Not going to do a full reply to this, just gonna sit back and enjoy the irony of a man who has spent years (and multiple posts, including this one) insisting that his fellow heathens “are doing it it wrong” in a post that is supposed to be about how there is no one correct way to be a heathen.

I especially the linking of the AFA to Gobels. Really continuing to be a class act there, Mainer. I mean, obvious anyone who likes their men to be masculine and their women to be feminine is clearly on the same level as the National Socialists. I mean, never mind that functionally speaking, that describes 100% of humanity for pretty much the entirety of human history (sure, the definitions of what is masculine or feminine might change, but the principle is there). After all, it takes a biological male and a biological female to produce biological children. So yes, the AFA and Gobels did mean the same thing by it. As do the vast majority of Native American Tribes, Jews, Muslism, Hindus, Buddhists, Shinto practitioners, and pretty much every faith or culture in human history.

I guess they’re all nazis now?

Is there a wrong way to be a Heathen? Perhaps. If there is, it is by being a hypocrite. Insisting that there is no right way to be a heathen, and then turning around and insisting that “Folkish” or “Brosatru” or such “isn’t true asatru” or “has no place” or “is dangerous.” In my many years, both as an independent Heathen, and in service to Hel, I have come across a wide array of Heathens, from the most “racist” to the most inclusive (who ironically were the most racist I’ve ever come across).

And I have found a truer, more purer faith, in the soul of a Brosatru, or a Folkish, than I have found in those who often denounce such practitioners. There is greater hospitality in the heart of a “valhalla or bust” viking-metal head, than I have found in all those who declare themselves “inclusive.” After all, it wasn’t the “Brosatru” who came out with Declaration 127, may shame hang over the heads of all who signed that racist, hateful, disgusting piece of shit, which sought to declare who was allowed to be a Heathen.

I have found more courage in the Folkish practitioner, who stands strong in his faith, even as his “co-coreligionists” denounce him as the vilest sort. For all that they may exclude some from their practice, they have never shown the hatred, the violence, or the hypocrisy, of those who seek to exclude them from the faith.

It is argued they should be excluded, even destroyed, as a branch of our faith, because it is easy for some to link them to a terrible tragedy. Yet little is said about the fact that those who attack them, do so based on ideological foundations based on an exponentially greater human tragedy.

Never mind that the entire idea that a faith must be universal and open to all, rather than bound to the people who birthed it and were born of it, is a Christian idea, not a Heathen one. It strikes me as funny that a man who insists we must “cast aside the cross” insists that Heathenism must function with the same universality of as the cross bearing religion he is complaining about.

Can we do better? I’m sure we can. Should we seek to cast aside the cross? Absolutely. But we should be careful not to pick up something else, like a hammer and sickle, or a sword, or some self-righteous and hypocritical belief that those who belief differently than you, who believe in things you do not agree with, are false heathens for what they believe. That is not the “true” path of Heathenism.

Hel Bless


Roots of “You’re doing it wrong!” in modern Heathenry.

We are children of Ask and Embla spiritually, but we were raised in an over-culture that was Christian. Not all of that baggage is clearly labelled, and much of it, with tags ripped off, we brought with us.
Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, the One True Faith, one true path, one true everything is a toxic and poisonous leaving of the lie that was foisted on the Jewish people by a priesthood who saw consolidation of the pantheon and consolidation of their power as a nifty idea. They collapsed their pantheon into Jehova’s merry misogyny circus, and the disease of the One True Faith was born.

Rome looked for something to unify ten thousand peoples under its yoke, and look, here was a ready made tool. Splice with Mithras elements to get the Legions on board and Western Christianity was born.

One god. One…

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