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So, ultimately I’m not sure about Blogger. Mostly because of the Domar.ru issue that everyone seems to be having. And I’ve been there for a couple years and while they are a stable and evolving system, I am not sure how far I can go with them. However, I will finish my Yule Postings over on Blogger, than see about transferring the posts there over to here.

Anyways, life is all about change, and starting anew. This site certainly offers that, and is quite a bit more complex than Blogger, either the old or new version. The themes certainly are different, and perhaps not as fluid. But we’ll see what happens with those as well.

But I am not here for the themes or such. I’m here because I grew tired of somethings, and wish to try new things. Years ago I started my first blog wanting it to be about almost everything. In the end, it got mostly used as a thing for politics, and then left behind. This time, I’m going to try and leave the politics behind, as I said before. I will not always succeed, since so much of religion is involved in politics, and there’s a couple religions who have used politics to further their ends.

Anyways, this site is a place where I shall try to make all Heathens and Pagans welcome. Beyond that, I make no promises. If you make your religion politics, or your politics religion, you may not like what you find here. But I will not demean or discriminate as I have seen others do, just because you aren’t a “mainstream” Pagan. Young or old, Goth, Punk, or what have you, doesn’t matter to me. This is about the wild path, the unexpected journey, and going places because you will, regardless of what someone else tells you to do.

I am looking for people to join me on an adventure…