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Frankly, I’d rather be resting than doing this, but honestly I don’t feel I can let this shit slide. Or that I shouldn’t anyways. And I’m doing it this way rather than leaving a comment on Mainer’s blog because I’ve tried that before and he refuses to post my comments. So I’m left with no choice but to make a post about this shit. This shit, being Not offering thoughts and prayers.

I am not going to offer my thoughts and prayers to those mourning the twenty dead or many more injured in the El Paso shooting. I am tired of the call for Thoughts and Prayers on the same platforms sending out the call to arms, the cry to action, to rise up and strike against the very people who are even now lying dead on the ground, innocent of any crime other than being non cis-hetero-white-Christian conservative enough to satisfy the fear mongers.

Just going to ignore the Dayton, OH shooting are we, Mainer? Is it just a bit too inconvenient for you, your beliefs, and your narrative? I mean, many people died there too, but I guess they’re not worth mentioning.


From the Pulse nightclub to Walmart in El-Paso we see the effects of these alt-right hatred spewing demagogues…

Now this, this exactly here is why the fuck I am writing this post. 1) the Pulse nightclub was done by A MUSLIM MAN. 2) the El-Paso shooter was not fucking alt-right, he was ironically enough, closer to being a radical centrist. 3) what about the fucking Dayton shooting. And 4) WHAT ABOUT ALL THE FUCKING VIOLENCE CAUSED BY THE HATRED SPEWING DEMAGOGUES ON THE POLITICAL LEFT FROM NEWS ANCHORS TO FUCKING SENATORS AND PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES?!

Dayton was done by a fucking member of Anti-Fa. He was inspired by that fuck wit who tried to bomb an ICE facility. What the fuck about that Left wing guy who tried to execute almost 20 sitting republican congresspeople? What about the fucking bikelock guy, or any of a hundred other examples of left wing violence brought about, supported, and glorified by the Progressive Left, Mainer?


…It’s not news, when the first demagogue Demosthenes of Athens, Marius or Sulla of Rome, perfected the arts of enflaming the passions of the common man against their target groups all lead to viscous acts of violence targeting those listed in their speeches for violent death. When we see Muslim mullahs giving calls to Jihad we call it terrorism and demand that something be done to stop it. When it comes from the sitting President, from rich white men, alt-right radio and TV hosts, internet bloggers, its suddenly OK. The gays, pro-choice supporters, Muslims, Mexicans are being targeted and aren’t they the real threat? No.

Odin’s fucking beard, Mainer, I thought you got as low as you could get when you publicly stated that you were happy to pay the price of 56 million murdered unborns a year just so you didn’t have to fund social programs (that it turns out you’re already funding), but this, this is a new low of moralistic hypocrisy that I am frankly surprised to see coming from someone who professes to be a Heathen and worship our ancestral Gods.

Literally everything you’re bitching about here can and does apply to powerful people on the left in media and politics, and who have literally inspired hundreds of attacks, some of which have been deadly, all while not even denouncing shit as they elevate their screaming rhetoric to do something about “the dangerous white people.” Hell, Reza Alsan or what ever his name is PUBLICLY on twitter called for the “Extermination of Trump Supporters.” He not only literally incited violence, he’s advocating for what is basically  genocide of people he politically disagrees with. And his account has not been touched and he has not been denounced by the Left.

The nice white people calling for thoughts and prayers today across my feed, I have looked upon your own walls and I have seen the support for the same people calling for this hatred. You are the ones empowering these brutal slayings.

What, you mean just like you are Mainer? I’m sure there’s something here about pots calling kettles black, but frankly I think you’re surpassing it.


Mainer then has a picture of someone basically blaming Trump for the El Paso guy shooting up the place because of “invading Mexicans.” However, this show absolute ignorance and political shenanigans at play. See, I’ve actually read the El-Paso shooter’s supposed manifesto and his reason for targeting Mexicans was, to summarize, “In a world of increasing automation leading to economic destitution for the working and lower classes, the constant importation of foreign cheep labor only further destroys the already destroyed former workers conditions and wrecks their ability to support themselves and their families.” Meaning that he actually has more in common with Yang than Trump, as one of Yang’s driving campaign issues is the need for a universal income to support our citizens as they inevitably lose their jobs to Automation.

