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On Facebook I ostensibly belong to one of those groups that’s supposed to be about studying Runes. I don’t actually recall if much of anything ever actually shows up in the group normally, but I’m in there. Mostly because hopefully it breaks up the unrelenting politics that streams across my feed (not entirely sure how that happened, except political posters put up more content than anyone apparently). Anyways, I’m scrolling through facebook and I see a meme posted by someone in this Runic group about “Vikings denounce white supremacy.”


As one can imagine, I didn’t exactly enthuse over a group that is supposed to be “apolitical” getting hit with politics. Which then created a multi-hour conversation when I posted asking if the guy who made the meme was also going to create one where “vikings denounce communism.”

I won’t say it was fun, but I will happily say that at least half the posters did side with me wanting a denunciation of communism. The other half, however, were much displeased and insisted that despite the fact Communists had killed 20x that which the nazis had, there was no need to condemn them. The reason for the condemnation was entirely about the “neo-nazis” appropriating the Runes and using them for evil.

I kid you not, I think there were four or five guys who held that position like a trench in WWI. Eventually it got to the point where I pointed out that clearly their denouncement actually had nothing to do with physical actions (you can’t condemn people for 6 million dead and refuse to condemn people for 120 million dead, and still insist that the 6 million is your justification), and everything to do with the politics of the Nazis outside their actions. Which, frankly, I’m sorry but I don’t think you get to dictate what symbols people can use just because you don’t like their politics alone. I could give you if you were going off violent actions, but if those aren’t a big deal then you lose that moral high ground.

But it did get me thinking because this is a “plague” that has spread far and wide, not just in small closed groups meant for the study of ancient letters. All across the media, everyone from MSNBC to Fox news has jumped on the “muh nazis” bandwagon and people who by no means are nazis have had themselves completely deplatformed from the internet (apparently down to their okcupid accounts of all things). And when the President condemns violence on both sides, he’s denounced as a Nazi-sympathizer.

Because we have apparently lost all ability to reason.

And why? Because a woman died thanks to a secondary impact from a “neo-nazi” crashing his car through a crowd of violent terrorists that were attacking cars and blocking traffic. Hell, even the woman who died was engaged in terrorist violence at the time of her death. But no, only one person is declared a terrorist that day. The Alt-Left starts the violence, beats up elderly people in the street, but only one person is labeled a terrorist and only one side is blamed for the violence.

And I get it, Heather, the woman who died, could be considered the “first casualty” in this conflict. But let us be entirely honest with ourselves, her death being the first is a complete accident and is only because the Alt-Left is completely shit at killing things other than plate glass windows and trash cans. In truth though, Eric Clanton nearly killed several people with a bike lock and only the grace of the Gods kept people from dying. And of course, there was that Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, who attempted to murder several Republicans, including 20-25 Congressmen. The only reason he failed was because he apparently didn’t know how to aim his two guns and went for a “spray and pray” type of shooting. And even then, he almost killed someone House Majority Whip Scalise.

In fact, if we include Black Lives Matter as part of the Alt-Left who engaged in violence at Virginia (since they were), BLM has an already existent body count of almost a dozen people, the majority of which are cops. And who have engaged in even greater amounts of terrorist destruction than Anti-fa has.

Anti-fa is a Communist organization, fighting for an ideology with a body count of at least 120 million, and maybe as high as 180 million if you add in more recent communist regimes. BLM is not necessarily Communist, although I do think some of their leaders are also Communists like Anti-fa.

So on the one side have the Neo-Nazis with a body count of 1, and the Alt-Left with a body count about 10x higher at a minimum. But who is condemned? Who is the one raged against? If the problem is truly the deaths committed, then both should be condemned. Yet the only public official I see holding to this moral standard is the President. All others condemn the lesser while either ignoring, or openly supporting, the greater.

Whatever your feelings towards the Alt-Right, they are objectively less violent and less murderous than the Alt-Left. At least for now. Will that last?

Not if clearly there is no moral standard.

All told, the Alt-Left has a death count of almost a dozen, and an attempted murder count in the god damn 40’s at a minimum (that I know of)! The Alt-right has a body count of 1, and except for the car incident, an attempted murder count of exactly 0. As for the 19 injured by the Charger, it is still impossible to determine if that was a deliberate attack or at attempt to escape a terrorist mob. If it was a deliberate attack, that still puts the attempted murder count at less than HALF of the Alt-Left’s, and it was committed against a violent mob…not against Congress people practicing for a fucking baseball game or against non-violent protestors!

Clearly, murder and violence is not the problem, no matter what the talking heads try to tell you. Which means the issue is solely must be political, right? The condemnations are because of political wrongthink, not measurable violence. And this wrongthink is purely the right to preserve one’s heritage and one’s ethnicity, right? Except the political drives of the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left are both identity politics. Both are the driven by the desire to protect specific ethnic groups. On the Alt-Left it is “minority” groups, and on the Alt-Right, it is to protect a group on the edge of being a minority. So if both groups are practicing the same politics, the reason for condemnation cannot be political.

And since the problem is not violence, and the problem is not the form of politics, then the sole reason for the condemnation must be because of who is practicing this politics: Whites.

It’s not the violence. It’s not the politics. It’s the race.

I could condemn for the violence. I could even condemn for the politics. But I Will Not Condemn Based On Race.

Everyone it seems is refusing to condemn violence. Everyone it seems is refusing to condemn based on politics. But they are all too happy to condemn based on race. Well fuck that noise. If they will not condemn, why should I? They refuse to condemn the violence and identity politics of the Alt-Left. Hell, they refuse to even condemn the violence and identity politics of Radical Islam. But I’m suppose to believe them when they condemn the violence and Identity politics of the Alt-Right, who have a fraction of the Alt-Left’s violence, and don’t even register against the violence of Islamist?

No, fuck that double or triple standard. Morality means nothing, nothing, if it is not applied equally and fairly. A morality applied unequally and unfairly is immorality!

And I will have no part in this immorality. The only public party I see being Moral is Trump. And I will support him in his equal distribution of condemnation of the violence. But I will not engage in immoral condemnations! I WILL NOT!

Anti-fa and the rest of the Alt-Left are violent, supremacist, communist, terrorist organizations who are attacking people based on their race. It receives no condemnation. I will not condemn their opponents for fighting back. I will not condemn their opponents for practicing identity politics. I will certainly not condemn their opponents for their race.

Previously, I have condemn anti-fa because of their violence and identity politics. But it is clear that those with power have set a moral agenda where in violence and identity politics are more than acceptable. For now, I will accept this moral judgement that the humans have set for themselves. Identity politics is okay. Violence is okay.

May the Gods glory in your war. I will not condemn. May your streets run red with blood. I will not condemn. The powerful have made their choice. I will not condemn.

By Hela’s power, you are handed over to your fellow man. Do what you wilt, it is the whole of your law. You have condemned yourselves.


Hela dæma