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Okay, despite the name of the article, I’m really not going to get into why I hate Jesus. That’s something for another time, and another place. Although I probably will throw a bit of it in here. The real reason for the title of this post is because I finally broke down and watched this video that everyone (at least it seems that way) in the Religion tag has been going on about.

See, lots of people like to be down on religion. They like to treat it like it’s some Ultimate Evil. Even among Pagans and some Heathens. Personally, I think this is a bit odd, once you really start looking at it.

A lot of people like to hate on religion for several reasons, but the big ones seem to be the hypocrisy, the bigot-ism, the hate, the causing all the war, and stuff like that. But when you get down to it, really, only three religions have done those things: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re so indoctrinated to believe that that Monotheism is the only “Real” religion in the world in the West, but when you get down to it, that’s three religions out of hundreds. Now, I’m not saying that other religions haven’t done some of those things, but they did do them differently. My Pagan ancestors invoked the Gods and their religious practices in war, but the only time we actually had a religious war was when the Christians showed up to force our conversion. To my knowledge, the Pagan Romans didn’t either (unless you count the Zealot Jews who wanted to drive out the beardless, pig eating Pagans). The Celts, didn’t, Hindus haven’t (except where the Muslims have tried to convert them like the Christians did my people).

Now, the guy in the vid does have a bit of talent. And he makes some decent points about his religion from his spiritual point of view. But while he may think that Christ is the only god (I heartily disagree) and that Jesus came to abolish religion (I was under the impression Jesus showed up to try and get rid of the Pagan Roman Empire and return the Jews to Judaism as opposed to assimilating with the Romans) that doesn’t mean he’s right about all religions.

Religion actually has some positive side effects (that in some cases have been used negatively by Monotheism). It provides a way of looking at the universe and life (or in the instance of Paganism, multiple views all at once). It helps link people together, helps build and maintain the culture, and it binds us to our godly kin (or creators, depending on who you’re talking about).

Thing is, religion isn’t our problem. Yes, religions are made by mankind, often with the help of the Gods of said religion, but that doesn’t make them bad or wrong. If there is a problem, and it shows up in the religion, then it’s a problem of the God or Gods in that system, and how they work with the people in that religion. If, as this young man says, there is a problem with his religion (Christianity) then it is because of what that God taught his followers. If there is hypocrisy and “sin” it is because the followers have learned it from their religion. If there is intolerance, it is because the God of that religion taught it to them, by telling them they were “superior” because of their faith.

And really, if there is religious war, there’s only one group that’s caused that, and it’s because their God has told them he is to be the only one worshiped on this world, even  if he can’t seem to pick between the two big ones at the moment. But of the hundreds of other religions out there, that hasn’t happened. So don’t be down on all the religions. Just the ones causing the problem: the Children of Abraham and his God.

The rest of us are happy to get along with each other just fine.