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Every person has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These words are enshrined in the founding documents of my country, the USA. Inscribed by one of the men I admire most in all of history, Thomas Jefferson. They are documents of law, yes, but they are also to me sacred texts. Holy writ, to be as respected as the words of the Eddas, or any other holy book. This is because while these foundational documents are the beginning of my nation, they are filled with ideas that transcend mere nationality. It used to be said that the USA was a nation founded upon Ideals, and this is true. No other nation on the planet was founded based on the concept of Civil Rights. All others have been founded on the idea of nationality, ethnicity, economy, power, etc. Only one, only mine, was founded upon the belief that human beings had inalienable, divinely granted rights, and that it was the purpose of the nation’s existence to secure those rights for its citizens.

I will be the first to admit it hasn’t always lived up to that. I’m a Heathen, my religion often has found itself in second class status in terms of our rights being recognized. Many in my faith are listed as hate groups, we are targeted for our beliefs, or what people believe we believe. Our symbols are listed as symbols of bigotry and hatred. Our leaders as malcontents, racists, bigots, and worse. Prisons often have restricted the rights of Heathen prisoners, and in civilian life Heathens have lost their jobs, friends, and even family for what they believe. And while we have not suffered as some other groups have suffered, nor as long or as violently, I know the failings of men to uphold the ideals of this nation.

To fail is mortal.

The truth remains though, what those founding documents attempted to uphold. Man is granted, by the Gods, certain inalienable rights. Life. Liberty. Property. To speak his mind and believe as he will. To go armed, so that he might defend himself. For his home to be sacrosanct and not subject to unlawful searches, or to be forced to quarter those he does not wish. That his voice be heard, by vote. Etc. Etc. Etc. Though enshrined in mortal texts, and called civil, these rights are Divine in nature. Inherently ours, because they were given to us by our creators.

We bound our nation to these laws, and we bound our people to their spirit. Then we sacrificed blood and lives to fulfill these ideals. The ground of my nation is soaked with human sacrifices to ensure that these rights were upheld. Not perfectly, perhaps, but upheld none the less. So that those who had not yet been granted those rights, could one day still possess them. To make up for mortal failings.

Since January 6th, however, I have witnessed mortal men step upon the divine. Many companies kicked President Trump and many of his supporters off their platforms. Platforms that once championed themselves for upholding the rights of not just my countrymen, but those from all around the world. Platforms that now have decided they choose who speaks.

Love or hate Trump, until the 20th he is still the President. He is a symbol of this nation. Right or wrong, he is viewed as the most powerful man in our country. He is the face of our nation. He is the symbol, chosen by election, to represent the people both domestically and in foreign settings. His rights, are the rights of all of us. And his rights have been stripped from him. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, and others, declared that they have the right to strip even the president of his divine rights.

And if they have that power, then they have the power to do that to any of us.

In the days since, at least two banks have also declared that they are no longer doing business with Trump. This is not the first time banks have decided to cut ties with someone over their politics, but again this is the President of the USA. The symbol of our nation, regardless of who is in that office.

It was not that long ago in our history that segregation still existed. Blacks, Irish, Italians, Poles, Native Americans, and others, all faced times in this country were because of their race, they could be denied services. We deemed that segregation as a country was wrong. We now have laws that ban the denial of services based on race, gender, sex, age, religion, and so forth. Some, but not all, places have even made segregation and denial of services based on politics illegal.

You have a fundamental, divine right, to believe what you will. No business has the right to deny you or punish you for that belief. They may have the power, but they do not have the right.

“But Lucius,” some might say, “I’ve trolled through your blog, and you have spoken up in defense of businesses denying services to others! You Hypocrite!”

This is true. I have defended the right of small, individual business owners, to deny services to others…on the basis of their faith. No man should be forced to work against his faith, to have his labor taken and its use mandated for the benefit of another. To risk another man’s mortal soul over a cake, or some flowers, is immoral.

Corporations, however, are not people. Google, Facebook, Twitter, a Bank, etc. These are institutions often receive government assistance in their workings. Google, for example, would not exist without government contracts. There is not a bank in existence who did not accept bailout money from the housing crisis they caused in ’08. The instant they took federal or state funds, they were bound to our government and thus beholding to its principles. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter would not exist without laws based on the 1st amendment that allowed them to avoid the liability that comes from people speaking whatever they please on the internet. These protections were contingent on upholding the 1st amendment and allowing people to speak, without biased policing by those platforms.

They have broken these oaths egregiously, because they believe they have the power, and the right, to do as they please. Even, and especially, if it violates the rights of individuals with whom they disagree.

