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No idea if this is going to be a constant thing or not, but here’s a few bits of news I found. As always, I’m not vouching for the truth of this, only that some think it true and will act accordingly.

The Caucus is over, with Santorum and Romney pulling the top, and Ron Paul pulling a tight third. My home prediction that Ron Paul would win didn’t come through. I’ll be reviewing, since it was done with a new system, and see where it all ended out, and maybe even post my review of the reading. Sometimes it’s important to make a “wrong” prediction, so that you can go back and learn why it was “wrong” and learn from it. Then again, he did pull third, which from what everyone was saying is a win. But more on that later.

Well, some sad news. Bob Anderson, perhaps one of the most influential men you never saw, is dead at the age of 89. This was the man behind so many of the epic sword fights of our favorite movies, including Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I don’t know where you’re going in the afterlife, Bob, but thanks for all the memories and I hope it’s a good one.

Watched those movies where technology rises up against its human overlords, well, here is the first over signs it could be happening (apparently your pc having it out for you doesn’t count). The iPhone’s Suri apparently told a 12 year old to “shut the F*** up” when he asked how many people there were in the world.

Next up the story of a Security firm that got slapped with a harassment suit for firing a woman because she wouldn’t adhere to the company’s dress code. The claimant, a Muslim woman who wears one of those headscarf things, refused to remove it on the first day of her job, despite the fact that the company’s dress code, of which she was informed, banned all religious items being added to the uniform.

I have to wonder if it’s really discrimination if you know about the dress code, agree to the job, and then violate it on your first day. I mean, I get that people wanna show off their religion, but as a general rule companies these days don’t want their employees flashing their religious affiliations. Generally because it tends to make people unhappy. Pagans and Atheists don’t like giant crosses being flashed in our faces, and the Christians hate seeing pentagrams, and would probably hate seeing Mjolnir if they had any idea what it was. Certainly some Jewish and African-Americans don’t like seeing things like Mjolnir. My current job has a dress code that bans the display of religious icons/jewelry. And as long as they don’t let a Christian violate that rule, I’m generally pretty happy to go along with it. I can’t help but wonder where the Atheists are complaining about religious intolerance and domination in this case.

Another bit of news is the issue of Christians persecution at the hands of Muslims. Lots of Pagans, living in Christian dominated lands, like to jeer at the idea that Christians are persecuted. Me, personally, I figure that maybe they are, or are by their definition. What certainly is true is that in Muslim dominated lands, Christians do face pretty harsh treatment. Admittedly, not has harsh as Pagans would, or even suspected Pagans, but still pretty harsh.

Another bit in a slightly related area is apparently Muslims are boycotting the NYC Mayor’s breakfast because they’re pissed over the NYPD’s having infiltrated various Muslim groups trying to find out if there are terrorists. Because apparently it is wrong to try to prevent religious based murderer.

Let’s see, what else. Oh yeah, apparently President Obama is currently negotiating with the Taliban. You know, not to be closed minded or anything, but weren’t these people the enemy that helped those Muslim Terrorists to blow up our buildings and kill our people? I think I’m missing something again.

In Pagan related news for the Middle East, the Arab Spring Impacts Archaeology – Libya/Egypt/Tunisia/Syria. Not that we should really be surprised at this, but thankfully so far much of the damage has reportedly been minimal. However, there still are some hard hits, especially in Egypt, where one of the leading Parties (the Salafists) wants to cover the Pyramids completely in wax, statues have been covered for being immodest, and a fire destroyed and damaged thousands of valuable historic documents.

Slightly brighter news exists though. In England they’ve worked with Google to create a virtual map of Stonehenge. Scotland found a Viking Burial (hooray, more about my people!) and apparently it is one of the best preserved sites. And lastly, in Austria, a virtual recreation of a Gladiator Gym has been made. Apparently it had under the floor heating, who knew?

A Pagan Metal band is running in a DC battle of the bands. Cassandra Syndrome is their name, and here’s a youtube video of them I found. Here’s hoping you win folks!

And reports of a 7 year old girl being sacrificed and her liver offered to the gods are floating around. Those arrested for it claim it was an offering to appease the gods and for a better harvest. I cannot speak much to the situation in India or the truth of this, so it’s either legitimate or there could be more to this than meets the eye.

Anyways, this isn’t all the news out there, so if you find a story involving Pagans, our ancient history, or just something that will have an impact on us, send it on over. It might even get posted.