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So, since I’ve been “back” I’ve linked to a couple posts by the “Bible Belt Witchy Mama.” The first being where she was dismissing men falsely being accused of rape, spreading bad information about it, and insisting her son need never fear being falsely accused because she was “raising him right,” and only those mothers who had raise evil men need fear. The second was in a recent post where I was talking about the recent 2018 election, nothing to serious, just some quotes where she was cheering on about “eroding the cliff that is white christian men” or something.

And from this, I am now, apparently, trolling her. The justification for that seems to be she found some sort of list that “diagnoses trolls” and claims I fit 4 out of 5 symptoms. These being: “are my manners totally checked out, am I stalking the author, is my comment missing the context of the article, is it possible I’m not the target audience, and am I always a jerk when I comment.

Now, I’m not entirely sure which of the five i’m supposedly not guilty of, but honestly I’ll just address these. “Manners,” meh. I’ve not been nearly as harsh as I have been in the past but they say ‘offense is taken, never given’ or something like that. “Stalking,” hardly. I literally went through the Heathen tag and in a sea of people talking religion, here was a woman throwing her politics up front and center. Kinda attention grabbing, but not anything I was hunting down. “Context,” not really missing it. It’s hard to take comments like “false rape accusations never happen” when the opposite is publicly and clearly true. And I’m not sure how “the future is female and queer, we will replace the white man,” is taken out of context either. As for not being the “target audience,” well, if you stand up and shout on a soap box, it’s pretty clear the entire world is your ‘target audience,’ otherwise you’d have shit set to private and not be using public tags. As for being a Jerk, well…I don’t honestly see how that’s different from ‘manners’ and I haven’t actually said shit in her comments section.

As long time readers can tell, and I’ve admitted in the past, I can be a troll. But honestly if I was trolling there would be multiple day posts covering shit, tons of memes, and I’d be burning with the fury of at least five suns. At this point I have no real interest in trolling BBWM because, well…what’s the point? Back when I trolled I was trying to, essentially, change hearts and minds. To refute the views and false facts of my political opponents, expose them for what they were, and hopefully bring understanding to my fellow coreligionists and let them realize they were being manipulated by false prophets with ulterior motives who had neither honest faith nor their best interests a heart. I did this with harsh arguments, lots of facts, memes of various dankness, and a sense of sarcastic humor. I can’t say it won me a lot of friends, but that wasn’t the point. The point was a mission from Hel, to defend the spirits of the folk.

That was then. Then shit happened and I took a step back from this. Not because the “war had been won” or anything but because I’d fought those who’d needed to be fought and personal events made it so I needed to focus on my self and the political landscape was changing. Hell, it’s changed a lot. The “war of ideologies” in terms of debate is well and truly over. Now it’s a matter of time before the “war of ideologies” starts being much more physical. So there’s no point in trolling someone who is dumb enough to believe that her kids being a minority is going to be a wonderful future while being a progressive who feels minorities have a terrible existence. Especially when her own son is the very thing she wishes to strip power from and views as being, well, evil.

Frankly, I feel sorry for her son.

And, honestly, I have to laugh if BBWM if thinks 2 posts is me trolling. But at the same time, it’s all so tiresome. Two comments and suddenly “you’re a troll.” Then again, given her politics post could basically be paired town to “White Men Bad,” I suppose the ability to reason beyond that of an NPC was something I shouldn’t have expected.

She ends her post calling me a troll thusly:

I see you. I hear you. You sound hurt, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry that someone hurt you so deeply that you morphed in such a huge way. I’m sorry you feel such intense anger and pain. I hope you find peace.

I’ll let you into a little secret, Mama. It’s not my hurt. It’s not that someone hurt me. See, I have empathy. I can hear the stories of those who suffer, those left behind, those vilified and dispossessed. A thousand stories, a million? I’ve lost count. Like tiny, forgotten prayers screamed out to any God that will listen, praying for anything as a sea of darkness surrounds them, dragging them down, cheering at their replacement as their culture is slandered, their laws are cast aside, their futures stolen away from them.

Young men, who only want simple things. Homes, wives, children, families, and jobs capable of supporting these things. The kind of people BBWM feels happy to see replaced. After all, “the future is female,” which doesn’t leave much of a future for men, does it? I mean, four out of five suicides are men, after all. Think they deserve some of that sympathy? Think maybe they deserve some protection? Think maybe they deserve a future?


Yes, I took the false rape post personally. I’ve seen too many innocents suffer because of these false allegations, seen their lives ruined, to not take it personally when someone insist that it doesn’t happen or worse, imply that it is deserved.

Years ago I took a Divine Oath to Hela, before many Gods and Goddesses, to act in a divine capacity for the forces of Law, Justice, and Retribution. Because when there is Law, people are protected by the limitations of power and abuses others can commit against them. Justice exists to redress these abuses. And when there is no Justice, there is at least, Retribution.

Well, I have seen the Law abused, I have seen Justice cast aside for the sake of political correctness and expediency. Even as I write this, legal battles are being waged in Florida and other places because rather than accept the results of a lawful election, Democrats refuse to accept the will of the people or their loss, and many believe they are using illegal means to rig the election in their favor, so that they might continue their abuses. The law has been used to abuse the innocent, with people like BBWM insisting this abuse does not even exist. There is no Justice for them.

Do the math.

That is my anger. That is my fury. If I have taken something personal it is because of these things.

BBWM hopes I find peace. I hope that those whose prayers I have heard find peace. That will bring me peace. But with each day, I lose more and hope that peace is ever going to be an option.

To answer Witchy Mama’s post directly. No, I am not trolling you. You are not worth trolling. There is nothing in you to debate, to troll, or even really to acknowledge, and as far as memes, you are one. If I have quoted you it is because you have merely spoken the exact same script as a thousand npcs marching along to your master’s drums as they despoil our world for their own greed, and you just happened to be the one I quoted because you were the closest one that required the least amount of effort.

It’s all so tiresome.

Hela Bless