Europa’s Children

On an unseasonably warm mid-September Friday I learned that I was a dangerous racist White Supremacist transphobe.  I discovered this third-hand. My friend Aden Ardennes, editor of Hornsmagazine, got the information straight from some part of the horse’s anatomy. So did pretty much everyone else involved with Horns.  I have a regular column in Horns, “FagGods” wherein I give a short biographies of noteworthy gay male occultists like Leo Martello and Lige Clarke. Given that my last name is not “Röhm” this would seem an odd place to find writing from a racist White Supremacist transphobe. But I suppose you never know where my kind will pop up.

Everybody seems to agree that there is no objectionable content (at least not that kind of objectionable content) in Horns. Even the folks at Sodomy & Witchcraft say “Do we, at Sodomy & Witchcraft believe…

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