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I’m apparently going to be talking about cola. Or pepsi. Yeah…

Honestly, I never thought I would actually write a blog post involving Pepsi. I don’t even drink Pepsi. Pepsi is not ever tangentially connected to my life, in except that it exists. I mean, I don’t bear Pepsi any ill will, it’s not like I go out of my way to avoid it, but…it’s just kind of there. Much the same way with Kendall Jenner. She’s there, she exists, but…not really connected to my life.

But apparently, Kendall and Pepsi made an add. Which has made people angry. The add in question?


And okay, it’s a stupid, cheesy add that’s got more artificial sugar in it than an actual 2L of Pepsi (hard feat I know), but seriously, I don’t get the rage.

And dear goddess, is there rage, apparently.

Most of which seems to be…calling Pepsi and Kendall racist…for some reason.

Now, if you can’t can’t stand the diabetes that said add will no doubt inflict upon you for watching (and I don’t blame you), basically the add is Kendall doing a photo-shoot, people are protesting, and she goes and joins them. It’s one of those interesting protests these days, because it apparently has no white or black people, just….what’s the right term? Ambiguously brown people. Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern. All of whom seem to be rather angry about…something, but apparently not so angry as to actually start burning down everything and beating people up because they’re white.

I mean, hell, one dude was walking around with his cello in a case on his back. I…honestly have no idea why (those things are pretty damn heavy, and it appeared to be his passion, so why take it where it could get damaged?) And there was a muslim woman going around shooting things with a camera.

And apparently Kendall pulls of a blonde wig and goes and joins them, somehow obtaining a pepsi, which she gives to a ethnic police officer who…is not wearing a shred of armor.

The officer drinks the pepsi (why?), and people….start dancing.

And this is enough to make people…angry.

I mean, come on, I kinda remember coke doing an add like this once or twice, and honestly, in this day of violent, deadly, destructive riots, I would happily take this saccharine shit over reality. But no, apparently this is “racist” and pepsi is “racist” and Kendall is a “white woman” and a “racist” who “knew what she was doing.”

Which honestly, I’m glad someone knew what they were doing, because I have no idea what anyone is doing at this point.

According to the Huff Po:

The ad faced near-immediate criticism over its portrayal of police-protestors relations. In the ad, Jenner walks through a crowd to hand an officer a can of Pepsi, leading to raucous cheers from the crowd and a smile from the officer.

My guess? The issue had a peaceful and happy resolution rather than everyone trying to murder each other.

“What’s this? Protestors aren’t trying to murder cops? Cops aren’t murdering protestors? Muh riots! Muh Racism! Muh realituh!!!!!”

That is…literally what I can figure out.


Roughly an hour before Pepsi announced that it had decided to pull the ad, Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., criticized the ad herself. “If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi,” she quipped.

Indeed, if only?

Seriously though? Does she not realize that it’s been fifty plus years since her dad started marching in the streets? Does she not think the situation has changed? Goddess below, but fucking seriously?

Jesus Christ on a Cracker with Cheezwizz! Humans are fucking stupid.

It’s a gods damned ad about getting along and recognizing our common humanity. I mean, sure, I’m not sure I spotted a single white or black person in there, but the sentiment is there at least. But nooooo, apparently, we can’t have humanity and commonality!

We have to fucking murder each other in a god damn racewar! Because “muh struggle” or something. “Segregation now! Segregation forever!!!!”

Fuck, maybe nothing has changed.

I hate humans.


Hela Bless