So apparently Galina hates children, especially abused children. Hates them with the hatred of of a thousand burning suns. Which I’m told is a lot of hate.

Seriously though, the kid is going to Hel. You don’t throw them into Valhalla. I honestly don’t get why people who are heathens don’t get this. I know Helheim is an uncomfortable topic for them, but seriously. Get over it. It’s nice, it’s peaceful, and it’s honestly what 95% of people need. There’s no shame in the straw death and resting in Hela’s Hall.

Gangleri's Grove

There’s a meme making its way around Facebook lately that presents us with the story of an abused child who dies and is taken to Valhalla. Everyone, especially Odin, comforts the child and in the end, that child brings comfort to another abused child who also ends up in the hall of warriors. It’s lovely. It’s emotional. It’s sentimental. It’s also utter bullshit.

Now before this piece gets spun by the tumblr crowd as “Galina hates abused children” let me encourage reading comprehension. Let me also point out that an abused child is a survivor. They are resilient and worthy of immense respect. They are not however, warriors. We are so removed from the realities of our ancestors, from the idea that a necessary and expected passage into adulthood was serving as a warrior or soldier, that we use terms like ‘warrior’ and ‘battle’ metaphorically. There is a role for…

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