kinetic action), we are now facing a moment in modern history where black people are now becoming radicalized into black supremacy at an alarming rate.

And it would be exactly as True and Factual as Johnny’s statement.

And sure, “Nazis” think they can wear nice suits and do Nazi salutes in downtown Washington. Of course, you also have Black Supremacist who can think they can wear chains and grills and riot and burn stores in Fergusson. And Atlanta. And New York. And Seattle. And Baltimore. And…the list goes on.


Some of the friends I’ve lost, the white ones, now dance with the devil when it comes to the white radicalization process.  I’ve noticed this when Obama was in office.  One white male I’ve known for the Army years had a friend call me an Obama lover, which contextually sounds like nigger lover.   Honestly, the guy is so stupid it’s not a serious loss. Other white friends ROUTINELY share racist, bigoted propaganda on social media, with them actually taking refuge in racism, saying things with a false sense of shielding sarcasm, like:

“…but that would make me racist huh?”

“I’m gonna have to be racist…”

“….race baiting…”

pepe-happyWell, honestly Johnny, what did you expect? For them to be good little whites and stay on the plantation? Even as you accept and rationalize the violence of your own side, you are legitimizing their reactions to that violence. You clearly believe that the actions of groups like BLM, no matter how violent or destructive, are righteous and good.

Despite the fact that none of your “White” friends would ever be allowed to do anything like that in similar situations and conditions. Hel, with the friend who called you an “Obama Lover,” you merely considered him stupid and a racist. You clearly never tried to understand why he might dislike Obama for reasons other than Race. I get the impression its like that with your other white friends as well.

Look, Johnny. For white people these days….we’re going to be labeled a racist, and we’re going to be hated because of our skin color, and there is absolutely no way out. Hel, look at what happened with Wil Wheaton the other day. Someone made a comment about Trump’s ban, Wil insisted that he not be lumped in with that sort of thing, and instantly got BTFO’d because “you’re white, don’t try to deny your guilt in this situation by claiming #notallwhiteliberals.”

There is literally no longer any reason for white people to “not be racist” because…we’re going to be guilty of racism simply because we’re “white.” I mean, if you’re going to get thrown into jail as a thief regardless of committing a theft, might as well steal your little heart out, right?

If you were to look at the social media accounts of these radicalized white men, you’d think that American police forces are infallible, devoid of corruption — but federal (non-conservative) politicians are full of lies and deception.  The list could go on.


Because BLM and other supremacist groups have made it that polarized. Look, I think there’s a number of reforms that need to be made to the police, but if my options are “support the cops” or “watch entire cities burn in riots” then….yeah, I’m going to side with the cops. Because I’d rather not watch my city burn down. Because my only options at that point are either trust the cops and empower them with my will and support in order for them to maintain law and order or I grab myself a green hood, a quiver of arrows, and I go vigilantly on the streets myself.

arrow 2And I am a lazy ass mother fucker with health issues. I would rather like to avoid having to run around on rooftops turning people into pincushions if I can. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will defend me and mine if I have to, but I’d really, really rather everyone just go home peacefully and not push things that far.

Years ago, I wrote this one column I called the Four Fears.  The Four Fears were a set of fears I believe what drives white anxiety concerning white privilege and race relations as a whole.  At the end of this old column I stated that whites will either realize that diversity isn’t a bad thing and we are all the same regardless, or they will radicalize and fight tooth and nail to maintain white privilege and restore white supremacy.  I fear we are now looking at the latter.

Look…I’m not going to disagree with Johnny hear that we are staring down the barrel of a very big and very violent gun.

But this didn’t happen in a vacuum, and this is not the sole responsibility of “white people” and “white supremacy.”

We’ve had an education system that has radicalized young people with racist ideologies about what it means to be black and white and every other color. We’ve had a media that has sensationalized racial violence, and then excused racial violence, based on the races of the perpetrators. We’ve had a government that has left vast swaths of the population, of all races, in poverty and hopelessness. We’ve had political talking heads vilify people based on their race. We’ve had violence in the streets, and told that said violence was legitimate for one group, with the tacit and even blatant understanding that for another group it would not be tolerated, all based on race.

All sides are to blame. All sides have been polarized. All sides have been radicalized, as a response to stimuli that has activated both groups. All sides have their issues based on their perceptions, and all sides consider their issues legitimate. And, ultimately, all sides feel that their legitimate issues are treated as illegitimate by the other.

And that illegitimacy is seen either as an excuse for violence against the other party, or as an act of violence by the other party.

A lot of “white” people have been “radicalized” by their issues. Their issues have been treated as “illegitimate,” much as I will admit BLM people feel their issues have been treated illegitimately. And just as Johnny is horrified to hear his “white” friends talk about running over protestors…a lot of white people are horrified to see hundreds of people and celebrities say “it’s is okay to punch Nazis” when we realize that the other side is the one who gets to decide if you’re a nazi, and then feels perfectly justified in punching you because they feel your issues are “illegitimate.”

