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Over the last couple days, I’ve talked about why my peers and I should look to learning skilled labor jobs, like plumbing, electrical work, construction, etc.

Still, it is easy to speak words. It is harder to take action. I, like the rest of my generation still has all the programing I just ranted about over the last couple days. We were told to be ourselves and never let anyone tell us what to do (except for the people who taught us this, we were supposed to let them tell us what to do). We were told we were better than these jobs. I probably have more pride than almost anyone out there. I don’t do well with orders, and I like to call no man mister, and no woman ma’am.

But it’s time we face this part of reality. It is time for me and my generation to truly do as our parents taught us, and be who we will, regardless of what others think. People once said to never trust anyone over thirty, but now those same people are way over thirty but they insisted we trust them. They burned our world, burned us, sundered all the rules and things people could take pride in. In the sixties they set about making the world and making us who we are, and they made their children who they were, and now they are our parents and grandparents, and they fucked us right over. And they taught us how to react, and now we got things like the OWS and protests and sit ins in parks and in front of businesses, screaming how they corporations and governments owe us.

They don’t owe us. Well, the government owes us, what with all the over taxation we’ve got and the massive debt, but that’s not the point here. Our parents owe us, but we’re the ones they’re collecting from. The Government isn’t our answer, the Corporations aren’t our answer, the Universities aren’t our answer.

We are the answer.

When I started this blog, I made an offer. That anyone who wanted to walk with me was welcome. Well I extend that offer again, only this time it isn’t about being Pagan or Heathen, it’s about going out there and finding a job. A job we can be proud of, and if our Parents generation says they are shameful, then we say fuck you. Let us be like our ancestors before them, who worked hard and too pride in our work, who had the skills to live. Go out there, find the carpenters, the plumbers, the elections, hell, rent Dirty Jobs and find something that looks cool, and get out there and try to get into it.

Our degrees got us nothing. So let’s let our hands take hold of the world for us. Let us not just build the future, but build something real and physical.

Here are a few resources:

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I’ll finish with some pics I made: