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Hel, goddess of death,

Daughter of Loki,

Reigns over the underworld

With a cold, unyielding heart.

Her kingdom is dark and desolate,

A realm of shadows and sorrow.

Where the dead are doomed to wander,

Eternally imprisoned in her hall.

Her face is pale and gaunt,

Her eyes black as night.

Her hair flows like a river of blood,

A chilling sight to behold.

She is the keeper of the dead,

The ruler of the underworld.

No one can escape her grasp,

Once they have crossed her threshold.

But despite her fearsome power,

She is not without mercy.

For those who lived a virtuous life,

She may grant them a peaceful rest.

Hel, goddess of death,

Our fear and fascination,

Forever reigns over the underworld,

A reminder of our mortal fate.

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