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A couple of days ago I wrote a post called “War Comes” where I talked about how Civil War is pretty much inevitable and what forms it might take. Previously, my most doom and gloom figured said event, though likely inevitable, wasn’t likely to happen for hopefully six more years. Basically, when Trump would leave the office of president after gaining his second term. This was, of course, based off the results of the election on Nov 7th, where in the Democrats had won the majority in the house by a narrow margin, and had lost three seats in the senate giving a slightly stronger majority to the Republican.s

Since then, however, has been nothing short of infuriating. See, the democrats have been finding “lost and misplaced” ballots by the thousands. What was a narrow margin in the House is now somewhere in the range of winning 30-40 seats, many of which were in historically red states or states that had switch over to Trump and/or the Republicans during the election of 2016. The 3-4 seats the Republicans had won in the Senate is now, apparently, down to about 1-2 seats. This has been happening exclusively in areas where the Republicans had won, and generally with percentages of votes going to the previously losing Democrat by a margin anywhere from 77%-100%.

The elections have been stolen. The voices of the people have been silenced. The Will of the People is being ignored. And, so far, very little is being done about it by either Republicans or Civilians.

This is forcing me to revise my views that Civil War will likely happen in six years. I now believe it will happen in two. Maybe less.

One of the things that Democrats started cheering about as soon as they had won the house was “the power of investigation” and flat out stating they were going to ramp up the shit show that has been every investigation in to Trump up to 12, despite there having been absolutely no evidence of any wrong doing, and what tiny, paltry confessions they’ve actually managed to get out of people have clearly been under extreme duress. Yet despite this, not only are they not going to stop, they are going to expand their campaign of harassment. On top of which, their new “wins” are likely to embolden them and their core far-left base as having a “public mandate by the people” to go forth and do what they will to destroy the “bad orange man.”

It’s all bullshit, but that’s how it’s going to be sold and if you thought the last two years were bad, just wait.

On top of that, they might manage to fabricate something in order to try and actually impeach Trump. This, honestly, would likely have the same effect that assassinating Trump would. Bluntly, Trump is not just a champion of the people, he is the only champion the people have at this point. Republicans have proven themselves useless for decades, lapdogs for democrats at worst, impotent cuckolds at best. The only reason they have maintained power is because they promised to help Trump and they have, largely, failed to keep that promise. But they were a stop gap to what the Democrats would do if they had power.

Well, by hook and crook, that stop gap has been eroded. Certainly, with control of the senate Trump can put who he wants onto the Supreme court. Given the state of things, he’s probably going to end up with another three judges: RBG has fallen, broken ribs and likely to die shortly. CT is likely to retire when there is a secure chance of having a conservative replacement take his place, and rumors are Soto’s case of Wilford Brimley is getting so bad and unmanageable she might be gone within a year or two. This would give Trump a total of five nominations, which, when added to Alito puts the court at 6-3 right. Solid, implacable, but merely one branch out of three and sadly conservatives tend not to “legislate from the bench” which means their ability to roll back decades of leftist work is unlikely to see much fruit.

On a larger note, however, is what this current election and the blatant (if yet unprovable) vote tampering means for the 2020 election. I have little faith Trump will be allowed to win the presidency. In fact, I would not be surprised if by that point (assuming nothing has been done) the democrats rig the entire election to win them house, senate, and presidency.

At which point it is game over, man. You might as well nuke the site from orbit.

The only question is will it be sparked in the next two years, with the far left being invigorated and justified by this “election” or if it will be with the next election. It is with heavy heart I speak these words. Prepare yourselves. Prepare your families, if you have them. Get weapons. Learn how to survive. Learn who your enemies are likely to be, so you can be ready. When it happens, it will happen quickly and you must not hesitate. The very existence of not just your family, or your nation, but your very people is likely on the line. What happens here will echo through the world. The very gates of the Gods shall shudder, and the afterlives be choked with souls. I wish I could offer some comforting prayers, some divine wisdom. Anything to make this easier. But I don’t have any. Make your offerings, pray for protection, but ready yourself to spill blood and end lives. Because those who are coming for you are already doing so. Be ready. This shall not be some glorious battle in which we later sing songs of heroes and valor. This shall be as Ragnarok, the ending of the worlds, and we will have to fight and die like Gods and Monsters, and pray that Wyrd sees some of us through.

I’m sorry you don’t have more time. Spend it wisely.



Hela Bless