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So, one of the few Gods or Goddess I feel close too is Hel, the Norse Goddess of Death. My reasons for this are complex, and my own. Over the last months I have been putting a small handwritten book together about my thoughts, meditations, and various facts about her. As this is the end of the year, and the start of the new, I feel this is a good time to put out a little part of it as a gift to her. Death is never the end, only another beginning.

A Funeral Prayer

Hail unto Hel
Goddess of Death,
Ruler of Helheim.

I give you
Praise and welcome,
Oh noble Goddess.

Goddess of death,
Here lies a
Soul needing rest.

Please give it
Hearth and home
In your hall.

Lady of Helheim,
Not in battle
Died this soul.

They are kin
Seeking a Home
In the afterlife.

Helheim’s ruling lady
Giver of sanctity
Keeper of souls.

Safeguard this one
Loved by kin
Honorable in life.

Hail unto Hel,
Goddess of Death
Queen of Helheim.


Lucius Svartwulf

Please do not take without permission. Contact me if you wish to use it.