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So my post, Making it Real, had an interesting side effect in the form of having someone very dear to my heart pointing out the implications of my comment about a woman long of line and svelte of curve being touched by Freyja, and how not all women are so built. This, in one of those little things that may be the threads of Wyrd weaving about, comes shortly after Juniper at Walking the Hedge posted her “Skinny Girl” post.

Which got me thinking about the nature of beauty. And since they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I took a bit to go find some.

Sadly, there are not as many holders of b’s any more, even on Sesame Street, and those that I could find were rather against the idea of me taking there eyes so I could get the beauty out. So I’m afraid I don’t have any beauty to show you all.

But never fear, because just because I don’t have that means I’m gonna shut up! (loud agony filled screams in the back ground.) And as I am many things, including an alchemist and a philosopher, I shall share my great and terrible wisdom.

Stole this from Juni’s post. Hopefully she won’t hex me.

Answer: It didn’t.

This of course is a very, very small selection of all the kinds of beauty out there. I could post ever single kind out there, but I’m not going to drag everyone through that (as much fun as it would likely be). The fact is, though, is that for every kind of woman out there, there are people who find her type beautiful.

Now, I have no idea if this is one of those additions from Monotheism where there can only be One Type of beauty, but for a polytheist like me, no such type exists. The Norse, my people, have at least four gods and goddesses of beauty: Freyja, Balder, Frigg, and Sif. We’ve probably got more, and we’re just one pantheon.

The fact is that skinny or full figured, flat, curvy, plump, etc, there’s all kinds of beauty in both women and men. That’s not to say people shouldn’t try to be attractive or be in shape. We should, but we don’t need to get on each others’ cases. So let’s all stop picking at each other for not being the “Type” and just recognize the sacred beauty in us all.