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Happy New Years, everyone.

I ended up changing the original of this post here the night before, mainly because I decided to do a rune reading for the new year. The net is probably going to be flooded with divination for the new year, but I’m one of those who thinks you can never have enough information. That, and I have a new addition to my original form of rune reading, which I picked up after reading some of the divination style that Juniper over at Walking the Hedge does. Hopefully she won’t curse me for borrowing it.

Alright, to explain how I do this: I use the Elder Futhark runes, drawing nine runes for a reading. Nine is a number of completion in Norse cosmology, which is one of the reasons I do it. The other is that it makes it nice and easy to cast three stones each for Situation, Overcome, and Result. The part I have added, after studying Juniper’s method (thank you!) is to cast the nine runes again upon a “grid” with an inner circle and outer circle, divided into North (physical), South (Passions), East (Mind/Thought), and West (Emotions), with the appropriate meanings. The inner circle means immediate, the outer more distant time.

Rune Reading for 2012



It begins with Ehwaz, which represents balance and teamwork, lying to the North in the outer circle, Thus a physical thing in the future. It is modified by Sowilo, which represents victory and good guidance, outside the outer circle in the East and pointing away from the reading, thus a thought leaving distantly. The final part of the situation is Hagalaz, which represents disruptive change and wild power, and it lies in the inner circle in the West, thus an emotion happening now.


It begins with Mannaz, which means Man or Mankind, lying on the border between North and East in the inner circle, thus something both physical and mental happening immediately. It is modified by Kennaz, awakening and illumination, which lies in the second circle to the south, thus a passion in the future. Lastly is Eihwaz, which can mean endurance, initiation, and personal power, and it lies in the inner circle to the North, an immediate physical thing.


It begins with Jera, the cycle and harvest or fruition, which lies in the second circle on the border of the inner circle and points along the East/West axis, so it is a physical thing in the near future. It is modified by Purthro, change and secrets, which lies in the inner ring to the south, a passion happening immediately. Lastly is Thurisaz, force, will, and defense, which lies in the second circle to the east, on the border with the inner circle, a thought in the future.


Situation/The Present:

Physical harmony in the future is disrupted by the chaos of emotions happening right now, leading to both a loss of victory and good guidance in the distant future after all other things have come to pass.


Immediately, Man/Mankind, who is both physical and thought, begins a physical initiation in the present, which will bring a passionate awakening of awareness in the future.

The Result/Future:

The cycle comes to fruition in the future at the same time as the will to break down barriers of the mind arises, brought about by passionate secrets that are revealed here and now.