So fuck off.

his eyes uncovered

I am Asatru, I am Heathen. My gods lay a strong charge upon me

Is it to kill yourself for being such a dishonest and dishonorable hypocrite? Because that’s what you’re being right now. You’re ignoring shit you don’t like, you’re lying about shit to make it fit what you want it to be, and you’re either doing this out of ignorance or malice. And while one should never attribute to malice what one could attribute to ignorance, I’m finding it hard to believe someone could actually be as ignorant as this level of shit would require you to be.

127. I rede thee, Loddfafnir! | and hear thou my rede,–
Profit thou hast if thou hearest,
Great thy gain if thou learnest:
If evil thou knowest, | as evil proclaim it,
And make no friendship with foes.

I see evil and I proclaim it.  I call upon the right wing conservatives of North America to own the blood shed in their name, to rise up like the bloated pigs from the trough of privilege and admit that their reflexive defense of their place of monopolizing the political power in North America is bought with the blood of innocents murdered in the streets for the crime of not being exactly like them.

Like this, see? This is absolutely hypocrisy. The political left has inspired far more violence than the political right, you’re falsely attributing stuff to the Right that doesn’t have anything to do with them (Pulse, for example), you’re demanding the Right take ownership of the blood on their hands, but you deny any blood is on your hands for all the political violence done by the Left (and the hundreds of millions of unborn whose murder you SUPPORT out of personal greed!).

I mean I have actually lost count of the number of peaceful assemblies of right wing people and groups that turned into fucking brawls because of the Left. Hell, Charlottesville was all set to be peaceful right up until the Leftist government denied them their lawful permit which they had already obtained, and forced the crowd to leave DIRECTLY THROUGH the violent leftist mob there to protest them. Hell, even Heyer’s death was as much the  Left’s fault because she was part of a violent mob attacking cars leaving the area when she died to a heart attack that occurred when she was in the area of Field’s car (he got 500 years in prison largely for a death he didn’t even cause in a woman whose body his car never touched).

You cannot use the rhetoric of hate to demonize the Mexican, the Muslim, the immigrant, the black, the native, the LGBTQ, the pro-choice of all genders and then buy yourself out of all responsibility for the crime by calling for “Thoughts and Prayers” when what you called to happen was done.

What, like those you support who demonize “straight, white, heterosexual, native, conservatives, and men” to the point where leftists repeatedly try to pull one bloodbath after another, and then calmly sweep it under the rug like it never happened? Throwing violent attack after violent attack down the memory hole because your cause is righteous and just? I mean, at least the Right offers “thoughts and prayers” all you and yours do is insist it’s justified and then never talk about it except to inspire the next four.


I believe this is from the Ferguson riots. Yes, that sign behind him says “kill cops” as the city was on fire.

By your call, by your will is the same as by your hand. This blood is on you, and now I demand you answer for it with word and deed, not empty thought and prayers, while you end that with a qualifier that makes it clear you understand where he was coming from.

Cool, so what are you going to do about the blood on your hands, Mainer?

In 1170 Archbishop of Canteberry excommunicated a number of bishops sympathetic to King Henry II of England. Henry said at a feast to his knights

“Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”

Four of them rode and cut the Archbishop down in his own church.  Everyone understood that Henry called for the murder, using indirect speech to distance himself like a coward from the consequences of his call for murder.  The Pope of the time forbade him mass until he did public penance in 1172, because even in medieval Europe where law was a sword in one hand bribe in another it was understood that some acts of cowardice and deliberate murder were just wrong.

Forgive me because I’m a bit fuzzy on my English history at the moment, but wasn’t A) that Archbishop his best friend and B) didn’t he actually end up executing those knights for killing said Archbishop, and C) bury the man with full honors and glory?

I mean, if you’re going to come up with a bullshit example to justify your point, could you at least try not to butcher historical facts with your #FakeNews attempts to moralize your utter hypocrisy?

Now we have our modern King Henry offering thoughts and prayers, distancing himself from the actions done to fulfill his desires while not ever wavering from his support of the political machine of hate he rode to power, and whose blood soaked means and ends he empowers in turn.

Okay, I’m going to say it.

Mainer, you and those you support are responsible for El Paso and every “right wing” shooting that happens. Because you folks cannot learn the simplest of historical political lessons. If you strip people of their rights and their voice, they become violent. And what has the Left done if not that, repeatedly and maliciously?

