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My path is pretty eclectic. Or it would be if I had money. Since I don’t, I suppose I’m just the commoner’s crazy. But as they say, I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

Part of it is I’m a geek. Or a nerd. I’m never exactly sure where the lines blur, so I just run with it. A lot of my path over the years has been influenced by things I’ve picked up from anime, manga, comic books, scifi, and the related cultures. Most of my heroes have been the villians in the shows I watched, and in watching them I learned a number of things.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about one thing:


But this isn’t the simple dictionary win, where it’s victory in a contest. No, Win to me, is an ideal, one that I’ve picked up from a larger community with no clear definitions. Win is cool, awesome, success, and a hundred other things.

What got me thinking about this is a little youtube video with near 40 million hits:

Still, Win can’t really be defined. But at it’s most basic, to me at least, it’s about the Ultimate of Being.

Now I’m not saying dive into 7 gram rocks like Charlie, but I do think that he was seeking the Life of Win. And while to us it looks like a train wreck, perhaps to him he has reached his Win.

There are many types of life. Lives of responsibility, heroism, cowardice, etc. But the thing is, we only have one life. I see so many people busy making a living, they forget to have a life. They say, later, or I have to do this or that. But the fact is, despite what so many people will tell you in this world, you can’t live life for anyone else and they can’t live your life. You only get one life (that we know, not dissing anyone’s beliefs).

So why do you live? Do you even live your life, or do you exist?

To me, the universe and life runs on Power. But Power, though it should be sought, studied, and embraced in all its dark and terrible nature, isn’t the sole reason to live. Do not live to seek power. Seek Power to Live.

Live to Win. Till you die. You set the conditions for your life’s “victory.” And I don’t care if it’s becoming the most powerful being in the universe (til you try to step on me, anyways) or just getting stoned and playing X-Box. It may seem impossible. That’s half the fun. Nothing in this world is impossible, so long as you have the wits and the will to pursue it.

It doesn’t matter if you “make it.” You did it. You lived to win. Make your life about your Win, and you will never go wrong. And if society, or family, or anyone tells you that your Win is Fail, laugh. Laugh as long and as loud as you can. Because the odds are, they are not Winning, and they can’t stand to see you win and be happy.

And it doesn’t really matter if you crash and burn. Everything dies and ends. The point is not to avoid the end, like so many people seem to think. A long life means nothing if you don’t Live it. The Path of Power is one of conflict, strife, and ultimate a violent explosive end when finally Powers slam into each other and only the strongest comes out. You see it in everything from the Sagas of my ancestors to the Myths and Legends of every people, to the anime and cartoons of today’s modern world.

But it brings with it the chance for Epic win. And you don’t have to walk the road of power to seek win. Every path has its win.

So go Win.