I mean, take Spencer. Spencer out right says “I am not a Neo-Nazi. They (Neo-Nazis) hate me.” And yet…he gets sucker punched for being a “Nazi.”

Now, I don’t care how you feel about Spencer, and I personally don’t know enough about him to say one way other the other. But He doesn’t consider himself a Nazi, and he gets punched because he’s considered a Nazi. I am not a Nazi, but I often wear a Mjolnir in public because of my faith…and there’s a shit ton of people who would see that and say “IT’S A MOTHER FUCKING NAZI! GET HIM!”

So I ask you, rationally and logically, given that situation…what reason is there for me to “not side with the ‘nazi.'” I mean, I’m going to be attacked as a Nazi, I have no defense that will be accepted for not being a nazi. And if people start running around “punching nazis” there is nothing I can think of to…well..not join the side of the “nazis” as they start defending themselves. Because for all I know, most if not all the “nazis” are going to be people like me who are in fact not Nazis, but are being attacked because of our race.

And that is exactly the logic of most “radicalizing” whites. There is literally nothing to gain by not radicalizing, and everything to lose by standing individually when the mobs start coming for “nazis.”

America will talk all day about radical Islam and radical black speakers and writers.  No one ever thinks to talk about white radicalization, which is a unique danger we’ve seen on this planet before.

Except…it’s not a Unique Danger at all.

The link goes to the wikipedia page for Hitler. But Hitler is not unique at all.

Hel, the first recorded genocide in the modern era was the Armenian Genocide. A Genocide/Holocaust committed against 1.5 million “White” (Greek) people by a “Nonwhite” people: The Turks. And that was just one of a number of genocides the Turkish Empire committed.

Before that was the Hatian Genocide around 1804 , where the “black” people of Haiti exterminated the “White” population to the point the “white” population was nonexistent.

The ZULU Empire under Shaka Zulu (1810-1828) exterminated non-Zulu peoples in genocides.

Hel, depending on ones definition of Genocide, the Communists (both White, Asian, and other ethnicity) have killed over 120 million people, more than 10x those killed by the Nazis.

“White” supremacy is not a unique danger. Supremacy of any kind is a danger, but unfortunately sometimes “supremacy” is the natural defense of a people who feel threatened by a different “supremacy.” I will agree that “whites” are radicalizing, but that is only as a response to other “Radicalizing” supremacist movements that they see going on around them.

Anyway, I do believe that there should be a discussion on this white radicalization process taking place.  That conversation will have to be brutally honest.  If this discussion doesn’t take place, feel free to catch up on fascism, because it’s what follows next.

I agree, this is a conversation that needs to happen, and with brutal honesty Johnny.

And that brutally honest conversation cannot simply be “white people are radicalizing and that needs to stop.” Because it is not happening in a vacuum. It is happening as a result of racial, political, and even religious radicalization that are occurring around them.

Is it dangerous? Sure. The same way a Cobra that raises its head, flares its hood, and starts hissing is dangerous. But Cobras only do that when they perceive a threat.

no-step-on-snekAs for Fascism….well, it’s much the same way, and not in an exclusively white way either. Fascism is a political ideology based around the idea of mobilizing all of the “society” into a authoritarian, militaristic unit capable of throwing everything into fighting a war. One only does that when one feels that your every existence is threatened and the only way to do that is to fight with everything you have. That’s what started the Fascism of Adolf Hitler, since you want to bring that up. Fascism is a last ditch attempt as survival, used as a last resort, because it is geared towards the power to survive a war at any cost.

When you have absolutely nothing to lose, is when you will fight with everything you have.

no-step-on-snek-or-elseJohnny is not wrong here, but he is not wrong for all the wrong reasons. His entire post is exactly why we are where we are now. It delegitimizes the positions of “whites” while vilifying them for even thinking they have a right to consider their issues legitimate. Johnny is getting mad at white people for doing exactly the same thing black people have done. Hel, he’s getting mad at them when they haven’t even done a fraction of what black people have done. Voting in an election, a few sarcastic remarks, and some dank memes are a far cry from burning down buildings and killing cops.

Does this mean Johnny is wrong to fear the violence? No. Absolutely not. But just as Johnny is not wrong to fear the violence he believes will come with the radicalization of whites….whites are not wrong to fear the violence of the radicalization against them that they witness. And they have witnessed this violence, both intellectually from the media and government, to in the streets where people are kidnapped, tortured, beaten, and otherwise attacked in the street.

I saw a tweet by Adam Savage of Mythbuster’s fame the other day, where he was begging people to stop “joking about punching other people. Because we’re on the edge of the abyss and we don’t want to fall over.”

The sad thing is, looking out at everything, I think we’re already over the edge of the abyss. The only question is can we grab the edge in time to keep from falling. Johnny thinks we need to have a brutal conversation about white radicalization. I think we would be better served by a brutal conversation about everyone’s radicalization. But so long as that conversation remains one-sided, like it seems Johnny and hundreds of others want it to be, where their side’s radicalization is legitimate but their opponents is not…that is a conversation we will not have.

At which point, radicalization will not only be the norm…it will be the only solution.




Hela Bless