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So, I have been trying to do rune readings (professionally) at a little shop not to far from my house. Sadly, business has not boomed, or whimpered, or even breathed, but it’s still been rewarding. Anyways the last time I did it, I decided to experiment.

My standard reading style is to draw nine runes, three for the situation, three for what needs to be overcome, and three for the results or future. Some of you may remember this, from my post back closer to new years. That time I also tossed the nine runes out on a grid, to divine their nature and timing.

This time I did something a little different. I kept the original 3x3x3 pattern, only this time I drew extra runes to clarify.

The Situation:

Situation 1/12

This is your sitation folks.

The core of the situation is Jera, which is about fruition, cycles, and harvests. Modifying it is Mannaz (Mankind) and Ehwaz (harmony, teamwork). Modifying Mannaz is Nouthiz (need, constraint) and Uruz (vitality, power. Modifying Ehwaz is Sowilo (victory, good guidance) and Berkana (birth/rebirth, new growth)

What Must Be Overcome:

It begins with Eihwaz (personal power, initiation, endurance), and is modified by Isa (Ice, stasis) and Gebo (oaths, gifts). Isa is modified by Hagalaz (wild power, uncontrolled change) and Othala (inheritance, ancestral aid or possessions). Gebo is modified by Thurisaz (will, defense, breaking down barriers) and Raido (the right way to proceed, journeys).

The Future:

The Future!

It begins with Perthro (Secrets, Change), modified by Dagaz (breakthrough, dawn) and Laguz (water, flow, energy). Dagas is modified by Wunjo (joy, harmony, prosperity) and Ingwaz (fertility, new life). Laguz is modified by Ansuz (wisdom) and Kennaz (beacon, illumination) both also mean Self Knowledge.


What we are seeing is the fruition of the cycle of mankind constraining power in the hopes of harmony under the guise of good guidance and growth.

What we have to overcome is the endurance of the stasis upon the wild power we have inherited, place there by those the oath takers who willed their ways to be right.

The future holds this: if we can overcome a change from secrets breaking through into joyful new beginnings, and the renewed flow of wisdom and illumination. If we cannot overcome, secrets will grow ever powerful, and we will see a twilight of disharmony and doom, and wisdom will flow away.