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So today is the Thorrablot, or Thor’s Blot.

A bit of background and explanation.

Thor, as a rule, needs not explanation. Arguably the most well known of all the Norse gods, he wields Mjolnir, rides a chariot pulled by two goats, is the god of storms, fertility, and battle. He has his own comic book series and a couple movies. If you don’t know who Thor is though, here’s his Wikipedia page. Also, shame.

A Blot is basically a sacrifice and celebration. It’s one of the three main types of religious festivals in Heathenism, and is pretty much the most basic. Heathen sacrifices, however, are somewhat different than the type of sacrifices most people are familiar with, Biblical sacrifices. Instead of burning the meat to the deity involved, sending it up in flame as a pleasing aroma to the lord, Heathens were a bit more practical and family oriented. The gods are not lords to be served, but family to walk with, and a Heathen sacrifice tended to look more like a BBQ party, where everyone from chief to slave got to take part in the feast, and the animal was cooked and shared, not burned away.

Thorrablot or Thor’s blot is actually a rather new addition to Heathenism, and first came about in the 19th century during a nationalism faze in Iceland, celebrated in the month of Thorri, according to the Icelandic calender. So while it is not a historic festival, some modern heathens have adopted it.

So what am I doing for it? Well, I have no goats to sacrifice to Thor (and I’m not sure I could get the permits for doing so atm). What I will probably do is try and get some nice offerings, give my idol of Thor an extra portion of wine than I do my other idols, and give a toast. Maybe treat myself to a nice dinner and give of it’s essence to the gods and ancestor spirits. Blots are best done with a group, but sadly I’m a solo practitioner who hasn’t had much luck finding other Heathens in my area.

So if you will, raise a toast to Thor this day, and celebrate the guardian of mankind and midgard.

Hail Thor!