In 2016, Trump was elected, largely two issues, and two issues alone. Secure the Border, and Bring Back jobs. Areas that had been democratic for decades voted him in. He was given a mandate by the very people of this nation. Stop the illegal immigration that is destroying our economy, and bring back jobs to heal it. And what have the democrats done since then? Prevent every single attempt Trump made to secure the border, commit treasonous acts of conspiracy to destroy the legitimacy of his presidency, attempt to force the USA to change its voting system so a “popular vote” victory is the one that matters rather than an electoral college victory, silence people and kick them off youtube, facebook, and twitter, Flagrantly attempt to rig the next presidential election, and denounce everyone as a evil fucking racist bigot that needs to be exterminated for even the slightest disagreement with them.

Hell, I’m currently in a 30 day ban on facebook for posting legit crime statistic 8 months ago. And I barely even talk on facebook. But that’s how far they’re going. Banning people for stating facts going months previously. Almost everyone on YouTube has been demonetized in an attempt to drive them off the platform. Mitch McConnell actually has had his twitter account locked because he posted video of people shouting death threats to him at his home. Google has been caught red handed changing search results across the entire spectrum from “white couples” to anything even close to political or even factual.

The fucking FBI has come out and labeled “conspiracy theories” as terrorism…because they might actually be true and reveal government officials breaking the law and violating the constitution!

FBI conspiracy


Mainer, you and yours have created this situation. You have made it so that no amount of peaceful speech or political action can possibly change anything. You have stripped millions of their voices, and now you want to increase that pressure by vilifying people you don’t like for your own actions. You made peace impossible. And when Peace is impossible, there is only WAR. All the blood that comes is on your hands.


Mainer then finishes his post up with a link about how “all the extremist killings in 2019 were linked with right wing extremism” by Business Insider, though it turns out the report is from the Anti-Defamation League, which one should recall was an organization meant to defend Jews and founded to demand that a Jewish Pedophile convicted of Murder was in fact innocent despite all evidence pointing to his guilt, and is itself has been caught pretty much using terrorism and has deep links to the Israeli Mossad organization.

Inside it has such things as the 5 most deadliest domestic terrorism attack years:

1995 #dead: 184 Oklahoma city (168 deaths) (no word on who caused the others)
2009 #dead: 46 Ft. Hood (13 dead)
2015 #dead: 70 San Bernadino, Chattanooga, Charleston (28 total)
2016 Orlando nightclub (49 dead)
2018 #dead: 50 Pittsburgh synagogue, Parkland high school (28 dead)

So, first thing you can notice is that a) the deaths don’t line up. For example in 2018 50 people died to “terrorism” but yet only 28 died in those terrorist attacks. Also, the definition of what is terrorism is rather broad, since honestly the Parkland shooting was done by a local kid who had been severely bullied by his fellow classmates (including the two that got super famous for it, Hogg and Goblin Girl who admitted to bullying him).

As for the Oklahoma City bombing (a shocking occurrence I was around for and kinda remember being on the news) it’s…honestly debatable as to if that was “terrorism” in the strictest sense of the word. Certainly it was done to be terrifying, but the OC bomber did that as revenge for what the federal government had done to his friends at Waco, a group the Government deliberately lied about and murdered.

And FT. Hood was done by a Muslim guy for Islamic terrorism, not right wing. If San Bernadino is the one I’m thinking about, it too was done by a Muslim couple. And of course the Orlando Pulse shooting was…A Muslim. And the Chattanooga shooting was…a Muslim as well. The report also attempts to claim that there’s only been about 10 islamic terroist attacks in the US with a death toll of about 100 people since 2009 (qualifying by saying “domestic”) so…you can clearly see shenanigans are at play here with this report that Mainer is using to justify his position.

So, of the eight shootings they list, four were done by Muslims for Islamic reasons, and four were done by white guys, one as revenge/terrorism, one done by a guy in desperate need of psychiatric help, one done by a heavily bullied schoolboy, and one done by a guy with political motivations because he believed his country was being influenced by a race of people tied to a foreign nation because of things like AIPAC (look into them). So basically 50% Muslim terrorism, 25% political terrorism, and 25% other.

And yet “right wing terrorism” is the most dangerous force in the USA and responsible for 100% of the terrorism. What laughable bullshit. And the rest of the report doesn’t get any better.

So, what we have here is a heavily biased (and honestly false) report built on a political agenda, being used by a man to lash out at his political enemies for something he and his are guilty of in spades, but treat as perfectly moral and nothing to be concerned about when done by theirs, and twisting facts in order to make himself sound good.

So frankly Mainer, fuck the hell out of here with your bullshit.

Everyone else?



Hela Bless