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So, on Christmas in Nigeria, it seems that Muslims bombed Churches during their services and killed a number of people. As the days pass, we shall see what comes of it, but already the Pope is calling for an end to the violence and the locals are warning of the possibility of a religious war.

I’m staying out of the politics of that, at least the modern day ones. Frankly, I am no friend to Christianity, nor any of the “Religions of Abraham.” Yet, I have studied these religions to some extent. Most people will say that these were unprovoked attacks, though the Muslims involved believe that the fact that these were Christians openly worshiping is provocation enough. Regardless, it is likely that there will be reprisals for this, and that is something I can support. My ancestors knew well the value, and dangers, of blood feuds, and this could well be one like what happens in Eastern Europe between the Christians and the Muslims.

The best way, in my mind, to ended this “peacefully” is with the weregeld, or man-gold. The payment of blood money for those who died. However, this is not likely to happen there. With their typical righteousness, neither side here is willing to accept.

For now, I merely hope that the dead find their rest. One of the Gods I walk with is Hel, Goddess of Death, and so I try to be thoughtful of most of the dead and wish them well, no matter what god they walked with or served under. However, I doubt they will, and I suspect that the places they died may long be haunted, and quickly joined by many others.