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A bit ago, I posted an article about putting a few rocks together and making a home for Alfs and Wights in the area, and how I wasn’t sure if any would be there. While I still don’t have an answer to that question, Journeymaid was kind enough to share her opinion that such creatures flee the crowded cities and that I should look to a local park or somewhere out in the country.

First off I wanna thank Journeymaid for the comment, and the advice. Hopefully soon after winter (which has been crazy around here) is over and we have temperatures that aren’t quite so bi-polar, I will be able to look around for parks or get out to the country. Currently though, around here and elsewhere, it goes from something like 30’s one day to 60’s the next. I swear Thor finds the moonshine around here and guzzles it, then gets knocked off his rocker in regards to just what the weather is supposed to be like. But that is an article for another time.

But her comment got me thinking. I can certainly see spirit creatures fleeing the cities like NYC and the like because of the lack of nature, the pollution, and the noise. Yet what about cities like mine, which aren’t build like that. In fact there’s lots of grass, trees, wooded areas, etc all through out my city, at least in the parts I’ve been too. My own neighborhood is right next to the interstate, but to go walking around you wouldn’t realize it unless you were on the part of the hill overlooking it. It’s shady, has mostly apartment complexes, and you’d think you were more in the middle of say the woods or meadow than you would the middle of a city.

So, does the nature of a city change how the spirits relate to it? If a park in a city would work for spirits, is my complex close enough to that for it to work as well? We have wild animals here, opossums and the like that I’ve seen. If these animals can live in the city, and in some cases thrive, are spirits much different? I’ll admit I’m not an expert on them, but I don’t always draw the same nature vs modernization lines that some people do.

My personal view is that the spirits need people, in the same way that people need spirits. Yes, we can all get along without each other, but we all feel better when we’re together. Alfs, wights, and all the other spirits like to have our gifts of food (and it brings to mind the image of pixies dumpster diving for pizza) just as we who walk in the realms where the spirit world touches ours like the gifts they give us. So would that in turn mean that some of them might seek people in the cities, or at least the predatory spirits might? It’s food for thought.

Anyways, I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this, if anyone wants to share. Comments are open, and an attitude of respect is given. I’ll let everyone know if I see anybody living in my little rocks.