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So, there is a tradition among the Norse of giving offerings or gifts to the local lands spirits, such as Alfar and Wights, as well as many other local spirits. Commonly the offering was of porridge with a large glob of butter, offerings of drink, and so forth, or at least that’s what some modern practitioners do. However, I live in an apartment complex, so leaving things like that out, as even though we’re in a city, there are still wild animals about (as I found when a opossum tried to get in my trash that I had left outside to take down).

Recently, however, my apartment complex switched from mulch to those fist sized rocks in the little areas around the ac systems. Some of these rocks are flat, and I managed to find a few and stack them up into a little mound.

Now, is anything going to move in there, some little wight or alf or land spirit? No idea. Honestly, I haven’t really made any offerings, though over yule when I did mead, the next day I poured it out over the pile. We’ll see if anything else gets put out on the stones. I don’t wanna attract wild animals, or have the complex get upset with me.

That’s one of the things for those of us that practice, no matter what we practice, here in the city. Those who live out in the country, they can do most anything. Even those who live in neighborhoods, often can have some flexibility. But for those of us who live in the apartment complexes, or in high rises, etc, it’s not so easy to work with the little land spirits, or even air spirits, water spirits, or fire spirits. Oh, some can call on the fairies easy enough, but others like me still have to try and find some other solutions. For now, I have a few rocks piled up, and we’ll see if anything comes to them. Assuming they don’t get knocked down.

If anyone reading this has suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them. Anyways, have a good day, and just keep plugging away.