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So, I posted the other day about that whole “love Jesus, hate religion” thing. And it started a we bit of a thing with an atheist who seemed to either miss the point, or not care. See, I don’t think that religion is inherently bad.

I do think there are some religions out there that need to get the dogmatic and supremacist stick out of their ass (and their hands) and learn to get along with the rest of us. However, as a whole of all the religions on this planet, I don’t think they are inherently bad. Regardless of the truth of the matter, be religions right about the world or not, we’ve had religion since pretty much the first humans.

Something tells me that something that has stuck around that long is probably beneficial, one way or another. Certainly under the principles of evolution, it has proven itself fit to survive as a concept. And considering that the vast majority of religions out there haven’t been the source of any real problems I don’t think it is fair to hold all religions as bad.

See, I don’t see religion as being inferior. No one yet has made what is to me me a convincing argument about why religion is any worse than say science. Both are tools for understanding the universe, and under the principles of how they each work, both fulfill the function well enough. Scientists and Atheists disagree on this, which is no surprise, because they (like certain religions out there) like to believe that theirs is the only right path for understanding. And, ultimately, both have been used to do bad things. Those religions that do bad things in their name justify them as being “moral.” Scientists, it seems, justify the bad things done with science because science is “amoral.”

Maybe it’s the amorality that makes it superior?

But here’s the thing, Science as a path cannot be superior to religion for the very reason for why so many atheists and scientists say it is superior. Science is “Rational” and must be logical and drawn from reason. But it ignores, demeans, and suppresses something key to life:


It is our pure, baser instincts that have made humanity what it is and has permitted us to rise in this world. Religion is born of mankind’s instincts, drawn from nature and combined with the divine that lies withing us all and about us in the entire universe! Certain religions may seek to control these instincts (as Monotheism does) or to embrace these instincts (as Paganism and Heathenism does). It is our instincts to love, dominate, learn, protect, gain power, and hundreds more things, that make us humans and compel us in our lives. Any path that vilifies the existence of these instincts, denies them their rightful place, and insists that it is only through reason that man should live and attempt to become more than he is, is inherently weak! Rationality is not superior to instinct. It can be combined with instinct, to great effect, but it is not superior.

Religion comes from our instincts. A good religion will embrace them. To me, this is why religion is not bad.

Anyways, I’m sure there’s gonna be people who agree with me, and people who disagree, and frankly that’s fine. We all gotta get through this world the best we can, and frankly we’ll never really know who is right till we get to the other side. And even then, we may not find all the answers.