But it is not their right, because our Rights come from the Gods Themselves.

They trample these rights because they say that Trump “incited violence.” As if political and social leaders had not been inciting violence for the last year leading up to this. These leaders, two of whom are set to become president and vice-president, have not been silenced by any platform. Their accounts have not been closed. Their rights have not been impugned. So it cannot be an “incitement to violence” which is the cause of this.

I am a Heathen. Violence is a part of my religion. Our first myths speak of how Odin, Vili, and Vi slew the Jotun Ymir and made Midgard of his body and blood and bone. It speaks of the war of the Aesir and the Vanir, so terrible in its power and destruction that none speak of it save that it happened. It tells of Ragnarok, when the entire universe will be destroyed in blood and fire. The Sagas of my people are filled with violence and bloodshed.

Shall I be silenced, for this violent speech? Shall my rights be curtailed, because my Gods live and will die by the sword? Shall the stories of my people be silenced, because they might inspire a man to stand up for himself and his rights?

My nation was founded in violence. My nation was formed by insurrectionists and traitors. Men who looted and burned and killed. Men who started a war. Men who died for their rights. God Given Rights.

Shall I be silenced, for this violent history? Shall my rights be curtailed, because my nation’s fathers lived and died by the gun? Shall the stories of my nation be silenced, because they might inspire a man to stand up for himself and his rights?

I was told it was the right of BLM to go into the streets. To burn, and loot, and even murder. I was told this by Pelosi, Waters, Harris, Biden, Coumo, and dozens, even hundreds, of others. Twitter, Google, Facebook, and others, allowed this speech, and the speeches of BLM and their allies, even as the violence escalated and cities across this nation burned.

Their speech incited people to violence.

Their speech justified the violence.

Their speech legitimized the violence.

It is the teaching of Hel that humans may define their own morality, but once defined that morality must be upheld evenly for it to be moral and just. If it is acceptable to incite, justify, and legitimize violence for one, then it is acceptable for all.

Even if Trump had called for his followers to storm the capital and remove all the representatives, it would not have been an unjust or immoral act after the year of legitimization we endured. Indeed, given the way our nation’s government has failed to secure and uphold our rights over the last four or more years, as corporation after corporation has stepped on our civil rights both in law and spirit, it would have been a moral action. For to defend the sacred and divine against being profaned, is an inherently moral act. Indeed, it could be argued to be the most moral of all actions.

Some will say I am inciting violence with these words. If so, I am no different than any representative, or senator, or news anchor, who has done the same repeatedly over the last year. I have committed no sin, nor crime, that they have not themselves committed. I do not seek to drive men to violence. That is not my place. I serve Hel and speak from the grave. The living must decide for themselves what they will do to secure and defend the most sacred gifts given to them by the Gods.

But I am one who has studied history. Mark my words, I am not inciting violence, anymore than a man standing at the ocean may incite the waves to wash upon the beach. The violence is already here and it is only going to get worse.

My nation was founded upon the ideals that Man inherently was granted his Rights by his Creators. There are those who believe this still. The more they are stepped on, the angrier they will grow. BLM proved this. The 6th proved this.

Those at the capital repeatedly speak of how terrified they were at a “mob” of unarmed people storming the capital building. How they feared for their lives. How something must be done. And so they do it, stripping people of their rights and seeking to strip them of their liberties. They call them monsters, thugs, goons, and a dozen other words.

Cut out a man’s tongue, you do not prove him a liar, you only prove you fear his words. Strip him of his voice, and you will only make him twice as determined to be heard. Make a monster of him, and watch as he becomes the monster you made.

The next mob may not be unarmed. The next mob may not be so merciful. The next mob will be a mob whose rights have been stripped from them and they will seek redress.

I would bid those in power to respect the Gods, and laws, of this nation. Restore the rights of the people. Cease this play for power you think you deserve. It is not yours to have, nor yours to take. Step upon the road of violence, and you shall be met by violence. If you think words and beliefs are so odious that they must be silenced, you will inevitably find yourself faced with the far more odious violence you have cultivated and unleashed upon this world.

And there will be no mercy from the Gods on account of the trespasses you have made.

Our Rights come from the Gods. They are their gift to us. Let us treasure these rights, and secure them and the blessings of the Gods who granted them. Speak up, speak out. By spell or deed, by word or prayer, defend that which has been given unto you. Do not let those who would trample your rights go without being called out for their sin and their crime. Even if it means you must defend those you hate, do so, for the Gods are pleased by just actions and noble deeds.

Hel Bless